Little Taiko Boy

Safer-sex video for the heart of Tokyo. The more we raise, the bigger that Little Taiko Boy is gonna get.


Little Taiko Boy is a safer-sex PSA that combines Western holiday traditions, Shinto mythology and Japanese gay culture to advocate a very different way of wrapping gifts for a loved one.

We are raising money for the Little Taiko Boy | World AIDS Day gallery installation at Community Center AKTA in Tokyo.  The show will feature a video installation of LTB and a large mandala of hand-made objects produced for the original video, and a very special Delivery Boys LTB condom case .  Community Center AKTA is in the heart of Tokyo's gay district, Shinjuku Ni-Chome.  The installation will open on November 29th and run thru December 10th.


Despite being highly literate, technologically advanced people, Japanese LGBT persons continue to experience enormous difficulty coming out. Cultural pressure to conform leads to risky behavior and high transmission rates of HIV.  The video is targeted to the three highest sites of transmission.  Our extended LGBT family in Japan needs healthier images and messaging that embrace sexuality and sensuality wholeheartedly.


We need $1,500 to cover the printed materials and installation for the show, namely a large flat screen for the video.  AKTA currently has a small 11" TV for their educational work, so the flat screen purchased for the show will be given to the Community Center AKTA as gift from all of us here in the States.  

The original video collaboration was funded in-part through a grant from Art Matters.  Now it's your chance to get that warm, fuzzy feeling from giving a little something nice to some new friends you haven't met yet.  Plus, the perks are awesome!

The more cash we raise, the bigger that Little Taiko Boy is gonna get!


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