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"An Adventure of an Unlikely Band of Brothers"
Shailey Murphy
Springfield, Missouri
United States
9 Team Members


If you can contribute, we have added TWO INCREDIBLE PERKS for the last week! LOOK... 

$28 contribution gets you a copy of the “Man Up and Go” DVD film! 
(So far, only $50 donations and up received a film)

If you plan to attend the VIP film red carpet premiere, a $200 contribution gets you 2 VIP tickets to the premiere, a $50 savings! (So far, only $500 and up gets 2 VIP tickets. VIP tickets for Premiere will retail at $125 each).

If 2,100 supporters buy the DVD for $28 OR 300 peoplebuy 2 VIP tickets at $200, our goal will be met and the movie will premiere in Fall 2012! If we don’t meet our goal, the film will release Fall 2012 but we want to absolutely assure you YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE WASTED! iF OUR GOAL IS NOT MET, WE WILL RAISE THE FUNDS IN SOME WAY, WE HAVE TO! THE CAUSE IS TOO IMPORTANT! We need your help.!! Please repost this everyday for the last 8 days, email at least 10 friends/family and encourage them to donate to this great cause!Every little bit helps, Thanks so much!


Have you ever encountered something so powerful you simply wanted to tell everyone? Have you traveled to a new place, feeling and seeing things you normally would not, and your breath was knocked out of you because you couldn’t believe what you experienced? We can still smell the stench from the Ethiopian dump, where babies are born to no fathers, single mothers dig there to eat, and filthy teens giggle as they find a sugar packet in the mud as their daily treat…their eyes yellow with sickness.

We will never see the world the same way and will not sit back and let this continue.

The film, Man Up and Go, represents an important, powerful movement where a  bunch of “normal, average guys” from all over America, asked themselves: “How can we  make a statement about the lack of fatherhood in the world and what does being a real man actually mean?” They felt an overwhelming call to get out of their comfort zone and do something radical! This group of 30 men could have gone anywhere, but they chose Africa and spent seventeen days in numerous places in Uganda and Ethiopia.  They left their families, secure homes and jobs as they were called to “man up” and be fathers to orphans, and to show unconditional love to hurting women and men.

We can still see Mitch, a 6-foot, 6-inch, 250 pound linebacker, gingerly embracing a two-pound baby; we can see Rob, an accountant and father to five, tenderly shaving a leper in his makeshift shack. We can see Roger, removing his shirt to wash a single mother’s feet in a community where the people are considered to be trash by others in their own city. And then there’s Cory, playing soccer with a group of African boys in a children’s prison, laughing and talking with them like they were his own brothers. Or how about Brady, the tough police officer, lovingly hugging two orphaned girls who call him Daddy, tears in his eyes.

Do you have a deep, longing and passion in your heart to help others but don’t know how?  Please jump on board with our team and be a part of this life changing movement, called Man Up and Go, and together we can help spread this message of loving the fatherless and the importance of fatherhood. Please don’t neglect the desperate need and lack of fathers everywhere in the world.  Working as a team, every tiny bit helps, even if you aren’t called to go! We CAN change the world, little by little! Here’s how:


We have taken the first step to get this important message out by self-funding the first portion of this project, over 50% of the total film budget.  We fronted the money for the trip to Africa allowing us to capture the trip section of the film.  Now we need your help to help us complete the editing of the full length feature film, Man Up and Go.  We are trying to raise enough money to allow our team to edit full time and complete the movie. The money will also be used for the follow up “post-trip” filming and the film premiere.  

Man Up And Go, a documentary motion picture, is being produced to bring significant awareness to viewers regarding the critical needs of the growing number (50,000,000 currently) of orphans in Africa and the desperate, heartbreaking lives that these beautiful children and people are forced to live. 

Engaging character driven stories will unfold from the film's main subjects, a group of men from America and Africa that are part of a team calling themselves Man Up 4 Orphans. With vastly different lives that contrast and compare, the film will illustrate that simple actions taken by normal people like you and me can produce encouraging, powerful change. Instead of focusing the film's viewers only on the despair and heartache associated with the orphans, Man Up And Go looks to empower, inspire and lift people to act...and one-by-one we can make a difference.

When completed, Man Up And Go will be a feature-length documentary movie (Approximate 90 minutes with an anticipated PG rating). Shoot locations will be in the USA, Ethiopia and Uganda. 

For more information contact:

Randy Bacon, Producer/Director


Jonathan Murphy, Producer/Senior Editor



Why would an unlikely band of American brothers go on an adventure, a road trip, to the depths of Ethiopia and Uganda and join with African men? To combat the heartbreaking problem of over 7,000,000 orphans suffering. Not dismayed by the staggering numbers, the men literally man up and go to change lives and discover their own lives are most impacted.

This cast of characters is joined by a common passion -- to love and care for orphans and hurting people. Many call home Missouri, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Uganda and Ethiopia. Miles apart geographically and worlds apart socially, economically and culturally, this band of American brothers includes a seasoned cop, a retired military man and an architect. Then there is the standout ex-college football player, highly successful businessman, well-known publicist, celebrity athlete and teenage boys. With over 30 adventurers on this rag tag team, most previously have never stepped on African soil.

Focusing on five Americans, the film reveals the unique stories of the men...before the trip even starts. We see them at home, work and play and connect with their unfolding lives. The film's journey continues as the team comes together at an airport in Washington DC -- for most, a first time meeting, yet they unite as one.  

The Americans are contrasted and compared with the lives of African brothers. Included are harrowing stories of survival through unthinkable situations -- one being left for dead on a mountain of bodies and the second once orphaned himself, living in a dump. These stories and others represent shining examples of manhood and the spirit of the adventure.

Strongly drawing attention to the touching lives of orphaned children, the Man Up team travels to hidden children prisons and a dump site, which is home to thousands of orphans. The journey continues to a ministry for street children, a remote village in the middle of Ethiopia and to a multitude of orphanages. The needs of the precious children are revealed by the spirited actions of the Man Up team, entwining strong, common threads of hope, joy, love and the power these have over adversity

In-the-end, the American team travels home to their comfortable lives...but will they ever be the same? Will the choking facade of the American Dream grip them like it used to? The men return with the truth planted that life is not just about them; they are transformed by their African adventure and brothers, and are united with a strong commitment to love big and to be fathers to the fatherless.



Even if you can’t give, post this link on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or email list to get the message out to others.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks so much for taking the time to see what we are passionate about and partnering with us in making this film a reality!  Without you, we couldn’t make this happen.







RANDY BACON – Director / Producer / Director of Photography-Cinematographer / Editor
Randy has been shooting professionally since 1985 and is in very high demand as a art portrait, editorial and commercial still photographer and cinematographer.   His clients reside throughout Missouri, nationally and internationally.  His adept still photography skills and artistry has gained him a multitude of awards to include:
               American Photographer Magazine:  Images of the Year - Best Portrait Selection
               417 Magazine: Photographer of the Year AND Artist of the Year (three time winner)
               Gannett News-Leader: Photographer of the Year (seven time winner)
               Business Journal Magazine:  Selected as one of the "Twelve People You Need To Know in 2011"
               Addy Awards:  Best Photography in Print Advertising Campaign (multiple winner)

In 2008, Bacon expanded his creative still talents into the motion picture arena.  Instantly, securing a number of commercial video projects that continues to grow, he honed his motion abilities as to apply to his passion of film making.  Bacon's movie film career exploded in 2010 with the release of his directorial debut and film production, The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives.    Produced by a long list of prominent supporters, the 90-minute documentary feature celebrates the meaning of life.  The movie has garnered a significant amount of film coverage and awards.  Included is the red carpet premiere at the Gillioz Theatre, playing to an audience of over 800 people.  In addition, the film has played on PBS to rave reviews and continues to appear at multiple universities and organizations.   The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives ran the film festival circuit and accumulated an impressive 15 film festival official selections and won over 10 awards, including Best Feature Documentary and Best Director. The film is now in the process of gaining national distribution.  

Bacon's career also has ventured into being a highly sought after public speaker at universities, schools, churches, businesses and more.   In addition, Randy and his wife/business partner, Shannon, own and manage one of the Missouri's premiere art destinations, the Monarch Art Factory.  The Monarch is a 16,000 square foot art center that is home to a multitude of creative endeavors including Bacon's 8,000 square foot studio and art galleries, as well as to their film production company, Bacon / Murphy Films.

JONATHAN MURPHY Senior Editor / Producer / Cinematographer / Motion Graphics
Jonathan is owner of Harp Creative and has worked full time in video production for the past 9 years and is in high demand from many clients nationwide.  After working full time in video production for 5 years with other large companies, Jonathan ventured out and started his own company, Harp Creative, LLC.

Since starting his own business, Jonathan has traveled worldwide creating a wide variety of videos from start to finish and brings extensive skills, creativity, experience and knowledge to the team.  In addition to filming at various locations across the United States, Jonathan has filmed in Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Cambodia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, El Salvador, Egypt and the Philippines on different filming projects for various clients.


Jonathan has truly made a name for himself by striving to bring something artistic, new and unique in to each film he creates.  Seeing each video through from the story boarding, cinematography, motion graphics, to post production, he truly encompasses a well-rounded filmmaker in every way. Jonathan is a business partner in Bacon Murphy Films.



SHANNON BACON Assistant Director / Producer / Camera Assistant / Grip / Boom Operator

Shannon has been Randy’s right hand business and creative partner in all ventures since 1998. She is a seasoned as a still photography lighting technician and creative assistant.  She also is skilled in filmmaking, functioning as an assistant director, camera assistant, grip and boom operator. Shannon played a vital role in the creation of the multi-award winning feature documentary “The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives” as Assistant Director and Assistant Editor.

Her degree in public relations and journalism from Missouri State University has trained her as a professional writer and communicator working with clients nationwide on a variety of projects. Some clients include 417 Magazine, Mercy St. John’s Health System, Convoy of Hope, and a variety of church organizations.  Shannon’s adept writing skills and creativity has expanded into screenplay writing.  Shannon is also a business partner in Bacon Murphy Films.

SHAILEY MURPHY Assistant Editor / Producer / Camera Assistant / Grip / Boom Operator


With a degree in design from Missouri State University, Shailey brings a creative perspective to the Bacon Murphy Film’s team that is fresh and new. She has won numerous awards for her designs including the Excellence in Design award in 2007 through 2008, and an award from the Springfield Design Association in 2007.  She has worked on film projects in Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt and has also traveled to Italy, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Mexico.  She is a mix of organizational and creative skills that are an important asset to the team. Shailey works full time as Jonathan's business partner and her responsibilities include art direction, video editing, creative consultation, project management, and sound/audio tech.  Shailey is a business partner in Bacon Murphy Films.


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