Man Alive

Man Alive is a fun new exciting platform game with a twist, currently in development.

The Game

Our campaign is called Man Alive, which is a platform game with a twist. We are working with the idea that death is not the end. There are no health packs because we promote death in Man Alive! Actually, you HAVE to kill yourself to progress in our game.  That is why we believe it is something different and new, that we hope to share with you all. This campaign is very important to us because we know we can create something fun, that there are ideas out there to be played with but a lot of companies are not willing to risk finding these jewels. So that is where we come in! We need your support to help us create Man Alive, to keep challenging the game industry and provide a steady flow of new ideas.


Short Summary

We are a small team of very passionate game enthusiasts. We live, breathe and eat games. Two of our designers are graduates from the University of Arts London with degrees in Game Design and we have the support of a very experienced German Guy "The Hoff". We have a professional approach to games and are highly motivated purely because of the love we have for games.


The MA-Team:

To introduce everyone individually we have:

Richard: In my stand-up comedy group I was called the "The Hoff". Don't think it was because of my good looks ;) I am leading the team and was working on this game from day one as a programmer too. I am playing games on all possible and impossible devices for over 30 years with the age of 5. I don't feel that old, but apparently I am the "grey" guy in the team. I think this game is special and very different from the games I know and played so far. So we enter the 'unknown' here a bit and want to leave a dent in the gaming landscape.

Juan: Programmer and 3d designer / animator. My name is Juan Whittaker-Troncoso, and I worked on both the programming and game design for this lovely project. My passion is making games and within that it’s 3D modelling and animating. I have a background in art, 2D animation and 3D animation. I am a Nintendo fanatic and have been inspired since the age of 5 by the work of the great Shigeru Miyamoto. Apart from games my other passions include Football (Huge Spain and Barcelona fan), Tennis, ice skating and swimming. My biggest and most important goal in life is to create games that bring joy to people’s lives, even if just for 5 minutes of the day.

Rocky:  My name is Rokas ‘Rocky’ Butkus, and I’m one of the games designers and the visual artist for this project. I come from an artistic background and am self-taught. I have worked on freelance projects from tattoo designs, content creation, advertisement and cover designs. Which don’t compare to the fun I have with designing for games, creating immersive worlds or interesting characters and moulding dreams into pixels.     

John: Stand-up comedian and creative director (more about him soon)

Davey: Video director and editor (more about him soon)


What We Need

Your contributions will keep Man Alive…. well Alive. This money will provide time, licenses and equipment for the team to put 110% into this game.

We need 100.000 USD (or more) to produce a high quality game on most platforms out there (no Dreamcast or CDTV version planned yet...  ).

We plan to develop and release 30 levels of the game on PC/Mac, Web, iPhone/iPad, Android, Steam and if some money is left we look also into consoles like XBox 360 and PS3 and Vita.

As you might know the licenses for consoles are quite high and that is why we need to hit the 100.000 USD mark or higher to publish the game on our favourite consoles as well.


Your Perks

Digital postcard, wallpapers, T-Shirts, beta versions of the game, first hands on the final game. Name in the credits, design a level with us, with a lot of cash we can be persuaded to have YOU as the thing which kills our character. Let us know what would make you mad and we’ll make our character run into your bad side. 


What happens if we don't reach our goal?

If we don’t reach our final goal it depends how generous everyone has been along the way. If we get a few dollars, we’re going to MacDonald’s. If we get more, we’re going to Burger King. If we get a generous amount, we will… be provided with more time to work on this, knowing bills have been paid and we can attend meetings for the next stages of development. But we can assure you that any contributors will still receive our game and will have access to contribute ideas and keep development alive.


Why is this project so valuable

This project is valuable to contributors because we have the freedom to challenge existing ideas and attempt to break boundaries. Games such as this one might one day be providing the ideas for future AAA titles. Showing them that an idea has worked or has not without investing millions.


We’ve had a lot of great feedback already from Man Alive.


We understand that not everyone is able to contribute, but if we could kindly ask you to spread the word then this would be a HUGE help for us and we humbly thank you for looking into our campaign. 


Remember that you can share easily using the Indiegogo share tools, so go ahead, do it, we dare you.


Thanks you all again!


Other Ways You Can Help

  • Spread the work with as many people as you can. Talk to people on the street, send out Pigeons to reach people on other continents!
  • You know what we mean ;)
  • If you know Tim Schaefer, please ask if he has some spare cash left over for us from his last game funding... ;)
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools to let every mortal being on this planet know!
  • Send us your ideas for the levels to make this game even more awesome!


Team on This Campaign: