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Jazz vocalist Lisa Engelken is raising funds to finish her second album "Little Warrior!" You can help her finish this record!
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This sunny Sunday morning, with the igg campaign finished, I am so very heartened and excited to be moving forward!  We have made our goal-- and how! 


This end is the beginning, indeed!


It feels amazing to know I can move forward with A DEFINITE TIMELINE now, to finish "Little Warrior!"  I feel strong and invigorated, knowing that all of you beautiful people are rooting for me!

My deepest gratitude to all of you who donated your hard-earned money and your valuable time, by sharing the news of my campaign and my music with your networks of family, friends and colleagues.  

How unfreakinbelievably wonderful, this is!

This is happening!  And it is awesome!


Big love and sunshine, Lisa

Hello and Welcome!  I'm Lisa Engelken.

I am an indie jazz artist, composer, arranger and bandleader living in San Francisco. 

I invite you to donate to the Little Warrior CD Project!

Little Warrior is my follow-up album to Caravan. I was psyched that Caravan was named to the "Best of 2010" List of new jazz releases by the Jazz Journalists Association. 

I produced and arranged all 10 tracks on Caravan, which included "From the Earth" my lyric version Freddie Hubbard's jazz-funk classic "Red Clay." 

Sirius Jazz Station
picked up three tracks from Caravan and put them into regular rotation!  Then I found out that the track "Winter Moon" was on President Obama's iPod! I've been so amazed and humbled by the popular and critical response to Caravan. Thank you for that!

Timing is everything, and I really want to keep the momentum going that Caravan created.
So, I'm asking for your help to finish this album. 

This is my first time ever asking for outside funding, and I ask you to pitch in what you can. 

Together we can finish Little Warrior!

Where I Am and What I Need:

I aim to raise $10,000 to finish the recording and to cover post-production phase of "Little Warrior." 

Your donations will be spent directly on:

  • Musicians Fees;
  • Engineering Fees;
  • Studio Time
  • Licensing Fees;
  • Mixing the album
  • Mastering the album

As with Caravan, I am the producer, writer and arranger of Little Warrior. This project marks a very natural evolution of my work. Where I would describe Caravan as "mainstream with a twist," Little Warrior ventures into more complex themes and harmony. My approach to the material is much more personal as I have tapped my subconscious and use it as my main creative guide. The process continues to be as rewarding as it is exhilirating!  And I cannot wait to share the results with you!

For any specific questions you may have about the album or my campaign, I warmly invite you to contact me directly at

Please use the "share tool" here and help me makes some noise about my campaign to finish Little Warrior!  Please tell your family, friends and colleagues-- anyone you know that feels it is important to support the voice of an indie musician.  Thank you! 


What I've Done So Far:

Together with the powerhouse trio Bill Cantos (piano), Sam Bevan (bass) and Matt Swindells (drums), I recorded 11 gorgeous tracks for Little Warrior.  I then edited these tracks, and have composed and recorded additional parts for Brazilian acoustic guitar, electric guitar, flute, trumpet and trombone, accordion, lead and backing vocals. In addition, I have upgraded my computer technology and software so that I can do my own editing and, as a result, have cut a huge portion of long-term costs in that department.

So, this is where I'm at:  Caravan was very successful in "indie" terms.  Thanks to sales and royalties generated by Caravan, plus the income from Caravan concert events, I've been able to employ an amazing group of musicians to play on Little Warrior. I'm almost done with this recording phase, but I have this one last push to go. I ask you to help me record the vocals, horns, guitar, tenor sax and percussion parts to finish the record.

When the Recording Phase is completed, I will move into the exciting final stages of licensing, mixing and mastering Little Warrior.

Then, it won't be long till I can put it in your hot little hands!


What You Get in Return for Your Support

Contributor Rewards:

  • All of the Contributors will be the first to receive digital downloads and/or signed CDs! 
  • VIP Concert Tickets for CD Release Events ( See List of Cities below)
  • A Private Italian Lesson with Lisa
  • Private House Concerts at 3 different funding levels
  • Little Warrior Limited Edition Prints by Mike Oria

 About the Little Warrior Limited Edition Prints:

  • There are six stunning images by photographer Mike Oria, that I am thrilled to offer as Contributor Rewards.  I personally selected each image based upon their beauty and uncanny thematic relevance to the Little Warrior Project. 
  • "Perseverance" is the central image for my Little Warrior campaign. To find out why, visit the Little Warrior Gallery. 
  • VIEW the Gallery at
  • The prints are available ONLY to Contributors to the Little Warrior Campaign
  • All Limited Edition Prints are printed on metallic paper for optimum "pop" of image
  • Prints will be signed by either photographer Mike Oria or Lisa, and only upon request
  • There are 3 different groupings for each relevant levels of contribution:  Groups A, B and C.  (Go to "Gallery" tab and click on file for info regarding Groups A, B, C, with dimensions)
  • Dimensions of Limited Edition Photographs were determined for optimum presentation and composition of image


 LIST of CITIES for Little Warrior Tour
(I hope to add more cities along the way!)

    • San Francisco, CA - Bay Area
    • San Jose, CA
    • Los Angeles, CA area
    • Denver, CO
    • Kansas City, MO
    • New York City
    • Washington, DC



Any funds raised above and beyond the $10,000 would go directly for expenses related to:

    • CD Art Design;
    • Production of 1000 CDs
    • Radio and Print Promotion
    • Postage and materials for mailing "Little Warrior" out to radio and press folks
    • Touring expenses that include airfare and lodging.

Other Ways You Can Help

One other thing:  I know that times are tough, and I appreciate anything you can give to my project.  And if it's not a good time right now to pitch in with funds, you can still play a BIG part in making this campaign a success, simply by helping me spread the word!

So let's make some noise and create some buzz about my indiegogo campaign by using the share tools and by directing folks to my website at  and my Facebook fan page at

Grazie mille!  Thank you so much!

*Why the title Little Warrior I've been describing Little Warrior as a musical meditation in motion, a "travelogue" of my spiritual and musical explorations over the past two years. I started writing the album in January 2011, under the title of "Anima Explorations." Little did I know, the spiritual and the musical would turn out to be one in the same!

Thematically, Little Warrior seeks to address the opposing forces at work, and at play, inside of me and inside each of us. Through my harmonic decisions, I seek to reflect the abounding polarities of the human experience: moments of lush and consonant chords, that flow into the jarring and the dissonant. There is an ebb and flow, and these "tides of sound" cycle in and around each other. 

A warrior, by Shambhala definition, is a person who is brave, who moves beyond fear. And this person is called to a personal journey to discover that which is genuine inside of him or her, and in turn, offers this genuine and basic goodness to the world. I am that Little Warrior. I have the potential, anyway, to be one. We all do.



Video by Eddy Bee.
Still photography in video by:

- will hull
- kevin trexler
- seanie blue
- marc sabatella
- julie broski

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    Advance Download of the Album

    You will receive an advance download of the album well before its official release.

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    Advance Copy of the Album

    You will receive an advance signed copy of the album well before its official release + a special acknowledgement on Lisa's website! *Please note that all contributors outside the U.S. will need to add an additional $5.00 per CD, for extra shipping costs. Thank you!

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    Little Demon

    You will be credited as a Little Demon in the liner notes + you will receive 2 advance signed copies of the CD.

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    Little Angel

    You will be credited as a Little Angel in the liner notes + you will receive 4 advance signed copies of the CD OR 2 advance signed copies of the CD + an 8 x 12 Limited Edition Photograph of "Perseverance" by Mike Oria (signed by Mike and/or Lisa upon request).

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  • $150USD
    Little Warrior

    You will be credited as a Little Warrior in the liner notes + you will receive 4 advance signed copies of the CD. Plus, your choice of either one of the four Limited Edition Photographs in Group A OR a one-hour private Italian lesson with Lisa via Skype! View the Little Warrior Gallery at

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    Shooting Star

    You will be credited as a Shooting Star in the liner notes + you will receive 10 advance signed copies of the CD OR 8 advance signed copies + your choice of either one Limited Edition Print from Group B or your choice of two Limited Edition Prints from Group A.

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    Crazy Diamond

    You will be credited as a Crazy Diamond in the liner notes + you will receive 10 advance signed copies of the CD. Also, your choice of either ALL FOUR Limited Edition Prints from Group A OR any two from Group B OR one optimum print from Group C. BONUS: Your choice of 2 VIP Seats at any Little Warrior CD Release Concert Event* OR a private one-hour Italian lesson with Lisa via Skype. *See List of Tour Cities in narrative.

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  • $1,000USD

    You will be credited as a Magician in the liner notes + Lisa will perform a private House Concert for you and 20 guests. Each guest will receive a signed copy of the CD. A rare and intimate look into Lisa's creative process, as she sings and accompanies herself on piano, is available to answer audience questions, elaborates on her arranging style, and plays alternate versions of works. *Dates must coincide with Little Warrior tour dates and cities. Travel, backline and sound not included.

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  • $1,000USD

    You will be credited as a Magician in the liner notes + you will receive 15 advance signed copies of the CD. Your choice of ANY combination of four Limited Edition Prints from Groups A, B or C + 4 VIP tickets and pre-show “meet-and-greet with Lisa” at one Little Warrior CD Release Event. *See list of cities in narrative.

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  • $2,500USD
    Rising Sun

    You will be credited as a Rising Sun in the liner notes + you will receive 15 advance signed copies of the CD. Plus, your choice of either ANY combination all six Little Warrior Limited Edition Prints OR a commissioned song written and recorded (solo) by Lisa.

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  • $5,000USD

    You will be credited as an Archangel + Lisa and her Trio will perform a private, two-set House Concert for you and 20 guests. Each guest will receive a signed copy of the CD. *Date must coincide with Little Warrior tour and city schedule. Additional travel, backline and sound would need to be provided.

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  • $10,000USD
    Associate Executive Producer

    You will be credited as an Associate Executive Producer. In addition to signed advance copies of the CD, Little Warrior Limited Edition Photographs and VIP Concert Passes, the Lisa Engelken Quintet will perform for your private event anywhere in the world. *Travel expenses backline and sound would need to be provided.

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