Living with Elephants CD Recording

Living with Elephants to record CD this winter

Short Summary

So this winter, Living with Elephants is recording a CD of songs that have only been heard live!  We have such a tight line up and, bands are like science... it takes chemistry. people, chemistry and it would be great to capture these songs, with this combo of musicians, right now!

Living with Elephants​​​​​​​​ is Amy Poux, songwriter, lead vocalist, keyboardist, Rob Norris (Bongos, Tulula!) on electric Bass, and Chris Andersen on drums, Jerusha Kellerhouse on violin, and Marianne Tasick on vocals and percussion.

Living with Elephants' soulful, moody sound got a nice mention in Kingston NY’s Daily Freeman’s Sound Advice column: "With a compelling sense of song craft and a way with melody, coupled with Poux’s perfect intonation and hauntingly beautiful voice, ‘Living With Elephants [sampler CD] is a must have." It's also made it onto the Daily Freeman's top 10 list of 2012 CD's by artists in the Hudson Valley.

What We Need & What You Get

In the next 60 days we will raise $5,500 to record, master and distribute a new CD... The last CD was a sampler of 5 songs - we'd like to do the Full Monty with this one. Well, maybe that's the wrong choice of words - we'd like to record 12 songs with this one - maybe more... our songs are very short - it could be like 35 songs - or 18..probably 12. 

Contributors get: a) free CD download, b) free tix to our CD release event, c) a living room concert, and d) a Special Mention on our CD. 

The Impact

If this CD gets recorded -- we can represent the full range of Living with Elephants' original music -- ranging from layered moody rock to loungy 80's pop...
and even some soulful blues...

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are like us and don't have the cash right now -- You can let us know that you're with us in spirit (that goes a long way!), you can pass this info onto music lovers who want to support independent artists, and you can share the Indiegogo share tools on your FB page or other social media forum.

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