London: Magic Carpet Ride

Seeking help from fellow book lovers and fans everywhere to meet my best friend – and edit more books. No, really.
Anne Zanoni
Metro Detroit area, Michigan
United States
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London hosts the 2014 Worldcon, Loncon 3. I want to attend dreadfully, as a freelance copy editor, and as a reader. 

Magic Carpet Ride is my travel fund to attend Worldcon and visit London. That long weekend in London would be perfect.

Would you help me with this dream, please? 

When I was a kid, I dreamed of editing books like the ones I loved to read.

Now I copyedit science fiction and fantasy novels. I want to help readers get the book the author meant to write, and I'm good at what I do.  

Certainly, many of my editors and my authors have been kind enough to tell me so.  8)

Big cons like Worldcon are the best places for me to meet clients, and sometimes meeting them is what gets me that job.

I want to see my UK authors and editors, and meet as many overseas publishers as I can. 

Most authors pay their bills with day jobs; editing IS my day job. And I don't earn a living wage. Not yet

Getting more work is the key to changing that.

I have promised friends that a trip to London would mean pictures. I am rubbish at taking pictures – unlike Bea. I want to do Worldcon with her. 

She is my best friend and co-conspirator. Bea's in South Africa, so we haven’t met in person. Unless we can meet at Worldcon. 

Sharing adventures with friends is always better. 

We met because we're both BBC Sherlock fangirls... who love Shakespeare... who are sf/f fans. Kindred spirits.

Bea is always there for me.

It tells you something about the world that it’d work out best for us to meet each other in a completely different country, doesn’t it?

My London trip will cost £2170 or $3723.47.  Not including the fees for Indiegogo and PayPal, plus taxes...

So I need to earn $781.50 to cover all that as well.  

The pictures will be set up for all to see when we're back. 

Any help is much appreciated. Please post all the SNS:  Google+ and Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, blogs, and even email if you would. Thanks so much for reading!


I made a rough draft many weeks ago for my expenses. It included: my RT flight; passport; food; upgrade to an attending membership; hotel (or hostel).

Bea is more organized; SHE made spreadsheets. 8)

Pictures lent to me by my friend, David Tallerman.  Thanks, Dave!

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    I will bring a short email printout from you for your favorite author/artist. I'll even read it out loud *anonymously* if you (understandably) get cold feet and don't want him/her to know your name. Or black out your name if you'd rather. But don't worry, if GRRM remembers me, he'll probably just give me a hard time anyway. :) Yes, I have met him. If you'd prefer your message signed and returned to you, that's perfectly fine too. Thank you!

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    I'll get you a book *at Loncon* and get it signed by your author. Give me a list of titles to make sure I can get at least one. (Jelly Babies optional, of course.) Thank you!

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