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Support freedom of speech and hilariosity, by donating to two amazing charities and saying, "My intentions in donating my own money are nobody's business."


This week the Internet watched as an attorney tried to halt charitable giving and attack the First Amendment rights of a web comic, because said attorney’s feelings were hurt.  What started as an amazing charity, which proved beyond a shadow of doubt the lengths the Internet is willing to go to preserve our rights to freedom of speech and help out great causes in the process, quickly became a legal circus, with the butthurt attorney as the ring leader.  As a result of his legal shenanigans two charities that might have received sizable donations, now will not.

Suggested Reading

To see the saga through my perspective, and for more information about why I am starting this fundraiser, please visit my blog.  For actual legal savvy regarding the case, visit the indomitable Pope Hat.

Who Will Benefit

All money from this fundraiser, less IndieGoGo’s fee, which you would have to be a complete imbecile not to decipher from their crystal clear Terms of Service and Fee schedule, will go to the following two charities:

The first is Americans for the Arts.  Hopefully, by increasing the number of arts programs available to kids, the world can look forward to more people like Matthew Inman, who use humor and creativity to fight battles, in lieu of litigiousness and bullying.

The second is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  I think it goes without saying the importance of the work this group is doing, to preserve the first amendment rights of bloggers, satirists, and web users everywhere.

What You Are Effectively Saying by Donating

  • My intentions for donating my money are my own business and no one else’s, especially douche bag attorneys.
  • I support the right of web comics to satirize and parody public figures.
  • I don’t need a vigilante lawyer to do my homework for me into the validity of a charity or the trustworthiness of an individual acting solely of his own accord, thank you very much.
  • I accept that the possibility exists that this Ann person could be a complete fraud who will abscond with my money, but that this possibility only exists in the mind of one attorney on the face of the earth, because Ann knows full well that if she does not give the money to the charities she has claimed that the wrath of the Internet will be upon her.

(Campaign image from Creative Commons by emmadiscovery. Use of this image does not suggest the photographer endorses this fundraiser.)

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