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A lonely fisherman finds a telescope that peers into his own future, but his growing obsession with the portal begins to affect the present...
Niall Lucas
United Kingdom
3 Team Members

Finding a portal that peers into his own future, a reclusive man becomes obsessed with a life he can't reach...

What's the film about?

Set in a small coastal village, Looking Glass centres on Walter, a middle-aged and well-meaning but introverted fisherman. Feeling that the coast holds nothing for him anymore, Walter decides to move away, but when packing up discovers an aged, brass telescope. The telescope shows Walter his future, defying all logic and allowing Walter to peer into a version of his life where he is happy.

This happiness comes in the form of Emilia. Kind, pretty and cheerful, Emilia is everything Walter has been looking for, and his desire to be with her leads him to use the telescope to engineer meetings with her. The more they meet however, the more Emilia becomes confused at Walter’s behaviour and the more hostile she becomes.

In desperation Walter delves into the telescope more and more, neglecting his health and well-being in favour of pursuing Emilia. This leads to a final confrontation between the pair, and it’s here that Walter learns that the telescope hasn’t been looking into his future, it’s been looking into his past, a past he repressed in a vain attempt to move on from.

Finally realising that the telescope cannot give him a future, Walter begins to understand that he must face his past to move forward and carve out his own path. Returning to the telescope one last time Walter looks in, now ready to face what he’ll see there.

Who are we?

We are a group of final year students studying film production at The University of York. This project is the culmination of our time at York and will mark our transition from being film-making students to becoming aspiring young filmmakers in the industry. We all feel that our time at University has given us a wealth of knowledge and we're now ready to apply our skills to a film we know can be great.

Why do we need your help?

With filming scheduled for February 2014 we're all working around the clock to make sure the production goes smoothly. We've already managed to raise a third of the budget from our own pockets, which will cover accommodation, food and transport for the shoot.

What we need your help with is bringing to life the world of Looking Glass. Our interior locations will need to be designed and dressed to create the right feel for the film. We also need to source a large amount of props to make Walter's world feel real, most importantly we need to find the perfect telescope that will form the basis of the story.

The money you pledge will go directly into making Looking Glass look amazing on screen. As well as the props, costumes and other materials for set design we'll also use some of the budget to cover the necessary special effects that will create the mysterious, inky cosmos through which Walter views his own life.

Where will the film be shown?

We're looking to complete production on Looking Glass by the Summer of 2014. After this the film will be entered into numerous film festivals both national and international.

If everything goes to plan we're hoping Looking Glass will reach a larger audience after its festival run through online and physical distribution.

Are there any risks?

As with any film there are risks involved. The weather during winter can be harsh, and this is especially true of the Northern coastlines around the UK. Securing the right locations can also be a difficult task, and with such a tight production schedule everything has to move very fast.

Even with these concerns however, we're confident Looking Glass can be a success, not least because we're taking every precaution possible to ensure production runs smoothly.

The biggest challenge we face is gathering enough funds to secure everything we need in order to make the film and to keep production on track. With your support we're sure that we can accomplish this and produce a fantastic film that you'll feel proud to be involved with.

How else can you help?

Every penny helps, but more importantly, every person helps.

We understand that not everybody who would like to can actually donate, but there are other ways you can help us.

If you think Looking Glass is a good project, and if you want to help us succeed in bringing this to the screen, then please spread the word and tell as many people as you can about the film and our funding campaign.

You can contact us through our email, Facebook and Twitter pages or through our blog, all listed below.

Contact us.

Email: lookingglassthefilm@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lookingglassfilm

Twitter: twitter.com/Looking_Glass14

Blog: looking-glass-film.blogspot.co.uk

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  • £1GBP

    For £1 you'll get a personal 'shoutout' on Twitter as a thank you for your support.

    2 claimed
  • £3GBP

    For the price of a pint you'll get a HD wallpaper download as well as a personal 'shoutout' on Twitter.

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • £10GBP

    For £10 you'll receive a thank you in the film's credits, a HD wallpaper pack featuring concept art and stills from the film as well as a 'shoutout' on Twitter.

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • £20GBP

    Pledge £20 and you'll get a HD download of the film, a thank you in the credits, a HD wallpaper pack featuring concept art and film stills and a 'shoutout' on Twitter.

    7 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • £30GBP

    Give £30 and you'll get a download of the script, a HD download of the film and all the other goodies mentioned above.

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • £50GBP

    Give us £50 and you'll get a personally signed Blu-Ray (or DVD if needed) of the film as well as the script and film downloads and all the other rewards above.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • £100GBP

    Give us a whopping £100 and we'll make sure you're suitably rewarded! On top of everything mentioned above you'll also get a piece of original concept art and a signed printed script.

    0 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • £200GBP

    Give us an extremely generous £200 and we'll make you an official associate producer of the film. You'll get an associate producer credit, regular updates on production via email as well as everything we've mentioned above!

    1 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • £300GBP

    For the amazing few who give us £300 we'll make you an executive producer on the film. You'll get an executive producer credit, regular updates on production via email, a framed piece of original concept art plus all of the goodies mentioned above (minus associate producer perks).

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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