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Replace the Los Padres volunteer rangers trail maintenance tools, supplies and gear that were burned in the 2013 White Fire.
Bryan Conant
Email Verified
Santa Barbara, California
United States
1 Team Member

Hello Everyone, my name is Bryan Conant, I am the Director of the Los Padres Forest Association, a Los Padres based cartographer, frequent user of the trails and Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (VWR).  I first heard about the Los Padres VWR program about 15 years ago.  At the time I was just venturing into the backcountry and learning first hand how overgrown some of our trails can be.  After a particularly awful 5 mile bushwhack along the Don Victor Trail, I was introduced to the VWR program by Kerry Kellogg, who was a Forest Service trail manager at the time.  I quickly learned just how amazing the volunteers are within the VWR program.  These volunteers are out along the trails clearing fallen trees, fixing damaged trails and essentially keeping the trails open for everyone to use.  It’s astounding to see just how much work goes into keeping even a mile of trail open.  When you multiply that by the hundreds of miles of trail that need work throughout the Los Padres, it becomes quite clear just how crucial the VWR program is for keeping trails clear and open.

Sadly, and as you’ll see in the video segment, the VWR headquarters off of Paradise Road in Santa Barbara County was burned earlier this year in the White Fire.  Within the headquarters were many of the tools and gear that we use to maintain the trails.  If you are a trail user, nature lover or advocate for forest recreation – you’re certainly a supporter of the Volunteer Wilderness Rangers and have almost certainly hiked or ridden a trail that the VWR’s have cleared.  We’re asking for help to restock our new headquarters and get our dedicated volunteers back on the trail.


The Forest Service has graciously donated a new building for the VWR’s to store gear, host meetings and conduct trail projects.  When our old building was destroyed we lost nearly $15,000 worth of gear and supplies.  We’re looking to replace all the lost gear and hopefully add some new tools to our quiver as well.  If we exceed the $15,000 goal, that’s great!  We’ll have no problem getting more tools or gear.  If we do not meet our goal, we’ll prioritize and purchase the tools/gear that are most crucial for the VWR program.  Here are some of the tools and gear that were lost and we plan to restock:

Trail Project Tools, Gear & Support

  • Helmets
  • Saws
  • Loppers
  • Pulaskis
  • McLeods
  • Gloves
  • Radio communication devices
  • Uniforms, shirts
  • Backpacks
  • Banners & posters
  • Folding tables & chairs
  • Easy Up
  • Horse/mule panniers
  • Bike trailer for tool transportation
  • Maps
Office Supplies
  • Desk & chairs
  • Table
  • Book shelves
  • Storage cabinets
  • Tool racks


The VWR’s hope to have a particularly busy 2014.  Currently there are over 50 trail projects in the works across the Los Padres Forest.  We’re hoping the addition of new tools and gear will not only aid the existing projects but also inspire a new generation of trail caretakers.  With all our help we can keep access along the trails open for activities ranging from bird watching to mountain biking and horse riding to a sunset hike along your favorite trail.  Obviously we’d love help through donations, but there are other ways to contribute as well.  Along with the trail tools, we’ll also need people to use them.  If you’d like to volunteer to do trailwork, that would be fantastic as well.  The Los Padres is a tremendous resource that many of us utilize on a daily basis.  Help us keep the trails clear and maintained. 

Thanks for visiting and please pass along to any other trail users you think might be interested.


Los Padres Volunteer Wilderness Rangers

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This campaign ended on February 16, 2014
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  • $20USD
    LPFA Sticker

    Los Padres Forest Association bumper sticker. Perfect for displaying your passion for the Los Padres on the back of your ride or across your favorite water bottle.

    25 claimed
  • $50USD
    Los Padres Trail Journal

    Take this sturdy leather Los Padres embossed trail journal with you while you bag peaks, explore camps or nap under a tree. This pocket sized journal is perfect for recording your adventures, keeping track of your thoughts or sketching your view of that epic sunrise. Comes in black leather with the cover having the Los Padres embossed into the leather.

    39 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Supreme Awesomeness

    We'll figure something out as a special thanks for your contribution. Perhaps a guided hike, a tour of the VWR facilities or special recognition within our new headquarters. We'll hook you up.

    3 claimed
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