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Let's start the living–room revolution we've been promised a long time ago …
Gergő Nyikos
281 Facebook Friends
4 Team Members

Introducing LOOP …
The stripped-down display system
with unlimited upgrade possibilities
to make you future-proof.

It's modular
consisting display, central and speaker units
all neatly fit on a stand to make the setup cross compatible

Every unit is optional
It has everything you need and nothing you don't

It's interchangeable
Buy a high quality, 3D capable screen, a dual processor central unit
 with plenty of storage and buy a surround speaker. Or just add it later.
Or add a bigger screen.

It's environment–friendly
Thanks to high quality materials and upgradeability
your LOOP setup will last long.

It's open
The LOOP Central unit based on Android,
the whole source code will be released,
so anyone can help to make it better, faster and even nicer!

It's connectable
so you don't have throw away your existing system either.
Simply "smart–up" your TV by hooking up a central unit,
or go big screen with your PlaySation gaming with our stripped down display including nothing else then HDMI and WiFi connection.

LOOP not only looks beautiful but works beautiful

We got a lot of ideas and plans for enhancement! Let's reach $1M and we will show you the future of content consumption!

Karen does not care about CPUs, RAMs. She always needed a nice looking TV set at her living room. She has two children: Sarah is 9 years old, and Peter is 12. They want to play games on the big screen, so Karen decided to buy a smart TVs, on an acceptable price. She does not want to change her TV set every years, so the Medium LOOP TV set would be the perfect choice for her and the children’s too.

Phil lives near to Boston; he is a student at the University. He’s currently renting a little block of flat. He was looking for a small TV set, since his living room is a small one. But he likes gaming with his favorite Android games on the screen. So he ended up to buy a Base LOOP TV model which is able to follow his growth of living room. Using LOOP TV Phil is able to change the Display unit whenever he wants.

Tom has two different game consoles, and other gadgets, like Google Chromecast. He only needs the biggest display, with plenty of HDMI in, nothing else. He would be happy to buy a pure display, with crystal clear 3D capable LED. So, he just buy one of the upcoming LOOP Display unit, and he gonna be happy and satisfied.

The LOOP configurations below are subject to change. We are planning to use the most up–to–date technologies available and also consider consumer demands.

LOOP is based on the most current Android operating system available, and will be fully open source. We will share the full source code of the application, which make LOOP special, so it means every developer can help to make LOOP products even better.

LOOP will use a revolutionary new method to enjoy live and VOD content at the same time, and screen!

1. The prototype
First working prototype of basic Central Unit: by the end of Q2 2014 — we know what to do, and how to do it

2. Expanding the experience
First working prototype of basic LoopTV model  (basic Display Unit + basic Stand Unit + basic Speaker Unit): end of Q3 2014

Launch of Central Units (basic, medium, highend) sale: middle of Q4 2014

3. Start shipping
Medium and highend Displays Units: Q4 2014
Launch of LoopTV models (basic, medium, highend) sale: 2014 Christmast time

Gábor Poczkodi — Co-founder, developer
He is also know as "Gabest" he wrote the famous open source program: MPC / Media Player Classic, which has been downloaded more than 48 million times!

Gergő Nyikos — Co-founder, product designer
Gergő is working in the digital design field since the multimedia CD–ROM was the next–big–thing. With international experience in Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and remote clients in the USA and Japan, he has been the leader on a wide variety of projects for desktop computer, smart TV, mobile and print. Currently he is located in Budapest, focusing on digital product design, from concept to pixel.

Antal Ay — Co-founder, developer 
Antal has been working on mobile and smart TV application development for 4 years. He has in–depth working experience on every generations of all the major smart TV platforms. Currently he is working on custom streaming services and interactive advertisement implementations.

Csaba Lázár — Co-founder, IT engineer
Working on non linear media consuption's vision since 2009. Csaba is a hard working, objectives oriented guy, who is working tirelessly towards his goals, whatever new sales idea he just got into his mind. He is undertaking almost impossible inspirational ideas (like creating a market where noone else sees a market) and proves everyone "it's possible". He is entrepreneurial, customer-oriented, and a real sales machine, which is funny, considering how silent and introvert he can be at times, still cheerfully doing the door-opening part - unlike others. 

Some known problems for the real geeks …

1. Very slow operating system and applications. Every smart tv’s manufacturer has its own operating system, it is very confusing and hard to develop applications which can run on different products.

2. There is no possibility to watch live TV signal and run rich application at the same time. (wtf? !!!)

3. The actual internet connection speed impacts the speed of the TV’s operating system and loading application!?

4. Very weak video and audio playing capabilities.

5. Loading images and applications are very slow, due to only one thread memory handling.

Please note: smart TV’s manufacturers are not intend to make fast and really Smart products. Why? Because they want to sale you a new TV set in every 3 years!

Is the CU (Central Unit) will independently useable?
Yes. You can use it as an set top box! Just loop in your existing TV set, via HDMI, and you are ready to go!

What will happen if I would like to change the DU (Display Unit)?
No problem. You can change it anytime. Just buy a new bigger, nicer, higher–resolution DU, and loop it on!

Can I develop applications for LOOP?
Yes, definitely! LOOP will be Google Play Store compatible, and we will share the whole source code with our community!

Can I use Netflix or similar services on LOOP products?
Sure, you can use any of streaming services on LOOP which are avaiable on Google Play Store!

Why don't you offer SSD in every Central Units? 
We are hoping to raise enough money to implement the full upgradeability, i.e. even the Central Units are configurable to the users needs. In this case everyone will be able to buy SSD for every type of Central Unit, plus they could even use their existing SSDs. The reason why decided to exclude SSD from our Basic and Medium is to keep the price low.

Why don't you offer USB 3.0? 
Currently USB 2.0 is the minimum we will support. We are committed to use the best technology possible, so again if we raise enough money we make USB 3.0 available.

What about further memory cards and other components? 
During the campaign we are listening to your recommendations and needs and our final offerings will match those demands.

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This campaign ended on May 14, 2014
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  • $5USD
    High five

    A big thanks from us! Get access to exclusive updates of our progress.

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  • $29USD
    Fanboy and girl

    You will get an exclusive T-shirt from us, and you will get $50 discount on any LOOP products, when you order! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an addtional 10USD to international shipping!

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  • $39USD
    The LOOP Guy

    You will get an exclusive T-shirt, and in the future you will get 20% discount from any unit what you prefer! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an addtional 10USD to international shipping!

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  • $59USD
    Early bird

    You will get a BASIC Central Unit, you can loop it to your exsisting LCD Tv set! It is ready to use, act like a set top box! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an additonal 25USD to international shipping!

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $99USD
    Early BIG bird

    You will get our MEDIUM Central Unit, and 20% discount of any Display Unit in the future! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an additonal 25USD to international shipping!

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $399USD
    Custom guy

    Custom package of any LoopTV modules. When the full line of Loop products will be launched (Q42014), you can build your own LoopTV model!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $559USD
    Advanced LOOP experience

    You will get an exclusive packaged and numbered MEDIUM model of LoopTV! It is ready to stream, play everything. You can loop off the Central Unit and loop on to your other existing Tv set too! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an additonal 50USD to international shipping!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $849USD
    High–redefinition living room

    You will get an exclusive packaged and numbered HIGHEND model of LoopTV! It is ready to stream, play everything. You can loop off the Central Unit and loop on to your other existing Tv set too! Free shipping in the USA. Please add an additonal 50USD to international shipping!

    0 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $1,999USD
    LOOP member

    Company edition! As a company supporter, You can meet our directors of board in Las Vegas! Tell them your ideas, get opportunity to be exclusive distributor of LoopTV in selected territories in all over the world!

    0 out of 20 claimed
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