Live To Fight. Join the Fight!

Join together with LTF as we fight relentlessly for the martial arts, combat sports, & MMA community who are fighting cancer & other life-threatening illnesses.

Live To Fight (LTF) is a not for profit organization established in 2013 by cancer survivor and dedicated martial arts fan and practitioner, Kristen Brown. Brown has seen the impact of illness claim the lives of friends in the martial arts community and has made it her life’s work to assist martial artists and combat sports practitioners and their families.

LTF seeks to raise awareness and money in an effort to support members of the fight community; fighters, martial artists, and their loved ones who are suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Brown and her accomplished board of directors; Ottavia Bourdain, Norman Cerullo, Mark Gray, Steve Koepfer, Jeff Nader, Thomas Tona, and Chris Weidman strive to bring together the fight world and work collaboratively with those who are Fighting to Live, creating streamlined and optimized charitable activities, such as benefit instructional martial arts/mixed martial arts seminars.

Your donations will go directly to support LTF's charitable mission; raising awareness, medical treatment, and offering additional support to our friends and family in the fight community afflicted by life-threatening illnesses.

LTF is evolving into the premier platform from which the martial arts, combat sports, and MMA community can stand up together and fight relentlessly for those in need.  A fighter is never still. There may be demons and defeats; doubts and fear; moments where anger and love are a confusing tornado of energy—but no where in there is there rest or stillness or sleep.

At the end of the day, LTF is yours—when and if that time of need makes its mark on your team mate, your dojo, your gym, or your loved one, LTF exists for the sole purpose of being in a position to help; to bring relief and compassion that allows the surrounding fight community to rally together and Fight to Live. 

We understand fully that LTF cannot stand alone. Just as we are determined to make sure that no fighter in the fight of their life is left to stand alone, we also need your help to make sure we stand as strong as we need to be. Because we need you, we challenge you to join our fight. Please donate to Live To Fight to help keep alive the Fighter in all of us.

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