Lucy And The Stars

Lucy and the Stars is a fantastical romantic comedy about two girls on the night stars crash into Manhattan.
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There are a frillion films on Indiegogo. Why this one?

Hi, I’m Gwynna Forgham-Thrift, the writer/director of this film. I’m a NYU senior and I’ve written, directed, and/or shot many films for my sketch teams, myself, and others that have been screened everywhere from UCB, to Manhattan public access television, to (most frequently) my Mom’s computer screen. This is my big, advanced film for NYU, and a story I’m very passionate about telling for a very specific reason. Here are my thoughts:

Quite a few films (and tv shows) are being made these days about being LGBT which is amazing, wonderful, and very exciting. These films (and tv shows) should never stop being made.


This is a different film about lesbians. This is not a film about being lesbian. This is romantic comedy that happens to feature two girls in the lead roles. 

See, I love this movie:


But sometimes I wish it was this movie:



This is Lucy and the Stars. This is the cute, funny, fairy-tale-esque tale of a girl named Lucy, a girl named Alex, and the cluster of stars that has entered into the Earth's atmosphere and threatens to ruin everything. 

This is a short film where love is just love.


The money:

Simply put, films are expensive to make. In fact, I think the real definition of film is “logistical nightmares that slowly evolve into a beautiful pieces of art through hard work, passion, and huge wads of cash”.  Here are the big things we need:

A camera: quite possibly the most necessary item. Without this, Lucy and the Stars would just be a short nothing and it would be very confusing as to why we are all on set.

Permits: to legally* shoot within NYC

Food: the only way we are compensating our very hardworking and passionate cast and crew.

Equipment: while we are getting a majority of this through NYU which helps with costs, renting the additional items we need sure adds up quick.

- Transportation: we need to get all of our equipment and bodies around the city.

*legality is very important and strangely unaffordable


So you know we aren’t pocketing your money and taking a nice trip to the Bahamas:

Lucy and the Stars has a tumblr that’s documenting the entire movie making process that will continue all the way until we accept our Oscar (Academy Award and/or Meyer Wiener hot dog).

We want to create a digital archive of the film being made as it happens through photos, quotes from the crew, notes from the director and producers, and images that have inspired the look and feel of the film.

Follow us here:


“Always remember, your measure as a human being is not in how much you donated, but the fact that you actually read all the way through an Indiegogo page”

                                            - An esteemed person 

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