Low Poly Car Garage Sale

This is an online garage sale for a large set of low poly vehicles.
James Arndt
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So what is this all about? This is a spot for me to do an online rummage sale of this low poly vehicle set. So what sets this apart? These are already completed, so there is no waiting while they're made, there is no risk or question if they would be completed and delivered. Once someone backs this project, these assets are immediately available (please allow me up to 5-8 hours max to deliver the assets to you). In some countries I may be literally sleeping when someone backs and places an order. You can think of this as a big garage sale via crowdfunding.

My goal with this is to get mobile optimized assets into the hands of fellow game developers, for a ridiculously low price. Due to the nature of crowdfunding, it has a limited time frame and acts just like a limited sale. My next goal, is to fund the purchase of a second workstation needed for my game development company. It's needed badly and the money we make from current projects is paying all of the bills, so not much left to spare. 

Check out a Unity web player  to see an LOD preview for one of the vehicles:

Online LOD Demo

So let's explain what it is exactly you are purchasing. These are 3d models specifically designed to be very light on mobile platforms. With this said, they work blazing fast in web streaming games as well. So here are the final poly counts for these vehicles.
(Note : Each car has (3) LODs (Level of Detail)

Vehicle Name LOD 0    LOD1    LOD2
Classic American Car 894    584    295
Classic Hot Rod 641    581    283
Classic Muscle Car 996    576    261
Classic Street Rod 1157    694    360
High Performance Car 840    571    276
High Performance Exotic 1202    645    340
High Performance GT Car 930    575    309
High Performance Super Car 860    546    270
Modern High Powered Car 974    545    296
Modern Muscle Car 878    538    282
Modern Performance Car 986    564    285
Modern Street Vehicle 703    490    268
Street Performance Car 886    535    294
Street High End Car 1031    585    311
Street Modified Car 1190    675    338
Street Muscle Car 830    488    289

Each vehicle uses (2) PSD file textures. These textures are a base 512 X 512 texture for the entire car body and accessories. The second texture is a 256 X 256 texture for the wheel/rim. They are layered, with properly named layers allowing for easy customization and detailing. Currently the car color (paint) is a single layer near the bottom of the PSD called Base Paint Layer. It uses a Color Overlay layer style to "color" that layer. 

The 3d Models are delivered in (3) formats. Maya .MB file format, FBX file format and .OBJ file format. These formats will allow for easy import into any game engine that accepts OBJ or FBX. I also have a Unity package file for the full (16) car pack. If you order a smaller pack, and want a Unity package file vs. all of the source files, just let me know in a message and I will bundle your Unity package file alongside the source files you request. If you're a Unity user, these vehicles also come with a Mobile Car Reflection shader that uses a single 256 X 256 reflection texture (not a cubemap) that produces the reflections seen in the images below.

Your own game projects will use a specific scale set for your game. I've used real world meters and use an FBX import scale of 1.0 in Unity. I've found sticking as close to real world scale as possible helps with smooth physics.

I am also including a text doc to provide some guidance on the LOD naming convention, how to use LODs in Unity.

When you select a perk, make sure to send me a message or note in the perk purchase process. You can simply send me a message after you've back as well. This will be to let me know which of the vehicles you want (if not backing the full pack). 

High Performance GT

Modern High Powered

Modern Muscle

Modern Performance

Street Performance

Street High End

Classic Hot Rod

Classic American 

Classic GT

High Performance Supercar

High Performance Exotic

Modern Street

Street Modified

High Performance Car

Classic Street Rod

Street Muscle

Now for the wire frames for all (16) vehicles:

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't need these types of assets right now, but know someone who could use them, please feel free to share this page with the social sharing links found at the top of the page!

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    This choice of perk will net you all (16) vehicles that this pack contains. No need to mix and match here, you get them all!

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