LIVE at White Rock Hall: the merger of poetry, music and film

A live video production that features authors and musicians in collaboration, setting music to literature, with interviews and special features.


---WHO WE ARE---


My name is Keith Flynn, and I'm the producer and host of "LIVE at White Rock Hall." I am also the award-winning author of six books and the editor of The Asheville Poetry Review, which I've been publishing since 1994. (www.keithflynn.net). The preview of "LIVE at White Rock Hall" that you have just seen was made possible by the dedicated efforts of a great team of volunteers who donated their time and talents to make this show possible.

The two writers featured in this short clip, William Pitt Root and Minton Sparks, are among the finest in America, and are both highly respected and widely published poets.

Among our musicians are Grammy-winning bassist, Eliot Wadopian, as well as Bill Altman on guitar, and Susi Gott on violin. Both Garius Hill (piano) and Richard Foulk (drums) have participated in our earlier episodes, as well.

Our audio engineer, Dann Wojnar, mixes the live sound at the American Airlines Theatre in NYC and has created Tony-winning productions, and our lighting designer, Erik McDaniel, also worked for many years at the Public Theatre in New York and now is the production manager for the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC. Renato Rotolo's photographs have appeared all over the world, and here he is creating both our stills and our features, along with filmmaker and director Tony Torn who has also given his time and equipment to our cause. Their belief in this project has enabled us to begin filming, but we have a long way to go.




We want to create an archive of collaborations between authors and musicians that could certainly occur no other way, and provide a template for students and fans of music and literature that could also be used as a unique teaching tool for future generations.

My wife, Denise Petrey, and I purchased the former White Rock Presbyterian Church in 2007; and we have been working hard to restore the building ever since. It was over a hundred years old and was beginning to show signs of decay in the flood plain where it was previously located. So we moved the entire building in early 2008 to its present site, re-christened it as White Rock Hall, and moved ourselves into the renovated building in 2009 to begin the preparations for this show and to create an arts space for the entire community to enjoy.

We began filming "LIVE at White Rock Hall" earlier this year, and almost all of the equipment used to create this show so far has been borrowed, or rented, and for us to continue this production we need better cameras, funds to establish a website capable of a sophisticated podcast from a variety of mediums; and we need a better computer, in order to properly edit the material. We have a beautiful setting where we can stage the show, but we need audio equipment, including microphones and monitors, as well as an in-house lighting system that is permanent and will allow us to continue staging the show at our church.

We also need to create a budget to pay our musicians, and most importantly, our audio engineer, camera operators, and film editor who have thus far volunteered their time and talents.

Without your donation now, we will be unable to push forward and continue our production.

The $20,000 that we're asking for will primarily take care of our urgent equipment needs, but it will also allow us the freedom to continue filming and build episodes for upcoming broadcasts.




I have devoted my entire adult life to the creation of poetry and music, and as an editor it has been my pleasure to introduce new voices to a wider audience. Now I hope to expand the possibilities of these art forms, and to bring vivid new creations to upcoming generations of musicians, readers and writers.

If the only difference between poetry and music is that music is able to "persuade without argument," then what could be more powerful than the combination of both art forms to create a third, with the best performance aspects of both nestled in a live format that exposes our audience to the constant discoveries that come with artistic improvisation.

We feel that this is a groundbreaking idea, and we have an outstanding slate of poets, authors, and musicians who have already agreed to appear on future broadcasts, including Robert Morgan, Patricia Smith, Quincy Troupe, Kathryn Stripling Byer, R. B. Morris, Charles Frazier, Jim Clark, Bruce Bond, and many others who believe in this project and its importance to the literary community. We could not be more excited about our prospects, but we need your help.




If you look over to the IndieGoGo sidebar you will find a wide variety of perks available to our contributors.

Please know that we welcome whatever contribution you can afford and that we are indeed grateful for your help.

Your contribution is vital to our success.

It is also very important, if you cannot contribute, to help us spread the word about this project. You can help make more people aware of our efforts and become members of our regular viewing audience by using the Indiegogo share tools located at the top of this page.

Visit our Facebook page at White Rock Hall for more information, and to contact us with your ideas and opinions. We welcome everyone's voice.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for your contribution.


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