MADNESS Movie - A Gamer's REAL Journey into Artificial Reality

Filming her REAL LIFE journey deeper into Artificial Reality than anyone has ever gone before...
Marty Thomas
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After seeing "me" as a game character inside the 'Resident Evil ORC' video game, defining questions about my "Duel Realities" have consumed me. This film will capture what happens when I go deeper into Artificial Reality.

When I became a game character, my experience with Artificial Reality opened a doorway for me to cross into. Immersion into the ever increasing world of artificial reality now and in the future is becoming a very real option for all of us. This move is a journey Deeper into Artificial, Augmented and Virtual Reality than anyone has ever gone.

It is my hope that my film will be an important sociological tool to help clarify the impact of how artificial reality directly effects humanity, our culture, our way of communicating, our way of interacting and our way of life. What will happen in our very near future?

Your donation of any size will help fund my passion project, a film that explores a relatively unknown side of the gaming industry. For millions of us, gaming is more than just entertainment. It is our way of life.



  • Travel with me on my quest to go far into the depths of Artificial, Augmented and Virtual Realities. In essence, defining Reality itself.

  • In my time working within the gaming industry, I have been lucky enough to gain amazing access to some of the industry's most well known game designers and executives. I'm already coordinating with these Vanguards of the industry to get us the highest level, behind-the-scenes access to the many new technologies and breakthroughs that define the worlds of Artificial Reality.
  • I will be spending time with some of the coolest top inventors, technicians, engineers and scientist to uncover the surprising and strange broad new uses of Artificial Realities that are being planned for our very near future, It's true, Artificial Reality is already pushing into our world. How will it affect us in the next 20 years?
  • Also I'll be looking INWARD to gain insight as to how immersing myself into the artificial reality of gaming distracted me from a devastating personal tragedy, but also helped me to overcome it.

* * * * *

We are asking for your help in raising $70,000 so we can produce this film with the highest production value. To film MADNESS, we will incorporate state of the art camera systems, cutting-edge Visual FX platform animation and industrial illustrations in a truly cinematic presentation by top industry professionals and brilliant underground talent.

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* * * * *

Besides partnering with Rachel to create this exploration into the affects and future of artificial realities, a portion of the proceeds generated from this completed film through domestic and international distribution will go to charities that promote gaming and new technology for younger disabled children and to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. 

* * * * *

If we surpass our funding goal far enough, we will be able to hire a very well-known, A-list star that we know to do this film's voice-over.




Rachel Lara

A popular gamer, gaming personality and actress, Rachel Lara is regularly a featured panel speaker guest at many of the industry's biggest gaming conventions including Comic-con and SXSW.  Rachel Loves the Universe of gaming and spending as much time as she can with other fellow gamers.

She is the video game character, "Tweed" in CAPCOM'S "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" video game. In addition to shooting "MADNESS" Rachel currently is starring in two movies for Lionsgate Entertainment. 

Rachel has now signed on to become the star character in a ground breaking new major label video game - that announcement coming soon. 


Marty Thomas (director)

Marty Thomas has directed numerous award-winning movies and several national commercials. Marty directed a feature film "Killer Holiday" for Lionsgate Entertainment in 2014, after filming "MADNESS", he will go into production his new thriller movie "Run" January, 2015.

Marty has produced/directed many national ad agency television commercials including spots for Wrigleys Corp., Sizzler Restaurants, Del Monte Corp.,  E!Television Networks, NBC/Universal, Lionsgate Entertainment, Harley Davidson, MTV Networks, Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Marty has also directed more than 250 MTV music videos over the years working with many great music/MTV icons including Xzibit, Tupac, Method Man, Redman, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Sway, Taye Diggs, Chris Rock, Madonna, Snoop Dogg and hundreds more. His projects have garnered 9 American Grammy-Award nominations and received numerous nominations and wins from VMA Awards from around the world.


Alyssa Firman (producer)

Alyssa Firman has worked as Senior Producer for Patagonia since 1997. She has written, produced and/or executive produced over 400 Patagonia videos  on 6 continents. She has developed creative concepts for global marketing and production, wrote scripts and assembled the right people to film in many diverse situations. Her experience covers all facets of production utilizing the latest filming technologies and environmental practices. Alyssa particularly enjoys conducting in-depth interviews and has had the chance to work with some of the worlds biggest names in extreme sports and innovators in science and technology. A peek at Alyssa's work:


Terry T. Miller (director of photography)

Terry T. Miller has been the Director of Photography of more than 350 regional and national television commercials, 35 international corporate documentaries, 30 MTV/BET music videos and is currently in production filming reality television programs for both Bravo Networks and The Discovery Channel. Terry has led as Post Production Supervisor of several high-profile national campaigns, most notably with Reggie Bush, SUBWAY, and Fresh Buzz. Terry's National client list includes Hersheys, Subway, Jack In The Box, Olay, Lacoste GOLF, NBC/Universal, Lionsgate Entertainment, Monkey Kingdom U.K., and Disney.

In addition to shooting "MADNESS", Terry is slated as Director of Photography of the feature "American Paradise" currently in pre-production with principal photography
beginning January, 2015.


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