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This film embarks on a compelling journey and asks us: Is there a place in Canada’s future for a heritage animal from our past.
Virginia Hastings
Calgary, Alberta
1 Team Member

About Virginia Hastings Productions

For more than a decade Virginia has provided video production services to commercial and private clients. Virginia has produced several independent documentary projects, including the feature Labour of Love (2010) that received critical acclaim at several recognized film festivals including Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival and the Bicycle Film Festival (New York City, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, London UK, Milan) and the short Fairly Foul (2012).  Her personal and intimate approach to documentary filmmaking has garnered Best Film nominations at several festivals as well as an Official Selection at Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival, recognized by Telefilm Canada.

"While filming I observed the passionate perspectives and the controversy. Each contributor had valid points yet no single individual or group had all of the facts. This compelling story gives a voice to the people whose lives intertwine with these extraordinary animals’ fates." ~ Virginia Hastings


About Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH)

Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) is proud to work in cooperation with Virginia Hastings Productions with a shared goal: bringing national awareness to our wild horses. Utilizing film as a medium for education allows us to reach a large audience who may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about the history, heritage and status of Canada's wild horse population. Virginia Hastings' record for producing high quality documentaries is professionally recognized and her goal to share an honest, fact-based approach to the challenges Alberta's wild horses face is one we at (CWH) align with. The open dialogue format of this film will bring needed attention to a situation which has for over a century, been managed behind closed doors with little participation from the people of the Province and Country. Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) has no financial interests in the development of the documentary, all monies raised will be used to produce the film by Virginia Hastings Productions. We gladly, and with much anticipation, support this goal. 

"Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) is dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s wild horses and promoting their conservation through awareness, education and community participation." www.cwhfoundation.com


Documentary Summary

In a Province that sets international standards for the iconic symbolism of the Wild West lives a small herd of wild horses.  They call Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills home, sharing a piece of crown land with logging, oil and gas, and thousands of heads of cattle: three of the Provinces largest industries.  While annual government round-ups see them sent to slaughter for foreign meat markets, science and advocates argue they are an endangered native species.

With only 750 wild horses remaining and a fate engulfed in controversy, this film embarks on a compelling journey and asks us: Is there a place in Canada's future for a heritage animal from our past.

Told through a collective voice, Lost the Wind includes interviews and information concerning all sides involved. From the professor who provides irrefutable proof of their 'native' status to the government officials who view them as invasive. The purpose of this film is to address all perspectives, providing the viewer with the fact-based information required to make an informed personal conclusion about an urgent situation.


  • Unlike other developed countries, Canada does not have national legislation protecting its wild horses.
  • Alberta’s wild horses share crown land with Forestry's clear-cutting, the Provinces third largest manufacturing sector. Pipelines belonging to the $18 billion oil & gas industry and thousands of heads of beef cattle, part of the food & beverage processing industry (Agrifood); Alberta's largest manufacturing sector.
  • Under the only management practice of Alberta’s Environment & Sustainable Development (ESRD), citizens obtain annual permits to trap a pre-determined number of wild horses. Trapping requirements for are dismal and there are no regulations for usage.
  • The majority of Alberta's captured wild horses are sold for $0.35/lb to slaughter for human consumption; a $60 million dollar export industry in Canada.
  • Currently 750 wild horses survive in Alberta's foothills, an area twice the size of PEI. This is a fraction of the two million that thrived in Canada during the 19th century.
  • Government designation as domestic escapees (feral) prevents wild horses from qualifying for protection under Canada's Species at Risk Act.
  • Alberta is home to the largest rodeo event in the world, the Calgary Stampede, with an annual economic impact of $345 million.
  • Alberta’s Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) claim the horses interfere with responsible Forestry by consuming seedlings and some ranchers complain they eat grass meant for cattle, while science argues the numerous benefits wild horses have on their environment.
  • Countries around the world are actively funding and reintroducing wild horses, citing their enormous contribution to conservation efforts by promoting biodiversity and endangered species.


Lost the Wind is an in-depth exploration of people and place. In addition to rich storytelling this is an opportunity to produce a documentary Film that underscores as a powerful medium.  


What We Need & What You Get

My goal is to bring the story of Alberta's wild horses to the masses using the powerful medium of film. To do this, I will produce a documentary of cinematic excellence with professional standards. Every dollar raised has been allocated to a strict budget of specific costs, from location travel to equipment rentals as well as international film festival submissions. I want the world to get to know our wild horses and to do this I will bring their story to the screen, not only in your home but also to the events and media outlets necessary to target the broad audience required to bring awareness and change to this long-standing situation in our Country.

I believe the production of this film should be transparent. Every dollar raised will go towards film production and associated costs.

PLEASE NOTE: If the goal donation amount is not met by September 6th 2013, all donations are returned to you in full. There is no risk in donating 

Production Costs:

  • Canon C300 - 1275.00 per week x 6 weeks = $7650.00
  • Sony EX1 & Mic Kit - $600.00 per week x 6 weeks = $3600.00
  • Cinematographer based on 36 days of filming = $16,000.00
  • Videography Production Fees (full time) = $30,000.00
  • Sound Engineer 20 days x $500.00 day = $10,000.00
  • Editing: 320 hrs x $40.00 hr = $12,800.00
  • Insurance - $4000.00
  • Accounting 5% - $6000.00
  • Contingency 10% - $12,000.00
  • Administration – $5000.00
  • Food - $3000.00
  • Car rental and gas = $5000.00
  • Accommodation - 32 nights x $160.00 per motels = $6000.00
  • Flights = $6000.00
  • Film Festival entries – 200 film festival entry fees = $10,000.00
  • Music (original composition) - $10,000.00
  • Sound Sweetening - $2000.00
  • Colour Correction- $2000.00
  • Indiegogo fees - $5000.00

Grand total = $156,050.00


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Thank you! Your interest, time and contribution is so greatly appreciated.

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raised by 124 people in 2 months
8% funded
No time left
$156,050 CAD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign did not meet its $156,050CAD funding goal by the deadline.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 6, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $25CAD
    Wild Special Mention

    For a donation of $25.00 a special mention of thanks will be Tweeted in your name & your name will be listed on the documentary Facebook Page as a supporter of this film.

    24 claimed
  • $50CAD
    Wildie Award

    For a donation of $50.00 - Your name will be listed on the documentary Facebook Page as a valuable contributor to this film. - You will receive a signed documentary poster.

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  • $100CAD
    Bronze Wildie Award

    For a donation of $100.00 - You will receive a copy of the completed documentary on DVD - A signed poster - Your name will be listed on the documentary Facebook Page as a valuable contributor to this film.

    28 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    Silver Wildie Award

    For a donation of $1000.00 you will receive - A copy of the documentary on DVD - A signed documentary poster - Your name will appear in the credits of the movie. - Your name will also be listed on the documentary Facebook Page as a valuable contributor to this film.

    2 claimed
  • $10,000CAD
    Gold Wildie Award

    For a donation of $10,000.00 you will receive for your incredible support: - A copy of the documentary DVD - A signed poster - Your name will appear as an Honourable Mention in the movie credits - Your name will appear on the Facebook Page as a valuable contributor to this film. - You will be featured in the behind the scenes trailer for this documentary. The trailer will be produced alongside the documentary & will highlight people who donated to bring this film to lif

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