Los Ultimos - Endless Letterpress, a movie about printing!

A documentary about past, present and future of letterpress in Argentina.
pablo pivetta
Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires deepest suburbs, July 2013. Three old print shops disputes the printing of cumbia and boxing posters. Second and third family generations keep these old presses going on printing in the way that workshops worked 100 years ago: the same machines, letterpress and workers, as if time had not passed. But they are getting old, machines are breaking and workshops agonize. They are aware that the road ahead is short. They are the last letterpressers in Argentina.

However, in the chaos of Buenos Aires downtown, some young designers started printing posters and cards with this ancient technique. In their small ateliers they combine the old craft with modern materials and designs, keeping it alive. Inspired and energetic they face the limitations and reflect about the value of time.

These two worlds combines old knowledge with new visions. A new dimension, where time limits get diffuse. A new voice appears, which includes the workshops slow music and gives eternity to feelings experienced for all those years.

Endless letterpress is a film about typography, but above all, about a group of people passionate for an ancient craft. Will these old presses and workshops survive in a new art? Or it's a new fad?




We already have made 25% of our planned interviews. Our actual goal is to cover the production costs of what we've made and for the missing interviews. To accomplish this we need things like equipment buy and rental, travel & production costs. We are able to keep the production budget low due to favors from many talented friends that help us. Any money raised beyond our initial goal will go to the film post production, music, sound and to pay everyone who work in the project (footage, photos, music, etc.).

We will be using the funds for this Equipment Rentals and buying, so that we can end the movie (1 Camera Canon 5D Mark II, CF card, 1 Sennheiser wireless G3 mic, 2 Canon batteries, 2 Hard Drives, 2 CF cards and a Tripod Pro). Production cost: Food, Gas, Transportation around Buenos Aires city & Córdoba. If we achieve to get any more funds than expected, we will be using those for paying our skilled friends that work with us for free and to cover Post-production costs.

    We've been visiting and working at this letterpress workshops for  some years, until we realized that many were closing down. That was when we had the idea of documenting those places, and this project was born!


    Original Letterpress Posters ( 30"x 40" )

    Giant posters printed in original wood letterpress workshops in Buenos Aires suburbs. Each piece is unique and there are in many colors and original designs!

    Box, Cumbia and rock shows posters!!
    Posters will get to you folded in a big protected envelope!
    (There are many different designs and colors, ask for + pictures!)


     Wood Type Initials

    Choose your initials in old wood type.
    (only Buenos Aires pick up included. If you want shipping worldwide mail us!)


    Personal Letterpress Cards, 3.56" x 2"

    Beautiful designed letterpress personal cards.
    A real opportunity, cheap price and huge quality!!!
    (shipping cost not included, depends on your country, ask!)



    Beautiful small Letterpress wood lots of 1" or 2" height and 120 pieces approx.
    There are many different types and sizes. Please ask for pictures of every lot available! History in your hands, many are more than 75 years old. Ready to print or collect!!!

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      Thank You!

      Thanks for supporting!

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      You can come and choose the initials of your name in wood letterpress type blocks! Local pick up in Buenos Aires, Argentina only!!! (If you are in any other country mail us first to check shipping cost!)

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    • $15USD

      You will get an unique one letter A3 hand woodtype poster. -Local Pick-up in Buenos Aires Argentina only. See Rewards Pictures for details!!!

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      30" x 40" LETTERPRESS POSTER

      You will receive original letterpress poster plus a download link to have the final version of the movie.

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      Same as above, but with your own text. Be creative! (Shipping is included up to 10 posters). Also a super bonus surprise, aren´t you curious and willing to know what it is?

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      Endless Letterpress digital movie + 100 Letter-pressed Personal Cards designed by PPL or EIN (best Argentina letterpress)! Measures: 3.46" x 2.32" aprox.

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      You will have your name listed in the end credits of the film as a supporter of the film. Appearing on the end credit "Thank You" - Your name on the big-screen! Online Link will include the entire bonus: extra interviews, scenes, behind the scenes, etc. etc., etc.!!!

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    • $500USD

      You will receive a letterpress type lot ready to start printing or collecting: More than 120 original wood pieces: history in your hands! (letters are 35 mm height approx.) Ask for pictures or check the Rewards section!

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    • $1,000USD

      You will receive a super letterpress type lot ready to start printing: Huge antique wood pieces: history in your hands! (letters are 75 mm height approx. ! 3.54" inches height approx.).Also you'll be named as an associated producer in the end credits! You can choose Condensed, sans serif, Bold, Art nouveau style, etc. Ask for pictures or check the Rewards section! You can choose Condensed, sans serif, Bold, Art nouveau style, etc. Ask for pictures or check the Rewards section!

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