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Help us on our quest to get new packaging, and be the first to try our new Sesame Teriyaki flavor!
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Update 6.12.14 

Did you know today is NATIONAL JERKY DAY??  It's true!!  Also, we're announcing today that if we reach our goal of $10,000, we're going to donate 25% of every dollar we go over 10K, to Uplands Peak Sanctuary!!  (http://www.uplandspeaksanctuary.org)

We've been on the news a couple of times this week talking jerky!! Check it out : http://www.wdrb.com/story/25757886/louisville-vegan-jerky-company-celebrates-national-jerky-day


Update 6.8.14

We're nearing the first week and we're almost 20% funded!! Thank you to everyone who has shared on Twitter and Facebook!  Please continue to share :) Also, more news outlets are talking about our jerky!!  Check it out :

The Courier Journal


Update 6.3.14

Our campaign has been up for 24 hours now, and we're already 12% towards our funding goal! Thanks for everyone that's contributed, we really appreciate every bit of help we get!

In other news, we made the local news as well :) Check out the video in the link below and watch Angie from WHAS11 right here in Louisville try some of our jerky, and talk with us about our campaign :


Our History

Nearly two years ago, we started making vegan jerky in a small community kitchen. The first year was super tough. We knew the jerky was delicious, but it was hard to get anyone to listen to us! Our first package debuted at a vegetarian tasting festival here in Louisville. We had one flavor: black pepper. While the feedback was great, we kept hearing over and over that the packaging was lacking. I took all of the constructive criticism from the festival and worked hard with my brother to improve the packaging. I was printing the labels out of my inkjet printer and hand stamping each package individually. After making several changes, the packaging looked a lot better, but was still not quite what I wanted.

After about a year, we were starting to pick up steam. We started selling our jerky across the country. Around this time I started working on new flavors, and my brother and I began developing the new Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. packages and brand. I wanted the jerky to really highlight some of the flavors and personality that Louisville and Kentucky are known for. First, we started using high quality, gluten free Tamari soy sauce that improved the taste immediately. We switched from brown sugar over to natural Kentucky Sorghum. Sorghum is an excellent pure molasses that has deep roots in Kentucky. Next, we started smoking some of our ingredients with authentic reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels. This added a nice subtle flavor to the jerky that highlights one of the biggest staples of Kentucky culture. Lastly, we wanted the jerkys packages to showcase Louisville legends, so my brother drew up the different Louisville characters for all of the bags' different flavors.

Our work has been paying off: people LOVE our jerky! Here’s just a sample of what people have been saying about us:

“Upon opening the bag, I was super suprised! The texture was unlike any other vegan jerky I have tried. It was airy and chewy. I loved it.”

–Kiss My Butternut Squash Blog

“If you enjoy the flavors of jerky the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. is the best that I have tried.”

–From A To Vegan

“If you like jerky and you can’t find these locally, I demand that you order them! I dare say you won’t be disappointed!”

–Colorado Vegan Blog

“...it should be noted that I ate three whole bags of this stuff trying to decide [on a favorite], and I’m not a vegetarian.”

–Insider Louisville

“...the flavors were out of the park. The Sriracha and maple syrup simply brought harmony to my tastebuds!”

–Will Study For Food Blog

“As far as I'm concerned, Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. is now my jerky of choice.”

–The Laziest Vegans In The World Blog

Where We Are Today

As of May 2014, we are located in nearly 50 co-op and small dry goods stores across the country. We've grown out of that community kitchen, and moved into a bigger kitchen with more ovens and space to spread out. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Our packaging is still a concern to us. Currently, we have preprinted labels that we apply on bulk-ordered bags.We hear constantly from our vendors and customers that our packaging is not eye-catching on shelves. And as we start to move into bigger grocery stores, we understand we need to be as visible and clear as possible. We are making a big leap with our packaging: we worked with a professional artist and got a complete bag redesign that will be printed directly on a bag. Our bags will be making the following transition :

We think they look great and truly represent our Louisville roots while being clean, appealing, and professional. Besides the change in looks, these bags won’t need labels applied, which will save us a ton of time and let us focus on making great tasting vegan jerky.

Where You Come In

We need your help, Indiegogo! We’ve got a great design for our bags, but now we need to work with a professional printing company to manufacture them. These bags must be printed using a method called offset printing. In this printing process, metal plates that have our designs on them are used to transfer the ink to the bags. In order to print these bags, these plates need to be manufactured. The plates can be reused for years and years, but the upfront cost is very expensive. In order to help pay for these, we’re reaching out to YOU for help. And we’ve got some great perks for contributors!

First off, we’ve got tons of jerky and merch to give out to all you generous contributors! Second, we are using this campaign as an opportunity to launch our fourth BRAND NEW flavor: Sesame Teriyaki!

This jerky is not yet available anywhere, so you will be the first to try it out! Third, if you’re already a fan of us, it’s a great opportunity to get some of our delicious jerky for cheap, and help out a fledgling brand you love at the same time. Our jerky typically retails for about $7-8 per bag, so you can save a bit of money. We’ll be sending all our jerky out once we get our new bags, so you’ll be the first ones to see the results of your contributions.

What You Get

Now on to the good stuff. We've put together a list of great perks to make sure you get your money’s worth!

$5 Contribution

$5 gets you a sincere thank you from LVJC!

$10 Contribution

$10 gets you a pack of our new Sesame Teriyaki jerky + a Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. sticker!

$17 Contribution

$17 gets you 2 packs of jerky, including our new Sesame Teriyaki flavor, and a sticker!

$30 Contribution

$32 gets you a pack of all four flavors of our jerky, including our new Sesame Teriyaki flavor, and a sticker!

$50 Contribution

$50 gets you 6 packs of jerky (you pick the flavors) a Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. sticker + a T-shirt (printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend Shirts LOCALLY by Kopilot Press)!!!

$70 Contribution

$70 gets you 10 packs of jerky (you pick the flavors), a LVJC sticker and a great T-Shirt (printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend Shirts LOCALLY by Kopilot Press)!!!


$135 Contribution

$135 gets you 20 packs of jerky (you pick the flavors), 5 LVJC stickers and 2 great T-Shirts (printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend Shirts LOCALLY by Kopilot Press)!!!


Thanks a ton for spending your time reading about us! We hope you can help us turn our new bags from renders to reality, and get them on a store shelf near you. But even if you can't contribute any cash, we'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word about us. And feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter! We would love to hear from you!

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