Magical Musical Mission

Our mission is to put on a live magical musical show for impoverished children living in the Philippines, this March, 2013! Let's send them some extra love!

WHO: Raquel Pearl

Hi! I am a children’s entertainer, musician, and the creator of the Magical Musical Show (a live act for children). We put on musical shows for children at birthday parties and schools. We are currently based in Montreal but are looking to tour and put on live shows to impact children all around the world!

You can get to know us a little better on Facebook: www.facebook.com/magicalmusicalshow


WHAT: The Magical Musical Show… In the PHILIPPINES!

We are going to the Philippines together with a charity foundation called Gawad Kalinga to build communities to end poverty, this March, 2013.

(For more information about Gawad Kalinga, check them out at http://www.gk1world.com/)

My personal mission, while on this trip, is to put on a live musical show for the children living in poverty. I want to give these children an experience that is magical and fills their hearts with excitement. This show will be complete with live singing, dancing, games, costumes, props, and musical instruments… This is going to be our most AMAZING show yet, and you can hold me accountable when I say that we are going to OVER-DELIVER!! But, we need your help to make this happen.

We need to raise $4,200 to cover the costs of this show. These costs include the airfare to get there, and the equipment/props that will make this show as special and wonderful for the viewers as possible (stage, curtains, microphones, etc.). So we are turning to our strongest supporters and those who share the passion for this vision, to ask for contributions.


WHERE: Siargao, Philippines


WHEN: This March, 2013!


WHY: To touch the hearts of the children!

Really, what is life about if we are not touching the hearts of others?

I want to give these children an experience that is magical and fills their hearts with excitement. Let’s send them some extra love!!!



1 – Contribute financially to help sponsor our efforts

2 – Come to the Philippines with us to build communities to end poverty (Register here: http://bayanichallenge2013.blogspot.ca/)

3 – Spread the word and share this campaign!



First and foremost, it feels good to give! We will film the show so that you can watch and see firsthand what we are creating and the impact this will have!

Also, to really show you how much I appreciate you supporting this vision, I have created a list of awesome perks for all contributions of $2 and up! For example, you can receive a postcard from us in the Philippines or a special campaign T-shirt! I can sing a song to you over the phone or even come perform a live show for you in person! For the complete list of perks, check out the perks section on this page!



Thank you for helping to spread the love! The wonderful impact this will have will be a direct result of your support!

"Poverty is not a lack of resources but a lack of caring and sharing." - Tony Meloto, Founder of Gawad Kalinga



I will be happy to answer them for you! You can contact me via e-mail: raquel_pearl@hotmail.com



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