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Help us spread Pramod's teachings around the world. Pramod, a spiritual being and speaker from India, has been helping seekers find joy, fulfilment and purpose.
Asha Elizabeth Pramod
S. India
1 Team Member




Pramod (pseudonym for Asha Elizabeth P.) is a spiritual being, teacher and speaker from India. ('Pramod' means 'joy' or 'happiness', from the Sanskrit root, 'pramoda'). Pramod has been giving lectures on Eastern applied spirituality, meditation, manifestation, relationships, abundance, etc. for a few years now and has touched many through her warm loving words of inspiration. Pramod's talks are being collected and published on CD and as instant downloads, by a small tightly knit team of people who want to make sure the teachings reach those who are asking for it through their deepest desires to improve their lives. Also, the recordings and transcripts of Pramod's spiritual lectures are syndicated throughout the Internet by hundreds of podcast directories, e-zines, magazines and newspapers.

Pramod’s signature series Manifest your Destiny is broadcast every day at 8 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5:00), on our inspirational talk radio station, Spirit Imprints Radio (S.I.R.). For a few years now, we have been trying our best to finance these projects from our pockets. But it has never been easy. We have also tried setting up a website, so that anyone desiring to further explore the teachings can come and taste the words in a relaxed virtual space. However, the formidable costs have always militated against any such efforts. The expenses just kept growing - podcast page bandwidth, radio fees, recording equipment, website domain, venues and on and on .... 

We've reached a point where it has become really hard for us to bear the ever-increasing expenses involved in keeping up our efforts. We've always strived to give away the teachings free-of-cost to our beloved listeners and always paid for  everything ourselves. Now, we cannot but invite our patrons to provide us with any financial support that you can provide so that we can continue taking Pramod's message to our ever-widening circle of dedicated students and listeners. By doing this you will be helping us to spread Pramod's teachings around the world and she will be able to help seekers find joy, fulfilment and purpose. We request that you support us by donating to this ambitious fund raising project.



A Personal Note about Me:

Hello! I'm Ali. I've been with Pramod since she was a teen. I've personally witnessed how Pramod could never really fit in, with her unique spiritual cravings and thirst for truth. She had a miserable childhood of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, mostly at the hands of her own parents, who could never understand Pramod's fascination with spirituality. Even as a kid, she was drawn to meditation and chanting and some simple rituals of Hinduism, into which she was born. When we got away from it all and travelled North, we were thrown into a phase of such abject poverty that there were days when we would knock on our neighbour's door asking for leftovers. We had absolutely no furniture or comforts, but that didn't stop us from devouring books.




It was then that four magical words came to Pramod, in her readings. Normally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the words were: "As within, so without." Subsequently, she went into a phase of such sheer isolation and solitude and personal contemplation. After about a year, she emerged from it with such fullness and vitality that I knew nothing would stay the same again. And it didn't! Such was the humble beginning of our spiritual odyssey. It was all pure flow and universal orchestration after that.

Why this Project?

We invite you to join us as we seek to bring solace, comfort and spiritual truth to millions around the world in this time of unprecedented global awakening. We have a dream of transforming this world, one soothing word, one connected thought at a time. Every dollar you donate counts, as every little bit goes straight to heart of our work. We have been touched so deeply by her words that we're convinced there are so many others who are desperately searching for the truth, like we were before we met her. We feel that nobody should be denied her teachings, just because of financial limitations.

We feel blessed to be a part of this international project. We solicit any help you can provide. Perhaps a monetary contribution is not possible for you. But you can still join us by helping to spread the word through your tweets and Facebook posts.

Ultimately it's the message that speaks for itself. Explore the links, let the words seep into the cockles of your heart and then come back to this page with your blessings, prayers and donations. As Pramod says,

"If we will just relax, we will receive just the right guidance. There is absolutely no risk of being wrong. You just can't make a mistake."

And as she always loves saying, may you be dogged by an abundance of blessings for the rest of your life!


Daily Quote From Pramod.

Affirm "I am spacious enough to contain any emotion that may arise. I am bigger than anything in my life, bigger than anything ... in ME. Nothing troubles me. I offer no resistance to trouble - therefore it does not stay wirh me. I relax my rigidness and open myself to the guidance of synchronicity."


Praise for Pramod.


I have come to know Pramod from twitter. When I visited her podcast page and listened to the one about relationship(Just let in the Love) and another one about being beautiful(Be Beautiful) I was really impressed because I have listened to most of other authors all of the  focus on  actions and  doing something here Pramod  focuses on inner work I mean first working in your mind then in the outer world things will happen naturally. Which I liked especially  being a girl and not having enough confidence about my look her Be Beautiful has moved me a lot and I can even see the result in me life which is like a miracle. I am thankful to meet her.


I couldn't tell you exactly how I first found Pramod. A few years ago I was following links on the internet and I happened to find one of her podcasts. It came to me at the perfect time. In her calm and soothing voice, she spoke about mindfulness, being fully present and aware, using full enjoyment of a cup of aromatic coffee as a metaphor. I emailed her in support and she responded to my enthusiasm. Every so often I would find another one of her podcast-teachings (maybe posted on Facebook) that resonated in the moment.

Recently, she told me about her new book, "Spiritual Weightlessness: Free to Create Whatever You Want: Nuggets of Wisdom from the Talks of Pramod." It is a lovely slim volume, designed with lots of spaciousness. Feels good to hold. I thought I could read it in one sitting, but so far, no. After a brief meditation, the first time I opened the book to a "random" page, I could hear her voice reading to me. Perfect. Another day, I intended to read it from beginning to end, but after twenty pages, I was "full."  The last page I read--to stop making rest yet another thing on the list of things to do--was just what I needed to "hear."

I keep the book at my bedside. One more time I tried to make it to the end so I could tell her what I thought and felt. But still I found what I was looking for in just a few pages. And I set the book down for another day, letting her gently loving words soak into me, urging me to remember to be kind to myself and thus have more to give to others.

This is true healing power, vibrational energy healing, spiritual re-connection. The miracle and mystery is that when one heals, we all heal. She reminds me that no matter what comes, I am powerful, I know what I need to know, I am able, and I am filled with purpose. It is my nature.
This deceptively small volume is a potent antidote to the often toxic environments that surround us. Let it soak into you. Feel energized and positive about your life path and your ability to follow it, creating what you truly desire. The world needs what you have to offer and Pramod inspires and encourages you on your way. A lovely gift for yourself or friends; I have already ordered more.

Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.D.





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  • $10USD
    Personal Thank you Note

    You will receive a personal note (email), infused with Pramod's energy directly from her.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $50USD
    Chanting / Energy Clearing

    Intense Chanting work will be done on your behalf and you will receive the spiritual benefits of energy work directed at you.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $100USD
    Your name on our show

    We will dedicate an episode and mention your name in our show, plus the other perks mentioned above.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $500USD
    A spiritual gift packet.

    You will receive a handpicked selection of spiritual souvenirs, including a mala (Hindu rosary), incense sticks, and a few other items plus all of the other perks mentioned above.

    0 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Deluxe Spiritual Packet

    You will receive an attractive gift box containing handpicked Indian handicrafts items and spiritual goods mentioned above, plus the other perks mentioned above.

    0 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $25,000USD
    You are our V.I.P. Donor!

    You will receive a whole host of attractive gifts including all of the perks mentioned above, plus two free front row invites to our first global event (venue to be fixed in the future), one hour free one-on-one Skype session with Pramod where you can ask all your questions.

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $50,000USD
    You're our V.V.I.P. Donor!

    You'll receive all the perks mentioned above and as our most respected donor, you'll receive a 3-day spiritual holiday package in India (travel, accommodation, included) and dinner with Pramod and front-row ticket to our event.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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