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We are producing exciting collaborative projects in Film, Publishing, and Interactive Media! Help us bring into the world we share some original, inspiring, deeply serious, funny...and healing...creative work.

But first, read on to learn more!

We've just completed the feature film, Travelling Medicine Show!

We're about to publish the novel, Mortal Coil!

If you want, there is a free chapter download from the novel hereRight now the novel (print or e-book) is available only via our campaign.

We're in production on Biology of Story, a web-based interactive documentary, launching this fall. Here's a teaser:



Resounding Media extends the mission filmmaker, author and teacher Amnon Buchbinder has pursued to inspire and guide others to tell and live deeper, truer and better stories.


We embrace creativity as a source of discovery, pleasure and discomfort for creator and audience, rather than an affirmation of what is already known. We work across a range of media with disciplined attention to craft and form.


Our work aims to reach and to challenge the heart, mind and imagination. We seek a direct, two-way relationship with our audience.


There is nothing our world needs more that which makes whole. Through our words, images and deeds, we express and embody a vision of greater wholeness for person, community, world.


We live in a world preoccupied with its own ending. It is through the quest that we find new beginnings. Our work comes out of our quest, and invites the viewer and reader to their own quest and the insights that will open new possibilities.

We Asked a Few People Who Have Been Following Our Work to Comment on it:

(More comments can be found on the gallery page.)

(not the puppet):

Dear Potential Participant,

Making a creative work has always been a quest for me. I think that's been reflected in the quality, variety, and adventurousness of the results:

  • **** Original and memorable...more pics like this, please! – Kim Linekin, Eye Weekly
  • **** Could become a classic.– Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine
  • Consistently marvellous in characterization, nuance and aliveness...the film’s intensity conjures up memories of Bergman. –Robin Wood, Cine-Action Magazine
  • Astounding... touches the viewer's soul to the fundamental core... a film that will stay with me for a long, long time. - Edmonton Vue Weekly

Those of you who know me know that self-promotion isn’t really my thing. I’ve always preferred just to focus on doing the work. And now, the three projects we told you about above are coming to completion in the next few months, and finding their way out into the world. And that's where you come in.

By donating to this Indiegogo campaign, you will become part of the initial audience for these works, which will be available to donors before they have been publicly released. At the same time, you will contribute to the resources needed to make these works available to a wider audience. And in the process you will help to create a platform for the dissemination of more work. 

You might ask: "why doesn’t Amnon just give this work to publishers, distributors, broadcasters?" The answer is: I don’t want to spend precious time doing that (believe me, it takes time). And frankly, after three decades in the culture industries, I have yet to have an experience that makes me think my work would be better off that way. The audience for what we are doing needs to be built, and that is not something distributors and publishers are investing in these days. 

So I am establishing Resounding Media to build an engaged audience with an appetite for original, meaningful, beautiful, soulful, funny, searching, provocative and thoughtful work in words and moving images.  

There is also a more urgent dimension to my quest and a more profound dimension to the preciousness of time:

In December 2011, I learned I had colorectal cancer. In the Spring of 2012, I celebrated the successful surgery that saved my life. In September 2014, I learned that cancer had returned and had metastasized throughout my lungs. My longing to see these works completed and out in the world cannot be separated from this experience. (For more details about how I have been living with this news, and how these works are interwoven with my illness & healing, you can download a long letter I sent to close friends in December. Warning: don't read it if you don't want to go deep.)

So many stories and so much wisdom have formed out of this quest, layering into what I’ve already learned from years of making films and writing. I see in this the potential to offer some meaningful and artful insights that may be useful to others. Some of that wisdom and a few of those stories are expressed in these projects; considerably more seeks to express itself through new ones.

I have been working towards completion of these projects. My health remains good so far; the future is uncertain. I may have lots of time to make the new projects I envision (and I believe I will). Or it may be that all I can do will be to get the existing ones out the door. Either way, I need your help.

 I must ask myself: how can I fulfill my responsibility to this work? I want to be able to turn my attention now to finishing the interactive documentary Biology of Story and to producing new work that I have teed up, without just throwing the newly completed novel and film down a hole to leave for other people to deal with or to be forgotten.

I want to be able to stay focused on creating. In a few words, that is why I am looking for your support in several ways to bring these works out into the world.  

I am inviting you to become part of this Indiegogo campaign, and then tell your friends about it. Please join me on this quest.

Thank you. 


$15,000 raised

  • Polish/music rights clearance/completion of Travelling Medicine Show.
    The film is done, but was have some expenses before we can show it publicly, and the cupboard is now bare! 
  • Manage Travelling Medicine Showinto exhibition channels
    We want to start submitting the film to festivals, and then making it available more widely, but that requires a little money and a lot of time. 
  • Manage Mortal Coil (book) into distribution channels and produce online author presence
    We'll take advantage of the many exciting opportunities online to engage and interact with readers. 
  • Design of “Small Book” series and production of first book 
    Our next publishing undertaking, titled The Small Book of Miracles, is the first in a series. Each Small Book peels away the crust of received ideas and takes an original and inspiring look at an important aspect of life. (See below for a list of upcoming titles.) The books will have a unified design style.
  • Ongoing administrative support to manage distribution, web presence, social media. 

$20,000 raised

  • Above, plus:
  • Further elaboration of Biology of Story
    The SSHRC grant that funded this project is going to run out long before our inspiration and the project's potential does.
  • Preparation of Bad News-Good News manuscript
    A book built around Amnon Buchbinder's journals from his cancer experience, in which art and life seemed to change places.
  • Production of another "Small Book"
    The "Small Books" in process include The Small Book of Gratitude, The Small Book of Spiritual Growth, and The Small Book of Excrement.
  • Management of these and future books into distribution channels

$30,000 raised

  • Above, plus protecting and remastering existing work:
  • Blu Ray of Travelling Medicine Show with short films included
    Travelling Medicine Show was preceded by two short films. 
  • HD remaster of Whole New Thing and The Fishing Trip from 35mm. 
    Neither of these critically acclaimed feature films is currently available for home video. We will make HD masters from the original materials and make available for Blu-Ray, etc.

Excess of $30,000 raised

  • Above, plus we'll put even more inspiring, original, deeply serious, funny...and healing...stuff out there.

We will continue to raise production finance and to develop new projects. IndieGogo revenues will help us make the transition to a self-sustaining publication/distribution program.



Already written by Amnon and with photographs and art by Elyse Pomeranz, this book is ready to be designed (with the help of this crowdfunding campaign). It roots the miraculous in our everyday experience. This is the first of a series of Small Books. PUBLICATION: FALL 2015

(Image from The Small Book of Miracles)


How Amnon's experience of cancer became a quest uniting art and life, recorded as it happened. PUBLICATION: FALL 2015 


A follow-up of sorts to Travelling Medicine Show, with Amnon playing a similar version of himself as in that film. The inhabitants of a small island try to come to terms with living with uncertainty and the struggle to make a difference in the world.  PRODUCTION: SPRING 2016


A guide through the interactive documentary, fully revealing its intricate conceptual structure, and with the contribution of over a hundred storytellers, filmmakers, novelists, academics, psychologists, clerics and others talking about how they work with story and how story works with them. PUBLICATION: FALL 2016


GENEVIÈVE APPLETON Producer Biology of Story, Producer Travelling Medicine Show: Apocalypse

...was an actress in the 1980s in film and TV projects including Kids of Degrassi and Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel.  She is now a film and interactive media screenwriter, director and producer, whose projects, Vision, Actors Transformation, A Garden's Family, Calling the Minstrel, East Timor Peace Mission, etc.have won awards and have been screened at festivals and distributed internationally. 

CHRIS WISEMAN Cinematographer/Story Collaboration Travelling Medicine Show, Editor Travelling Medicine Show: Apocalypse a Toronto-based filmmaker, editor, writer and cinematographer. He studied film production at York University with Amnon and others. Since graduating in 2007, he has collected credits in film, TV, print and digital media, contributing to award-winning drama and docs that have been seen around the world. He works with dancers and artists, and is making an essay film about the question of what it means to be human with the philosopher Nikolas Kompridis. 

STEVE MUNRO Sound Designer all Travelling Medicine Show films

...has been responsible for the Sound Design of dozens of documentaries, over a hundred hours of television programming and over 50 feature films including some of Canada’s finest feature films of the past three decades, such as I’ve Heard the Mermaids SingingHighway 61, and all of Atom Egoyan's feature films from Family Viewing in 1987 to the upcoming Remember. Steve has lectured extensively on motion picture sound, and teaches in the Department of Film at York University. 

HELIOS DESIGN LABS  Designers, Biology of Story a multi-disciplinary design studio located at the intersection of art and technology. Helios designs experiences that combine the art of traditional storytelling with new and emerging technologies in web, mobile and animation. Their diverse work ranges from campaigns for multi-national corporations to experimental collaborations with artists and musicians. They’ve helped some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands connect with people across multiple platforms: Online, Mobile Apps, Social Media, TV, Film, Print.

TERRIL CALDER Animation Director, Travelling Medicine Show:Transformation a visual and performance artist, filmmaker and animator born in Fort Frances and currently residing in Toronto. Her films have screened internationally, having received an Honorable Mention at the Sundance Film Festival and a Canadian Genie Award Nomination, as well as TIFF’s Top Ten List in 2011 for Choke, a short she co-created with Michelle Latimer. 

ALEC McKAY Videographer/Editor, Biology of Story a Toronto-based independent filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor whose work in the documentary medium has explored topics ranging from hardcore punk, to boxing, to Canadian Blood Services. He has been mentioned on CBC radio for his shooting and has had work selected by the Hot Docs jury. He also plays bass and sings in a death metal band called Lowest Point. Alec is a recent graduate of the Department of Film at York University, where he studied with Amnon.

DAVID BUCHBINDER  Composer, Travelling Medicine Show

... is a JUNO award-winning trumpeter, composer and cultural inventor.  He leads numerous music groups including his eponymous Jazz Ensemble and, most recently, his Odessa/Havana project. He composes for concert, theatre, film and television, presents large-scale performance projects and has toured extensively in North America & Europe.  David is the founder and CEO/Artistic Director of the creativity-based urban transformation organization Diasporic Genius.

CAROLINE CHRISTIE Co-Editor Travelling Medicine Show, Editor Travelling Medicine Show: Creation

...has worked as a picture editor in a variety of cinematic forms: award winning feature documentaries (Army of One, Project Grizzly); TV comedy series (The Awful Truth with Michael Moore, Dan For Mayor, InSecurity,  Puppets Who Kill); experimental short films (Michael Snow’s Hue Chroma Tint, Peter Lynch and Max Dean’s A Short Film About Falling, Elida Schogt’s Zyklon Portrait); award winning dramatic shorts (Peter Lynch’s Arrowhead) and most recently on the popular CBC television series Republic of Doyle.

SHADOWLAND THEATRE Artistic Collaborators Travelling Medicine Show: Creation

...was founded in 1983 on Toronto Island by a collective of visual and theatre artists. Artistic Directors Anne Barber and Brad Harley work with a wide range of communities to unearth their distinctive histories, creating new stories and celebrating special events. Shadowland is known for animating streets, parks and communities with its bold design sensibility and raucous theatricality. Original performances incorporate masks, puppetry and spectacle arts, mostly in outdoor and non-traditional theatre spaces in urban and rural landscapes. 

ISHAI BUCHBINDER Performer Travelling Medicine Show, Writer/Performer Travelling Medicine Show: Apocalypse an actor, writer, and core artistic member of Outside the March Theatre Company. He has been in a bunch of plays in North Carolina, but now he lives in Toronto again! Catch him this spring in Outside the March's production of Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play.

ERICA OROFINO Administrative Assistant Biology of Story completing her BFA in Screenwriting in the Department of Film at York University, where she studied with Amnon. Her horror feature film FANTOME is currently in development for Paper Frame Pictures (you can see and vote for the trailer here)

KYLE FRANCIS Staff Writer Biology of Story an award-winning writer and non-award-winning Comedy Person. He's written multiple shorts, sold two work-for-hire features and was the recipient of the first-ever TIFF/Martin Katz Canadian Independent Screenwriting Fellowship. He’s performed standup and sketch comedy in many scary bars across Canada. Currently he is obtaining his MFA in Screenwriting in the Department of Film at York University. 

ELYSE POMERANZ Artistic Collaborator The Small Book of Miracles, 
Performer Travelling Medicine Show

...studied photography at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. She has produced one-of-a-kind craft work in a wide range of media including knitted wearable art clothing, felted clothing and hangings, beaded jewelery, collage, printmaking, handmade children’s books, soft scuplture, copper etchings, and more. She was a Waldorf class teacher for many years and now mentors Waldorf teachers in several countries.

Here are some screen grabs from Biology of Story: 

It's still being built; interface is 80% there, content is 30% there. Because these are just jpegs, they can't reformat to your device, and these images are too small to see the details. Click here to see these in full size on our informational site.

Here's the back cover of Mortal Coil:

Still reading? Here are some clips from previous works that you can get as perks:

Click above for a 10-minute excerpt from the feature film Whole New Thing, directed by Amnon Buchbinder, written by Amnon Buchbinder and Daniel MacIvor, starring Aaron Webber, Daniel MacIvor, Rebecca Jenkins, Robert Joy, Callum Keith Rennie. The film screened at over a hundred film festivals, winning a dozen "best film" awards, and was released theatrically in Canada and the U.S. and sold in a bunch of other countries. 

Click above for a 6.5-min. excerpt from the feature film The Fishing Trip, directed by Amnon Buchbinder, written by M.A. Lovretta, with Jhene Erwin, Melissa Hood, and Anna Henry. Distributed by Mongrel Media.

What People Have Said About These Previous Works: 

**** Genuine depth and wit...fully alive and gives one hope. Norman Wilner, Metro Daily

***** Enormously compelling…a fascinating character study…the dramatic rewards are mighty. Brian Orford, DVD Talk

**** The sexual stakes rise to hardly bearable levels. Stephen Pederson, Chronicle Herald

A classic story of romantic awakening Voir

Highly recommended…wry, tender…subtle and honest…puts a fresh spin on the theme of adolescent sexual awakening. Chicago Reader

Smart, delicate and funny...exquisitely performed...deftly off-centre. Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

Heartfelt yet simultaneously scalding - Katherine Monk, Canwest Media

Wise. - Museum of Modern Art

Minutely observed…exquisite performance. Almost as fine [as C.R.A.Z.Y.] but more rarefied. -Stephen Holden, New York Times

Warm, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking. –Pam Grady,

Gentle, perceptive…well-written and well acted. Kevin Thomas, L.A. Times

Amusing and disturbing. Kyle Smith, New York Post

Canny intelligence and emotional understanding. David Noh, Film Journal Int.

Winning…impressive…finely drawn. –Ken Fox, TV Guide

The performances are nothing short of superb. - Xtra

Witty and well-acted. -Boston Globe

Refreshing...subtle and touching. Hour (Montreal)

[A] gem. - Geist

Engaging, sophisticated, Canadian low-budget gem. -Terminal City

Mostly, [it’s] about the value of tenderness…lovely. Newsday (New York)

Appealingly assured. –The Onion A/V Club

Beautiful, funny and extremely non-judgemental…a great film. –British Federation of Film Societies/Scotland

**** Original and memorable...more Canadian pics like this, please! – Kim Linekin, Eye Weekly

**** Could become a Canadian classic. Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

A girl-powered road movie with a gutsy agenda.... Stunningly imbibed with life. – Ottawa X-Press

Austerely elegant.... The emotion the movie expends is fully real, earned by a taut script and a fine sense of pace and direction. – National Post

*** A minor marvel. - Toronto Star

*** Accomplished...wrenching and convincing. Globe & Mail

One hell of a film. **** See Magazine, Edmonton

Spare, earnest drama with no tricks but a lot of emotional power...exceptional performances. - Macleans

Satisfying and subtle...memorable. – Edmonton Journal

A riveting drama...power that is undeniable. Ottawa Citizen

A gem. – Gerald Pratley, A Century of Canadian Cinema

Consistently marvellous in characterization, nuance and aliveness...the film’s intensity conjures up memories of Bergman. Robin Wood, Cine-Action Magazine

Astounding... touches the viewer's soul to the fundamental core... a film that will stay with me for a long, long time. Edmonton Vue Weekly

"The Way of the Screenwriter deserves a permanent pocket in the backpack of any screenwriter who aspires to mastery. Beautifully rendered, fresh and deep in its examples and allusions, this book is a gift that elevates the reader far beyond the rich information it supplies. It shines a clear light through the labyrinth we all have to pass through to do our best work."  -Stewart Stern (Emmy-winning/twice Oscar-nominated screenwriter:Rebel Without a Cause, Rachel Rachel, Sybil)

"This is a visionary book.  Amnon Buchbinder approaches plot, character and theme in an organic new way, one which will help professionals and students alike.  A welcome antidote to writing by numbers." -Peggy Thompson, (Genie-winning screenwriter/producer: The Lotus Eaters,  Better than Chocolate, DaVinci’s Inquest;  Associate Professor,  University of British Columbia)

"Makes those other books read like vacuum cleaner manuals. Move them over and let Buchbinder take over." -Bruce McDonald, (Genie-winning director: Hard Core Logo, Highway 61, Claire’s Hat, Queer as Folk)

 “'Stories are answers to human needs,' Buchbinder states in this deeply felt book. The Way of the Screenwriter beautifully answers the needs of any student and lover of film. It is written with wisdom, compassion and an inspiring sense of innocence." -Atom Egoyan (Oscar-nominated screenwriter/director: The Sweet Hereafter, Where the Truth Lies)

"Along with Robert McKee and Lajos Egri, one of the three most useful books about the craft of screenwriting, among the hundreds available on the subject. Offers thoughtful insights into the craft which also have practical application."  -John Lonie, Head of Screenwriting, Australian Film, TV and Radio School

"Ambitious enough to look beyond script mechanics and actually guide budding screenwriters to write not just competent scripts, but great scripts." -Christopher Nolan (Oscar-nominated writer/director: Memento, Dark Knight, etc.)

"In this generous, beautifully written book, Buchbinder sets out a philosophy of storytelling that will inspire beginning screenwriters and reacquaint exhausted veterans with the source of their own inspiration. This is simply one of the best, most comprehensive books available anywhere on the art and craft of screenwriting." -Noel Baker, (Genie-winning screenwriter: Hard Core Logo, Show Me Yours; Screenwriter-In-Residence, Canadian Film Centre)

"No paint-by-numbers kit here, no cookie-cutter guide to mindless imitation.  The Way of the Screenwriter is the delicately-wrought deliverance every thinking film writer has longed for;  a complete affirmation of screenplays as art.- Karen Walton, (Gemini Award-winning screenwriter: Ginger Snaps, The Many Trials of One Jane Doe, Orphan Black)



The TV Series version of the novel, but actually it was written before the novel.


A terrorized rural gay teen sets out for the big city. Co-writer: Daniel MacIvor.


A fictionalized bio-pic of a major entertainer from the early days of television, exploring the supernatural dimensions of the emerging "medium." Co-Writer: Guy Maddin. (Rights not owned by Resounding Media.)


A rock star-investment guru who learns he has a brain tumour retreats, naked, to a pit in the ground to try to atone for his sins. Complications ensue. Co-writer: Jeff Watson.


A funeral wake in a 1918 Newfoundland outport goes sideways when the wrong body is discovered in the coffin. (Rights not owned by Resounding Media.)


A screenwriting professor is kidnapped by some deluded students who want him to set up a Hollywood pitch for them. Co-writer: Graeme Wilson.

>A TRAVELLING MEDICINE SHOW (not the current film - it needs a new title!)

An underground circus looks for a legendary medicine to combat a pharmaceutical dystopia.  


An adolescent from a post-apocalyptic street gang washes up on a forest island where he gets entangled in a myth sustained by the young brother and sister who live there.

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  • $75CAD

    Limited Edition T-Shirt for TRAVELLING MEDICINE SHOW, with typographical design by Paul Sych. Organic cotton. Available in black with white lettering, or natural with black lettering and medicine label on rear.

    6 out of 50 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $10CAD

    If things are tight but you want to send moral support, we will receive it with a wave of gratitude that will be sent in your direction.

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  • $25CAD

    Step right up, Ladies & Gentlemen, as Dr. Theo’s Travelling Medicine Show performs the most difficult art: the creation of the world! Includes the first Travelling Medicine Show film and various other materials to enhance your appreciation of it.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $25CAD

    A DVD of the feature film THE FISHING TRIP. Join three young women on a road trip you will never forget. More information about the film elsewhere on this page. The DVD includes lots of extras.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $25CAD

    The last man in the world is putting on a play, and he has to take all the roles himself. A DVD-R of Travelling Medicine Show: Apocalypse (never before available).

    1 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $25CAD

    A DVD-R of the feature film WHOLE NEW THING, a coming of age story about a boy who realizes he is not an adult, and some adults who grow up. The commercial DVD is now out of print!

    1 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $25CAD

    Private link to view TRAVELLING MEDICINE SHOW online in advance of its release.

    2 out of 10 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $40CAD
    Copy of MORTAL COIL

    Print or e-book copy of Buchbinder's novel MORTAL COIL in advance of its publication. "...charges through peril and passion with an edge-of-your-seat intensity. It’s a parable, a thriller, a spiritual odyssey, a love story, and a novel for our time." -Philip Shepherd

    15 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $40CAD

    A print or e-book copy of Amnon Buchbinder's wise guide to the craft of screenwriting. "It shines a clear light through the labyrinth we all have to pass through to do our best work." (Stewart Stern, screenwriter of "Rebel Without a Cause")

    4 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $50CAD

    Signed pre-publication copy of our next book. A field guide to miracles, with art by Elyse Pomeranz.

    5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: October 2015
  • $100CAD

    A hand-made fairy by Elyse Pomeranz (as seen in THE SMALL BOOK OF MIRACLES).

    3 out of 25 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $125CAD

    A charter membership to BIOLOGY OF STORY, giving you advance access to tens of hours of material online. See our website for more info.

    8 out of 25 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2015
  • $250CAD

    All of the $40 and $25 perks, plus a private online link to humorous outtakes.

    0 out of 30 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $500CAD

    Onscreen/onpage acknowledgement in two Resounding Media projects, PLUS all of the $25, $40, and $50 perks, plus private online link to humorous outtakes.

    0 out of 20 claimed

    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • $2,500CAD

    Sponsorship (credited) of one of the first four SMALL BOOK publications, plus an original art work by Elyse Pomeranz that appears in the book.

    0 out of 4 claimed

  • $5,000CAD

    Amnon will come to your house and cook you and up to 3 guests a nice meal OR take you to a restaurant (your choice), and tell you lots of stories, PLUS all of the $500 and under perks. Amnon is travelling a lot in 2015 so even if you’re not in Toronto or Hornby Island he might still be able to do this.

    0 out of 2 claimed

  • $12,000CAD

    All $2500 and under perks PLUS Trip for two to Hornby Island from anywhere in North America, two nights accommodation, meals, and guided tour (with a range of possible activities including studio visits, wine, mead and spirits tasting, kayaking, mountain biking, etc.). Accommodation, vehicle rental, etc can be extended at your expense.

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