Love & Other Chairs

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Diese Kampagne begann am 11. Feb und endete am 11 März, 2013, (23:59 Uhr PT).
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  • £1GBP
    Wooden Chair

    A special thanks over our channels on Twitter and Facebook. We're grateful to anyone who backs our campaign and we'll give you a shout out as a token of our appreciation.

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  • £5GBP
    Deck Chair

    A shout out of your site, name, business and services over our channels on Twitter and Facebook. Provide us with what details you'd like to share and we'll get the information out there!

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  • £10GBP

    Special thanks in the final credits of the film along with a personalised video thanking you for your generous contribution to our campaign. We'll also give you a social network shout out!

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  • £20GBP

    An IMDB special thanks credit on the film and in the credits plus an advanced online screener of the final film! You'll also get a thank you video and a Twitter/Facebook shout out for you or your business.

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  • £50GBP

    An exclusive digital development folder with concepts, set photos, shot list, storyboards and a copy of the script! You'll also get all of the above perks including advanced screener, IMDB special thanks credit, video and social network thanks from the crew!

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  • £100GBP
    Chaise Longue

    Associate producer credit on the film on IMDB and film plus an invite to the premiere! You'll also get a signed 35mm film set photograph, an advanced screener of the film, digital development folder, video thanks and social network shout out!

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  • £200GBP

    Executive producer credit on the film on IMDB and film. We can also offer you a walk on role OR set visit OR a small video for your business. You'll also get a signed 35mm film set photograph, a premiere invite, the advance screener, digital development folder, video and social network shout out with our immense thanks!

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