Livestreamed Bike Polo Championships

Watch the North American and World Championships of Hardcourt Bike Polo. Full coverage each day of the event; interviews, commentary, live scores, play-by-play!

2013 Bike Polo will be Amazing!

I love playing bike polo, and have recently stopped competing in NAH events, in order to focus on producing enjoyable, and reliable, live tournament webcasts. Bike Polo is incredible and, when you're not playing, the Stream Team is dedicated to bringing it to your home in exciting fashion! Please help us show the world just how awesome our sport is, by supporting this project!

My goal this year is to livestream at least 5 bike polo tournaments, including the North American and World Championships. All the funding from this campaign will go directly to producing these events: gas money/airfare to get there, food, time off work for travel, internet hotspot costs, camera rental fees, video switcher & other gear rental costs, and other related expenses.

With the NAHBPC taking place near my hometown of Minneapolis, we will be able to produce a superb livestream: multiple cameras on the main court, on-court audio, live scoring, interviews, commentary, and play-by-play. There will be aerial-view cameras of the other courts on alternate internet channels, as well.

These events will be watchable at bikepolo.tv. In fact, thanks to Zach, this year we plan to have NO advertisements, other than polo-related ones that we show. 

Most of this funding will go towards the World Championship in Florida, where I plan to have a multiple camera set-up as well. But, I will also livestream other NAH events: the Midwest Qualifier, and the Northsides Qualifier if I raise enough. And the first livestream of the year will be Battle for the Midwest 2 (although I will be playing in that one) on April 13. These livestreams will be on a smaller scale than the main two.

The Stream Team is only building on what we did at last year's North Americans. This year, we will be more exciting, more informative, and more watchable! My fundraising goal of 4 grand is an estimate; I will do my best to make this happen regardless of my tally here. I will always accept donations and I will always pump it directly back into livetreaming polo, producing great videos, and compensating my hard-working crew, The Stream Team.

Thank you for your support! We greatly appreciate it. If you wish to contribute less than the Perks amounts, I also accept donations via Paypal (please donate to mr.do@gmx.us and also provide your name so I can properly thank you).

321 Polo!



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