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Handcrafted Zelda-inspired goods or gifts for any fan. Hats, bags, treasure chests, potions, and an LED lit fairy in a bottle!
Elaine Nguyen
San Jose, California
United States
1 Team Member

This is Link's Gear!

Sharing our love for Legend of Zelda, my partner and myself spent weeks searching for the perfect bottles to house our fairy in a bottle. Every time we'd see a bottle, together we would exclaim, "Link Bottle!" Week after week though, we could not find the perfect bottle with an opening wide enough to fit a fairy while consistent to the game's appearance. No twist-cap grooves around the neck, and size were the biggest issues.

Eventually though, we found the perfect style bottle and ordered many sizes for prototyping. There was a lot of trial and error, but piece by piece, everything came together. Thanks to collaboration with our friends, persistence, and hope, our perfect fairy in a bottle came to life.

We knew that many fans would love to have their very own fairy in a bottle, and that is how our Indiegogo project came to life. There are many elements of Zelda games that we love, and we've crafted many other items in tribute. 

If we get enough Zelda fans to back our project, we'll be able to do a large run of all our products and pass on the savings to our early supporters. Acquiring large amounts of the bottles will be especially expensive, and that is where we need your help the most! Look below to see all our gorgeous products that we will handcraft just for you.

Rewards -

Fairy in a Bottle

This fairy in a bottle is hand assembled and hand painted. With its cleverly hidden electronics and on switch, your friends will be left in awe. Comes with a button cell battery that anyone can replace, anytime. Turning the fairy on with the switch will keep it lit, hands-free, until it is switched off.

The bottle is detailed with golden glitter triforces that have been baked and hardened onto the glass itself to be weather resistant. There are three surrounding the neck of the bottle and three near the base. Gold yard decorates the neck and the bottle is topped with a gorgeous, natural wood cork.

The fairy itself is glittery when off, and the wings are made of creased cloth. The fairy is attached by wire to the natural cork top.

The bottles are of earlier Zelda game essence, and are true laboratory glassware, having a perfect mood for potions and magic.

Other Perks -

Link's Hat

This Link's Hat will showcase a hero in style. Its quality, elastic fabric shines a light green when lit and exhibits beautiful, darker shades of green in its creases.

Link's Bomb Bags

These bomb bags have a soft exterior. They come in a set of two, one with red satin ribbon, and the other with a dark green satin ribbon. Each bag will come with 8 bombs made of a soft, lightweight black clay.

Small Potions Treasure Chest

Small potion bottles that will add a decorative element to your room in appreciation to the Zelda franchise. Comes with one green, blue, and red potions that fit nicely into its hand-painted treasure chest.


These potions come set of three. The bottles are laboratory glassware, topped with natural wood corks, and filled with thick, colorful liquid. A beautiful addition to the room of any Zelda fan.

Treasure Chests

Hand-painted treasure chests that come in three sizes. The smaller one fits three small potion bottles. The larger sizes come in the 100% Completion Club reward tier.

An overview of all the items in the largest reward. (*master key and owl are props, and are not part of any reward.)

The Impact

Your funding of course, will allow everyone to receive our Zelda-inspired products.On a personal level, you will help me, a young college student interested in industrial design and business.

I've always loved crafting and the profits from this indiegogo will help me accomplish one of my life's greatest goals. I knew people would love my products, and I love Zelda too. When it came to what I would use the money for, I knew I would be proudest if it could be saved towards tickets for my parents and myself to vacation for a month in Vietnam. Since I was young, my parents worked long days and nights struggling to raise our family since their fleeing from Vietnam. I've never had a true vacation with them, and I've never been on a plane myself. My mother is a breast cancer survivor who was last treated about one year ago. I believe that now is the best time to go with my parents while they are younger, stronger, and we can fully enjoy all the sights of Vietnam together. It is my dream to return the love of my parents to them, and to one day share the same love with my future children.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute by backing a reward, it would be a great help if you shared this indiegogo page on any or all of your social media sites. I really appreciate it. Every little bit counts. Thank you. :)

We are on tumblr! http://linksgear.tumblr.com/ Share and reblog our posts, please~!


The reward prices include shipping in the US. Alaska and Hawaii may have an additional shipping cost. For international shipping, there will be an additional cost. Because funding is given after the campaign is over, we will need time to have all the items for producing shipped to us. The items will be made to order after the project, so expect a longer delay if there are many orders. We hope to have items shipped around February, but we cannot promise earlier. Rewards and bottles that don't include larger bottles will probably ship earlier.

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$2,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on December 26, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $13USD
    Link's Hat

    This beautiful hat will fit many, being made of a shiny, elastic green cloth.

    0 claimed
  • $13USD
    Link's Bomb Bags

    Two Bomb Bags with a soft exterior. Each bag will come with 8 bomb-shaped clay balls.

    0 claimed
  • $17USD
    Small Potion Treasure Chest

    Small Green, Blue, and Red Potions that fit into this hand-painted treasure chest.

    0 claimed
  • $30USD
    Fairy in a Bottle!

    Light up, handcrafted fairy in a hand-painted bottle that is topped with a large, natural wood cork. Each fairy in a bottle has an on/off switch and comes with a button cell battery.

    0 claimed
  • $30USD
    Link's Starter Pack

    Link's Hat, Bomb Bags, and Small Potions (WITHOUT small potion treasure chest)

    0 claimed
  • $55USD
    Two Fairy Bottles

    Give the gift of an extra life. Or just have two extra lives for yourself!

    0 claimed
  • $60USD
    Prepared Adventurer Pack

    Link's Hat, Bomb Bags, Small Potions Treasure Chest, and a Fairy in a Bottle!

    0 claimed
  • $80USD
    Experienced Hero Pack

    Link's Hat, Bomb Bags, Small Potions Treasure Chest, Large Potions, and a Fairy in a Bottle!

    0 claimed
  • $80USD
    Best Friends Pack

    Two Link's Hats, Two Link's Bomb Bags and Two Fairy Bottles! For you to share with that special guy or girl in your life.

    0 claimed
  • $100USD
    100% Completion Club

    Link's Hat, Bomb Bags, Small Potions Treasure Chest, Large Potions, and a Fairy in a Bottle! ... Plus the hand-painted medium and large treasure chests to showcase all your gear!

    0 claimed
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