Luxury Airship RV

In the 1920's giant floating hotels traveled safely all around the world, setting records and inspiring humanity. We have much better materials now.


The Dream that Should have Been

In the 1930s Zeppelins and Airships seemed to be the future of human transportation.  There were luxurious floating hotels like the Hindenburg, exploration vessels that successfully visited the north pole, like the Norge, and even the Graf Zeppelin, which flew around the world non-stop with luxurious comfort for it's 40+ crew and passengers.

The materials and manufacturing we have now vastly surpass the technology of the 1930s.  With computer navigation and high efficiency solar panels, a new class of floating luxury yachts is ready to be built and used to liberate humanity from the shackles of gravity.

In addition to being the most luxurious and convenient way to travel, as the airships will pilot themselves autonomously and your bed, closet, and kitchen are going to be right there with you, solar powered airships could be the true green way forward finally ending our dependence on fossil fuels.  A combination of easily mass produced and inexpensive graphene supercapacitors and new 90%+ efficiency solar panels combined with the natural air currents that already exist could make an airship luxury cruise almost free of cost on a distance basis.  Float to New York nearly for free, then just keep drifting to London, Germany, or even all the way around the world, your airship safely and automatically steering you away from bad weather, political discontent, and the flight paths of local airports.

Our Plan

  • Rapidly prototype at least 100 small scale autonomous airships.  This testing and trial and error will make the final airship fully redundant mechanically and completely safe.  This testing is vital, as we are developing a completely new form of transportation.
  • Do a ton of short distance, local testing.
  • Do a ton of long distance, interstate testing.
  • Build a fully scalable open source autonomous airship piloting software stack, utilizing as much existent open source code as possible.
  • Deliver our working prototypes to our donors!
  • Take our second tier donors for a ride!
  • Begin producing and selling low-cost, high-reliability fully autonomous luxury airship homes to the general public.

Our Goals

  • End traffic and congestion in urban environments.
  • End the monotony of long distance travel that is required by those who travel by driving an automobile.
  • Lower the cost of travel to almost zero.
  • End pollution from commuters and our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Lower the cost of housing significantly.
  • Engender increased goodwill between people world wide.
  • Lower transportation costs for all industries globally.
  • Create sustainable housing and transportation for all.
  • Change the very nature of global citizenship.

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One of aviations earliest innovators Alberto Santos-Dumont envisioned a world without borders where all humanity was free to fly across the globe, possibly ending war and liberating humanity from tyranny and misery.  While some of his ideas may have been a little overly optimistic, I share his enthusiasm for both aviation and liberty, and also share his optimism that our world could be a safer, more open, and more liberated place for our troubled species.  I also truly believe that an open source, low cost 3d printable airship could in fact bring about much of his original dream!

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