'Live CarpeDiem' - Journeys of a Young Startup

Two teens reveal the recipe for a successful gap year, while documenting their journeys running a startup abroad.
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Live | CarpeDiem:

Journeys of a Young Startup

"Carpe Diem"... "Seize the day," something widely preached yet seldom practiced. However, it is not just a phrase, but a vocation. A calling to achieve the most we can with the time we are given. We intend to answer this call and inspire others to do the same. In an effort to dispel the notion that gap years are for the lazy or ineffectual, we are going abroad to create a web series that will give you examples of the many opportunities a gap year has to offer. Opportunities that will provide immense benefits to your marketability, and academic and personal growth..  We will demonstrate that a gap year is an invaluable experience. 

Furthermore, after the show concludes, we will utilize the connections we made abroad to establish an online platform that makes taking a gap year cheaper, easier, and more accessible than ever before. While filming, we will constantly meet with companies who share our vision and we work with them to create the premier all-in-one gap year planning platform. It will give you all the resources you need to map out your gap year down to the last detail, including lodging, employment opportunities, transport, and more. Our web series will not only serve as a blueprint for your own trip, but be an entertaining chronicle of our own experiences in creating and running our first startup.

What is a gap year? Why a gap year is beneficial to you!

A gap year is a yearlong break in one's education, typically spent traveling abroad to pursue some ambition that is best fulfilled before having to buckle down for the banal world of academia. Although it is common around the world for students to take a gap year, the average American typically views it as the mark of a slacker, and denounces it as a waste of time. While in many instances this may be the case, this outlook is purely the result of limited understanding of the potential a gap year truly offers.

Traditional education alone cannot provide you with the skills you need to truly excel in the 21st century workplace. As technology moves forward and the effects of globalization become even more pronounced, success will stem from your ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations and be confident outside your realm of comfort. Those skills can be honed by taking a gap year, especially one in which you travel abroad. This is what we are doing, and we are giving you a blueprint for a successful gap year in the form of an entertaining docu-style travel log.

Some Relevant Information

Excerpts from the Wall Street Journal's "Student-Loan Load Kills Startup Dream":

  • "Having student-loan debt is preventing me from being able to take a lot of chances or risks that are usually necessary when starting a business...'"
  • "The average student who borrows has piled up about $40,000 in debt by graduation, including parents' loans, nearly double the levels of a decade ago..."
  • "I mentor students all the time," says Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford University Law School. "The single largest inhibitor to entrepreneurship is the student loans."

Check out this great video from EncounterBooks on YouTube about the future of "Higher Education"...

About The Show

"Live | CarpeDiem" is a documentary web-series following three teens around the globe as they attempt to build a online platform that makes planning gap years simpler than ever. They will travel to many different countries to meet and collaborate with people and companies who share their vision that traditional education alone is not enough to prepare you for the world outside your doorstep.

Along the way they will be exploring foreign lands and experiencing a variety of cultures different than their own. In addition to being a highly entertaining chronicle of their exploits, the show will highlight the enormous potential for personal and professional growth a gap year can provide by showing examples of the many experiences that can be had abroad. The current lack of exposure on gap years is doing our youth a great injustice, and this show intends to mend that.

The series will be featured on our Youtube channel with a new episode usually once a week. In addition to this, we will have our own site, to be launched soon, where we will include supplemental blog entries and details on our destinations and future plans. We will also be featuring the many organizations and individuals we use and come into contact with, in an effort to lay down the groundwork for your own gap year.

  • "Travel": The largest portion of our budget will be going to our travel expenses to and from the shooting locations. For our first session filming in Australia, we plan to fly from JFK to Sydney Airport in early November, and then fly from Sydney to our next destination (To be decided by you!) when we wrap.
  • "Room and Board": Self-explanatory. Although we plan on couch-surfing through our supporters (This means you!), we set aside money in the scenario that we must stay in a hostel for a few nights.
  • "Production Equipment": Our second largest expense will be on production equipment. We are going as basic as possible without sacrificing quality. We need to purchase a camcorder, two GoPros, a tripod, ten 64gb SD cards, three 4tb hard drives, LED light, microphones, and the proper luggage for the equipment. 
  • "Development Costs": These are the costs that we will incur during the production of the show. In order to provide the most entertaining and effective show possible, we will need to spend money on certain activities, entry into certain places, establishing and maintaining an online presence, etc. Every dollar goes towards making this show the best it can be. 

In addition to the money you provide, we will be working various odd jobs and other money-making ventures whilst abroad. At the end of the day, our show is not about how fun gap years are (but it definitely is), but rather how rewarding, yet cost effective, they can be. Without the proper guidance gap years can appear daunting and expensive, but we will show you that they do not have to be.


To make our show a more engaging for the viewer, we are going to be giving you the option of choosing where we travel to on this expedition. Those who donate $50 or more, will be able to vote between two or more possible destinations that we will trek to for our next phase of shooting. 


Some of the great rewards we offer... (Stickers, sunglasses, travel bag, custom adventure journal!)


Stretch Goals

Although ideally we will be producing the show for a full year, our budget can only guarantee us six months of shooting.

However, for every additional $5k we raise over our goal, we will be able to guarantee another two months of shooting, providing you with even more footage! 

Why The Show Is Necessary

Due to the current popular opinion in America on the concept, many companies that offer gap year programs do not extend to Americans. The ones that do tend to be poorly organized and often entirely unnecessary. "Live | CarpeDiem" will eliminate the need for such organizations and demonstrate that all one needs for a successful gap year is an open mind, and an adventurous spirit.

Down The Road

On our travels we will be constantly meeting and connecting with likeminded individuals who know that there is more to your education than a college degree. They will be featured in our show, and hopefully we will bring more onto the "Live | CarpeDiem" team, so you can follow their adventures in addition to ours.

As we previously stated, as we travel we will be working to develop a platform that helps teens and young adults go on their own gap years. By working with companies and people we meet who support our vision, we will build a platform where anyone can decide where they want to go, where they will work, what they will do, and just go out and do it. You will be connected with accommodations, potential employers, and most importantly others in the same position as yourself, who want to go out and seize the day, and their lives.


We would like to close with a quote from one of our favorite authors, Jacques Yves Cousteau: 

"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."

Carpe Diem will illustrate that everyone has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life. A gap year is an incredible experience and has the potential to be a life changing opportunity; you just have to take that first step out the door and carpe diem.

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