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Long Night is a Third Person Survival Horror Game who brings back together Deep Story, Psychological Fear, and Stressful Gameplay.
Trickster Face
4 Team Members

Even if we don't reach our initial goal, every contribution was helpful to make Long Night a reality.

The funds we'll receive with indiegogo will give us time to work harder on Long Night and to find other sources of financing to make it Better.

So to all our funders, Thank you for your support ! You will receive the game when it will be released (April 2014).

If you want to have update on the project, you can follow us on Facebook !


Long Night is a Third Person Survival-Horror which aims to reconnect with the atmosphere of its ancestors, the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

With this game Trickster Face wants to put Lurking Fear back to the center of the gaming experience, rather than pure action sustained by an escalation of noisy special effects.

Here we have no shotguns nor giant monsters, but simply David, a youngster who can only count on you, your pugnacity and your instinct, to survive, and save his friends.

With Long Night we want to expose the player to psychological horror.

It means no gore but an investigation in the human mind, exploring the dark side but also the bright one.
These topics go through simple jealousy to incest and will be explained with a mix of supernatural and realism.

We will develop the complexity of social links inside a group dynamic and the importance of the family for the construction of the human soul.

In Long Night, nothing is due to chance, every horror aspects from the scenario is directly connected to the psychology of the characters, their background and their fears and expectations.

For example, the white lady, chasing David, the main character of the game, is not some kind of succubus, zombie lady or psycho woman.
She is the symbol of the David’s deepest fears and desires:

  • Fear about women he wants, but remains a mystery for him
  • Fear about the sex, this unknown shared intimacy that he has always in mind which everyone is talking about
  • Fear and expectation about growing up, having deep relationship and responsibility in an obscure reality, without childhood magic

These fears are connected and focus on those fascinating and scary topics for David: Woman and Adulthood.

Of course these feelings take roots in the David Background, but we will not tell everything right now, to let you discover the Long Night universe by yourself

This black tale takes place in an American holiday camp next to a forest, at the end of a summer in the nineties.

The heroes are a group of four teenage friends, accustomed to meet there every year.
Spending their last evening together telling horror stories for fun, they find themselves plunged into a nightmare, bringing their most secret anguishes to life, tormenting them. All of a sudden everyone is on his own.
During the night David will try to find and help his friends, but doing so, he will have to face worse than the fear that pursues him.

  • Face Fear through a nightmare experience in an American holiday camp where the deepest horrors become true.
  • Survive the incarnations of four teenagers' personal terrors, hunting you down to the moment of final confrontation, where flight is not an option anymore
  • Explore the secrets of the camp, and especially your friends' private background, through tricky riddles, staying under the pressure of danger that might pop up again from the shadows.
  • See beyond the veil of knowledge and uncover the dark sides of humanity.
  • Remember … The Truth is out There … and you have every reason to fear it

Be welcomed in Long Night, an independent survival horror, which will dive you into the darkness that lingers at the bottom of our souls !

Long Night will be released on PC, Mac, Linux and later on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

  • Fear The White Lady: No infinite horde of zombies to face here, but an invincible incarnation of terror, and desire. She will hunt you, catch you and kill you with one fatal touch.
  • Use the Environment: When Death threatens you, you have no other choice than to flee, but you also have to explore and exploit your environment with a cool head, if you want to keep it on your shoulders. Sprint, block her way and hide. And pray that she won’t find you !
  • Resolve Riddles: Confront your spirit to tricky enigmas, to discover the best guarded secrets and fears of your friends in the camp.
  • Fight The Bosses: To save your friends you will have to face THEIR deepest fears as Bosses throughout the game and so experience various gameplay to defeat them.
  • Explore The Camp: Discover a mysterious American holiday camp, and the dark secrets your friends and neighbors are hiding behind the doors of their intimacy. Some things should never come to light !
  • Discover the Interactive Fear System: While you're collecting artifacts trying to find out more about the Long Night universe, you are never out of danger, as any secret you uncover might come alive ! Fear takes roots in everything !
  • Find Reference and Cameo from the Horror Universe: References to films, series, and books from the universe of horror will be sprinkled throughout the camp. Three are already hidden in our trailer. Can you find them?
  • Live the Story: By describing the life and secrets of its heroes, Long Night will draw a profound and shaking picture of family, friendship and fears.
  • Trust no One: What you will discover in Long Night about all the people surrounding David (not only about himself) might make you reconsider what you think you know about your relatives. Knowledge is a comforting illusion, but can you face the truth behind it?

The Other Bosses :

After video game studies and work experiences in various studios on both sides of the ocean, we - from Trickster Face - have quit our jobs and gathered in our home country to realize our dream: to create an independent studio and to produce thrilling and startling games based on good stories.

Here we are, Trickster Face is alive!
Our team, linked by blood and old friendship, is working hard on our first game: Long Night.
And believe us, we are having long nights in order to bring it out for you in spring 2014!

So keep your eyes open, she’s coming for you too!

Some games that members of the team worked on:

  • Kinect Rush a Disney Pixar Adventure (Xbox 360)
  • Racket Sports (PS3)
  • Save our souls (ios)
  • Tower Heroes (Web)
  • Le grand jeu (Web)
  • 1,2,3 Géant (ios and android)
  • Gawayn (ios and android)
  • On connait la chanson (ios and android)
  • Copper (Facebook)
  • Game for Science (Web)

Trickster Face Founders have quit their job to realize their dream: Create an independent studio, recruit a team and make original and passionate games.

After a few months of hard work, the first part of this dream became true, Trickster Face is alive and his team is working on the Long Night prototype!

But to fully achieve this dream, and make a great game, we need you!

That is why we will use Indiegogo to finance the next step of Long Night production.

The money we will receive will be used for:

  • Software Licenses: As a young studio, we do not have all expensive Licenses to complete the game.
  • Animation: To make credible and immersive animations, we need to use motion capture which is also expensive!
  • Music and Audio: The sound design in very important for survival horror. So we need to pay the sound designer, the music composer and the dubbers.
  • Surviving: We have decided to not pay ourselves during the production of Long Night, but we have some employees and a rent for the studio.
  • Polish: The funds we collect will be used to make the game harder, better, faster and obviously scarier!
Indiegogo is a great opportunity for independent developers like us to make original and immersive games. It releases us from the editorial influence and allows us to have a relationship with you! Long Night is built for you, and we will communicate all along the production to have your opinion. So let’s make a great horror game together!

The design of the rewards is not definitive, This is just temporary illustrations so that you can have an idea of what you will receive.

Long Night as is own “Murder House” and you can be in it !

The mansion of the owner of the Camp is dedicated to immortalize the funders who help us on Indiegogo.

Their name will be visible by any player in that Mansion when they explore it to resolve its mysteries.

It won’t be just a list of names but a real integration in the Mansion background.

There is always a risk that the release of the game could be delayed (for many reasons like Technical problems, our will of polish it more, death of one of us...) but we are a strong and efficient team, linked by blood and old friendship and we are ready to give everything to finalize Long Night and deliver it to you in time with all his qualities!

We believe in Long Night, we hope you too !

Don't hesitate to contact us at :


Help us and Share this page on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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  • $5USD

    ≈ 3,50 Euros Thank You for your support !

    11 claimed
  • $15USD

    ≈ 11 Euros A digital copy of Long Night and the Thanks from the Trickster Face team!

    26 claimed
  • $25USD

    ≈ 19 Euros Everything above, plus: - Exclusive Backer Wallpapers - Your Name in the game's credits

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  • $30USD

    ≈ 23 Euros Everything above, plus: - Two digital copy of Long Night, to share one with a friend !

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  • $40USD

    ≈ 30 Euros - Digital Poster signed by the team - Your Name in the The main House of the Game - A digital copy of Long Night - Exclusive Backer Wallpapers

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  • $50USD
    Leather Face

    ≈ 38 Euros Everything above, plus: - Digital Soundtrack of Long Night

    2 claimed
  • $60USD

    ≈ 45 Euros Everything above, plus: - Digital Artbook

    2 claimed
  • $70USD
    Norman Bates

    ≈ 53 Euros Everything above, plus: - Digital Calendar White Lady (12 artworks to spend the all year with her)

    3 claimed
  • $80USD
    Michael Myers

    ≈ 60 Euros Everything above, plus: - One of the Three Exclusive BackerTshirt

    3 claimed
  • $100USD
    Jason Voorhees

    ≈ 75 Euros Everything above, plus: - Receive a limited edition boxed copy of Long Night

    5 claimed
  • $150USD
    Freddy Krueger

    ≈ 113 Euros Everything above, plus: - Your Name in the VIP floor in The main House of the Game - Digital Version of The Dr Trickster Comic Strip

    2 claimed
  • $250USD
    Ghost Face

    ≈ 188 Euros Everything above, plus: - Exclusive miniature figure of the White Lady - Hard Cover Version of the Dr Trickster Comic Strip

    1 out of 120 claimed
  • $350USD
    Hannibal Lecter

    ≈ 264 Euros Everything above, plus: - Hard Cover Version of the "Long Night" novella - Exclusive miniature figure of The Trickster - The Three Exclusive Backer Tshirt

    1 out of 80 claimed
  • $500USD
    Xenomorph Alien

    ≈ 377 Euros Everything above, plus: - A signed Hard Cover Version of the "Long Night" novella - A Trickster Plush

    0 out of 40 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    ≈ 754 Euros Everything above, plus: - Exclusive Trickster Jacket to make you an Elite member of the team!

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    ≈ 3770 Euros Everything above, plus: - Your Name as the Camp Owner - The Owner Room personnalize with your photo in it in the Main House of the Game - Your name as God Backer in the beginning of the game - You also get a day at the Trickster Face office and a dinner with the team! (travel not included)

    0 out of 1 claimed
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