Lumenator! World's First Flash Diffuser & Video Light ::formerly LightRight::

First Pro Photo & Video Dual Purpose Light. Thinnest & Lightest Pro LED Light Available. Patent Pending LEDNatural technology. Over 3000 Lumens!

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Thanks again to all of our funders!

Drew and the ColorRight family


Diffusers simply diffuse, they can't add any light. But, the Lumenator, well, just watch and see... Flash Diffusers (even ours) just can't hold up in this challenging environment.

LightRight is now Lumenator...

Lumenator! The Future of Photo & Video Lighting...NOW

GroundBreaking Feature Set!

  • First Pro Photo & Video Dual Purpose Light
  • Thinnest & Lightest Pro LED Light Available
  • Smoothest most Natural LED Light you've ever seen
  • Patent Pending LEDNatural technology
  • Super Powerful
  • Over 3000 Lumens!
  • Almost as much output as a 300W bulb


We're making news!







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$25 flat rate for ALL International

Note to International Customers: We will provide you with the correct EU or AU power supply when your order is shipped.

Please note: LightRight is now Lumenator. Perk names cannot be edited after a campaign has begun. When choosing your LightRight perk on the right, rest assured you will be getting the Lumenator and all upgrades that come with it. If you choose a multiple light kit you will receive all accessories for each unit. So, 2x everything for the 2 Light Kits and 3X everything for the 3 Light Kits.


Lumenator $99

- Lumenator Video Light & Photo Flash Diffuser Combo (3000 Lumens)

- Dimmer & ON/OFF Switch

- 2800mah Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

- AC Power & Li-ion Battery Charger

- NEW: Additional 12v 2A High Power AC Power Supply

- NEW: RingLight Attachment

- NEW: Narrow Beam Attachment

Black Battery Mounting Case

- Built-in Standard Tripod Mount

- Lumenator Branded Universal Mounting Strap for External Hot-Shoe Flashes


Lumenator PRO Kit $149

- Lumenator Video Light & Photo Flash Diffuser Combo (3000 Lumens)

- Dimmer & ON/OFF Switch

- AC Power & Li-ion Battery Charger

- NEW: Additional 12v 2A High Power AC Power Supply

- NEW: RingLight Attachment

- NEW: Narrow Beam Attachment

- Black Battery Mounting Case

- Lumenator Branded Universal Mounting Strap for External Hot-Shoe Flashes

PRO KIT Exclusives:

- Tungsten Gel & Velcro Mounts

- 3800mah Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (provides longer run time)

- Mini Flexible Tripod

- Tripod Mounting Plate for attaching to standard 1/4" 20 tripod mounts

- Universal & Flexible Hot-Shoe Mount


Thanks for checking out our project! This project has been amazingly fun. Here at ColorRight, we've been making awesome white balance tools and flash diffusers for over 5 years. We've even won awards for our ColorRight PRO line of color balance tools.

But, now we need your help to get our newest creation, the Lumenator, off the ground. We have made a working prototype of a revolutionary type of LED lighting for both Photo and Video. The Lumenator dual purpose light is softer (LEDNatural technology), thinner (.5") , lighter (13 ounces) and more flexible (dual purpose) than any conventional LED photo or video light. You can use the Lumenator as a revolutionary continuous cool light source, a photo flash diffuser, as a handheld light source, or as a small and powerful portable studio light.

Most pro LED photo and video lights are harsh and specular, unless diffused to within an inch of their life. Lumenator uses Patent Pending LEDNatural technology to produce the smoothest, most natural LED lighting you have ever seen. The Lumenator side-mounted LED lights are diffused multiple times before they light your subject. You won't get the typical squints, fake grins and hot spots that you get with conventional rear-mounted LED panels. In the case of the Lumenator, soft luscious light does not equal low power. Lumenator uses only high-grade Samsung daylight balanced LED chips rated at over 50 lumens per LED. In fact, Lumenator delivers almost as much power as a 300 watt incandescent bulb. These LED chips also have a high CRI (>=80) providing natural and vivid color rendition.

This is where you come in...

The Lumenator is amazing, but we need your help to raise enough capital to get them made. We are still a small family run company. We believe the Lumenator will be our best product, by far. However, that also means the resources to get this product made are greater than any of our prior products.

We need your help to fund the following:

  • Two Injection Molds for Production Parts
  • 1-2 80W Laser Machines
  • 3D CAD Designs & Revisions
  • 3D Prints
  • Customized Side Mount Compatible Samsung LED Strips
  • Custom Laser-Cut Acrylic Diffusion Materials
  • Die for additional diffusion materials
  • LED Connectors & Wiring
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Tungsten Gels
  • Custom Made Battery Cases
  • Tripod Mounts & Hot-Shoe Mounts
  • plus more...

Your Impact & Our Future Plans

We think Lumenator is the future of photo & video lighting. By contributing you are making a difference in the lives of photographers and videographers everywhere. The Lumenator project has the potential to totally up-end all our pre-conceived notions about what LED lighting can do, and where it can go. With the success of Lumenator we plan to introduce additional products utilizing our LEDNatural technology.

We believe the Lumenator represents the first product in a true 2nd wave of LED lighting technology. We can't wait to see where you take the Lumenator or what you do with it once you get there.

We can't get there without you. Please help us get the word out, by telling your family and friends and through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This site has convenient links for most social sites right here on this page.


Thank you so much for your contribution to the bright future of LED Photo & Video lighting technology!


New photos showing a single lumenator handheld just off camera to the left with and without ringlight and spotlight (attachments)

Again, I want to thank all of all of you for your tremendous efforts in helping this campaign!

When we get to 350 funders we will unlock 2 more FREE Features for all Lumenator PRO Kits.


Here it is one more FREE Feature for all of us Lumenators.

For those times when you want more of a spotlight effect or wish to use the lumenator to isolate your subject.


You guys unlocked another FREEBIE!

For when you want to get that RingLight look.

Let's get to 200 Funders and we'll unlock another FREEBIE!


Also, here is an image of the previous FREEBIE. 12v 2A dedicated AC power supply for use in the studio. International funders will receive their orders with the proper plug for your region.




Some very basic shots of my son straight out of the camera. Thought they might provide some guidance for what to expect pre post production. Distance was 3.5-4 feet from subject.


Due to an unforeseen potential trademark conflict...

LightRight is now Lumenator...

The lumenator brings not just a new name, but also a number of new features at no additional cost.

- More than double the number of Samsung LED chips to approximately 3000 lumens (similar to a 300W bulb)

- Standard tripod mount built directly into the bottom of the unit

- Includes more powerful battery


We're in the news!






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The promised video comparisons are in process and we plan to show them to you soon.

Thanks for all of your support!



LightRight is going Nuclear!

That's right, we are exploding the Light Output! (at no additional cost to you)

So, now instead of 1200 lumens (75W bulb) your LightRight will now output over 3000 lumens (almost 300W).

Did you know 3000 lumens is more powerful than all of  these regular LED panels that cost way more.

IceLight ($599 retail / 1,160 lumens)

LitePanels Spot ($598 retail / 160 lux)

Digital Juice ($209 retail / 100W)

These lights also lack our Patent Pending LEDNatural technology for the ultimate in soft, luscious, accurate light.


We are using top of the line Samsung LED chips with accurate color and great color fidelity. 

These conventional LED panels also cannot double as a flash diffuser, they're much larger and heavier.

We're almost tripling the light output of this panel.

And we're doing it for FREE!

LightRight is going nuclear in the press as well.

We've already been featured in the following:




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