THE #EATING PROJECT. Helping Other People Eat. We played college football and now we are giving back. When you support our teams, support our local communities

This is Vincent Smith and you may recognize me from college football at Michigan.  After graduating, some of my team mates and I wanted to something meaningful with our education and opportunities from football.  So we created #EATING as a way to give back.

#EATING is our informatics project that uses technology to connect communities from resources. Our first major project is creating local gardening programs for our cities in Florida where we are from and cities in Michigan where we ended up.

#EATING gardens are excellent sources of nutritious foods for communities that lack access to fresh vegetables. Our goal is to grow food, feed people, and sell produce at local famers markets. Installing community gardens in urban areas provides job training, nutritious food, activities for youth, and opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

We decided to start with community gardens because we were so inspired by the great gardening projects that are in Detroit and also by the Farmers Market in Ann Arbor.  Football gave us the chance to start something great and that is what we are doing with #EATING.

We started in Pahokee, Florida and are expanding with Denard into his hometown of Deerfield Beach, Florida.  We are also expanding into Michigan.

You can help us by sharing our story with a friend, wearing one of our shirts, donating, or volunteering your time.  If you look below you can see some of our shirts and more information about what we are doing. When you support our teams think about supporting our local communities too. 


#EATING shirts are made with USA cotton and printed with eco-friendly water based inks. They wash up soft and likely will become one of your favorite shirts. 


Our #EATING project was possible in the first place because of the support of Michigan fans and Alumni and readers of reddit and football blogs like Maize and Goblue and Mgoblog.  

We started #EATING because we knew that we could make important positive changes and set a good example for the youth from our neighborhoods.  We also know from football that we need to use teamwork to be successful.  We were lucky to partner with Urban Greenworks of Miami, Florida.

UGW runs select food security and gardening programs through out South East Florida. Roger Horne, MPH (also a Michigan Alumni) is mentoring us through the process of creating a community garden and training program.  We are learning how to build ties with farmers markets so that our gardens can be profitable and self-sustainable in the long run

Pahokee was once the "Winter Vegetable Capital of the World" and now there is a lack of local industry.  Presently, unemployment is greater than 30%.  There is an opportunity to rebuild the local economy through agriculture and farming.


Our minimum goal is $15,000 for funding for Pahokee, fl.

+$15,000 -  #EATING Pahokee, Florida Basic Funding

Goals include outreach and nutrition classes.

+$30,000 - #EATING expansion into Denard's hometown of Deerfield Beach, Florida.

+$45,000 - #EATING programing for Deerfield Beach, Florida

Goals include creating ties with regional farmers market and selling produce. Integration of elementary school and nutrition classes.  Integration of youth after-school activities.




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