Lucy Pringle Crop Circle Photography 2013

Lucy is asking for support for her 2013 crop circle photography, documenting the crop circles in England as she has for the past 25 years.

Lucy Pringle is one of the best-known photographers of Crop Circles in the UK, and she has built up a photographic library of images over the past 25 years which is available on her website. www.lucypringle.co.uk

West HelicoptersFor over 20 years, Lucy Pringle has been documenting Crop Circles in the UK, compiling a huge resource of photographs and information for those studying this phenomenon.  Until last year she was able to fund her work from her own income and sales of photographs, but this hasn’t kept pace with the cost of the work.  Due to Civil Aviation Authority regulations, she needs to hire helicopters to get the best shots of the circles, and she needs help with maintaining the library of photographs and the website for her photographic record, which is open to everyone.
She has worked to make sure that she has the most comprehensive record for Researchthe area of southern and central England where these circles proliferate in the summer months.  In addition to her photographic documentation, she has been working with scientists to conduct research into the effect of electromagnetic fields on living systems and is currently focussing on the temporary relief of Parkinson's disease symptoms when visiting certain crop circles, She liaises with farmers in the region, and with other crop circle researchers.
Lucy is faced with the prospect of being unable to afford to fully record the crop circles for 2013, without this Indiegogo funding, and therefore the prospect that the photographic record that she has maintained for so long, might remain incomplete.
Help her to fund her photographic work for the 2013 season, and ensure the continuing success of the UK’s crop circle photographic library for the future.

Even if you can't afford to help financially, you can help to get the word out about the appeal - please share the details and links on your mailing list, Facebook, google+ and twitter.


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