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"One can make one record and one can even make two but one can't always make three. Somebody like a Robinson St. George has to come along." —LULLABY BAXTER
lullaby baxter
Moncton, New Brunswick
1 Team Member

Who are you?

Lullaby Baxter (vocals, drums). Robinson St. George (piano).

What are you doing?

Making a record called L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE.

Any experience?

Garden Cities of To-morrow (Boompa, 2006). Capable Egg (Atlantic, 2000). (Read More)

Your plan?

The funds we raise will:

1) free us up for a few months so we can work full-time putting the finishing touches on 20-songs' worth of material

2) get us to and from Montreal and cover the costs of recording L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE under the watchful ears of Howard Bilerman  (Read More)

Take us through the numbers.

If we raise $20,000

and whittle 20 songs down to 12

and the average length per song is, say, 3½ minutes

and 12 × 3½ minutes = 42 minutes

and 42 minutes = 2520 seconds

and $20,000 / 2520 seconds = $7.94 per second

and we round to the nearest dollar

L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE will cost about $8 per second.


Will be sent telepathically.

Telepathic perks?

Except L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE which will be sent to all contributors digitally (i.e. a download) sometime this summer. (Minimum contribution $1.)

Which of you is telepathic?

Both of us are good and telepathic.

How will this work?

We'll send a thought from our heads to your heads.

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raised by 137 people in 1 month
38% funded
No time left
$20,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on February 2, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $1CAD
    Telepathy No. 1: Debussy

    $1 will finance 1/8 of a second of L'HEURE DE L'ÉTOILE. (1/8 of a second, how quickly it passes—no ear can measure it—but how important it is, how necessary. What is eternity but one 1/8 of a second after another? How tremendous your little dollar!) In return, allow us to send you (by telepathy) a certain unhurried thought—a small yet thoughtful thought. A thought that contains: a ship, a handkerchief, a lemon tree, a tea cup, a postage stamp (Piel’s portrait of Debussy) and you.

    2 claimed
  • $8CAD
    Telepathy No. 2: Danish Fables

    $8 will finance 1 second of L'HEURE DE L'ÉTOILE. (Rest assured that when you listen to this second (i.e. the second you’re footing the bill for) you'll find something enchanting... something filled with beauty, splendor, magnificence...but also modesty.) In return, permit us to send you (telepathically) a certain impossible yet inevitable (yet beautiful) thought. A thought that contains: field mice, sitting rooms, sleeping servants, Confucian ethics, British bureaucracy, Danish fables and you.

    8 claimed
  • $16CAD
    Telepathy No. 3: Don Quixote

    $16 will finance 2 seconds of L'HEURE DE L'ÉTOILE. In return, dear benefactor, allow us to transmit to you (by way of telepathy) a certain serendipitous thought—a hidden (yet limitless) thought—an unexpected (yet oscillating) thought. A thought that contains: the symbiotic nature of lichens, the clarity of calculus, the humility of an observatory (i.e. the stick-to-it-iveness of the moon), the tenderness of a train station, the chivalry of Don Quixote and the magnanimity of you.

    22 claimed
  • $24CAD
    Telepathy No. 4: Gershwin

    $24 will finance 3 seconds of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. (3 good and deserving—"let-me-at-the-people" seconds.) In return, please permit us to convey to you (telepathically) a certain pleasant puzzle of a thought—a thought-through (albeit hare-brained) thought—a thought that can (to quote one of our own songs) "let forever stay awhile." A thought that contains: a rooftop, an optician, an Antarctic expedition, an ottoman, a curtain, "I Got Rhythm" (by Gershwin) and you.

    23 claimed
  • $40CAD
    Telepathy No. 5: Marseilles

    $40 will finance 5 seconds of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. In return, let us, dear benefactor, send you (via telepathy) a certain indispensable thought—an oddity of a thought—a thought one may not necessarily ever think to think—a thought we thought we thought yet somehow didn't. (But as we say in one of our songs: "The ever of never becomes the always of sometimes.") This thought will contain: A balloonist, a beehive, a midwife, a seaside, a pickpocket, a passport, Versailles, Marseilles and you.

    15 claimed
  • $80CAD
    Telepathy No. 6: Mirrors

    $80 will finance 10 seconds of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. (All thanks to you, dear benefactor, these 10 seconds can now "make their way" into the microphone, "rest" in the recording device, and "nest" along the tape.) In return, permit us to send you (telepathically) a certain thought-provoking thought—a "once-upon-a-what-for" thought—an inexhaustible (yet nonchalant) thought—a knowing (albeit naïve) thought. A thought that contains: Sundays, snow, almanacs, canals, meteors, mirrors and you.

    11 claimed
  • $240CAD
    Telepathy No. 7: Ice-Cream

    $240 will finance 30 seconds of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. (30 little "c'est-ce-jour-oui-mon-coeur" seconds.) Is it possible, dear benefactor, that in return you'll accept (via telepathy) a certain otherworldly thought? Not to say this won't be a "do-the-dishes-dust-the-day" thought—an "over-in-the-next-town" thought—it will. Indeed, this thought will contain: "Republics of Reality", "age old hymns of praise", "The Barber of Seville", the transit of Venus, "The Emperor of Ice-Cream" and you.

    1 claimed
  • $480CAD
    Telepathy No. 8: Chance

    $480 will finance 1 minute of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. (Dear benefactor, how can we ever repay your fairy-tale-like generosity? Is it enough that we offer you in return a certain little (telepathic) "come-what-may" ("don't-say-won't") quiet-side-street of a thought? A "somewhere-once-where-just-over-there" thought? A—why not say it?—uncanny (yet happy) thought? A thought that contains: years, words, birds, maps, walks, talks, eyes, nights, books, lives, leaves, towns, hands, ears, chance and you?

    3 claimed
  • $1,680CAD
    Telepathy No. 9: Marmalade

    $1680 will finance 3½ minutes (i.e. 1 song) of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. (In return, please accept, dear benefactor, Telepathy Nos. 1 through 8 (i.e. the entire L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE School of Thought / École de Pensée). In addition, you can expect a certain subtle yet playful bouillabaisse of a thought—a "quand-pouvons-nous" thought. This thought will contain: "Closely Watched Trains", a classroom atlas, a Cambridge tutor, a Persian miniature (a horse jumping over a river), marmalade and you.

    0 claimed
  • $5,040CAD
    Telepathy No. 10: Kierkegaard

    $5040 will finance 10½ minutes (i.e. 3 songs) of L’HEURE DE L’ÉTOILE. Dear benefactor, please accept (with our deepest thanks) Telepathy Nos. 1 through 9. But for such an improbable contribution we must also (alas) go beyond thought. Kierkegaard tells us: "The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to discover something that thought cannot think." Somehow we have. Please allow us, then, to send you (via telepathy) this beautifully indescribable thought-which-is-not-at-all-a-thought.

    0 claimed
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