Lila needs a sibling!

Quinn and Kristi Kimball are hoping to expand their family. In order to do so, they need your help to fund In Vitro.
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Quick Update (June 2012)

Thank you to everyone for all your help in our success thus far!! 

We have seen immense support from friends, family and even complete strangers. No matter the amount, we sincerely appreciate your generosity and kindness. As Kristi noted in her most recent blog post,

“I have been so touched by the people who have donated that I have to say THANK YOU!!! How amazing all of you are! I am floored by your sweetness. That you would think of my family in these hard economic times and want to help us realize our dream of having healthy children. You all are so inspiring. I cannot thank you enough. I hope you all realize how incredible you are.” 

In addition, we recorded this video with Quinn giving thanks:


The more important update, however is that the geneticists have released the needed information to make pre-implantation genetic testing possible! This gives Quinn and Kristi the green light to proceed with In Vitro as soon as they are ready! So, now it’s time for us to step up our efforts!! We have made some amazing progress but we still have a way to go, please help us keep spreading the word!!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have come across some very valid concerns during this campaign, and we’d like to address some of them. We want everyone to feel that they are well informed about our cause and know exactly what our mission is. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Do the Kimballs really need my help?

To be honest, the Kimball’s plans for In Vitro do not completely hinge on the success of this campaign. However, that is not to say that our contributions aren’t going to go along way. They have been blessed to have Lila with them for almost 2 years, but it has definitely come with a hefty cost. This campaign was set up to help them continue with their family without adding to their existing burdens.  We also like to think that this is a great opportunity for us and anyone interested to help someone in need.

Why does it cost so much? 

Created by friends, the goal amount was a number we felt was more obtainable; however, the overall cost is significantly more than a standard In Vitro procedure because of the unique nature of being the first people to distinguish Vici syndrome markers.

Is In Vitro necessary in order to have a healthy child?

Because of the genetic nature of VS, each child of the Kimballs would have a 1 in 4 chance of being affected by VS. To put that into perspective, the average woman has less than 1 in 1000 chance of conceiving a child with Down’s Syndrome.  In order to eliminate those risks, In Vitro allows doctors to analyze and select only the healthiest of eggs for implantation.

How likely is the In Vitro going to be successful? 

Their program allows them six attempts at fertilization which gives a high chance of success.  If the fertilization isn't successful, the money donated will be used for fees in relation to adoption.  The money can be used for adoption because of the unique nature of the program.

Have the Kimballs looked into adoption?

Yes, the Kimballs are also open to adoption.  The biological and emotional factors of having their own children is strong enough that given the opportunity is available, they cannot pass up the attempt of fertilization.  That being said, they are currently in the process of becoming approved for adoption.

If this campaign is in the Kimball’s behalf, who are the hosts?

My name is Jeff and I am a long-time family friend of the Kimball’s. A few months before Lila was born, Quinn helped me out by hiring me despite any experience in the optometric field. Quinn taught and trained me everything I know about being an optician which eventually led to my acceptance into optometry school. This was the best way I could think of to try to repay Quinn for all his help over the years.

I am also very happy and excited to have Quinn’s brother, Brady join me on the campaign. Brady has successfully managed crowdfunded campaigns before and brings valuable creativity and experience to the campaign. 

We have seen the stress on Quinn and Kristi with Lila's health issues and the ensuing hospital bills. Therefore, we wanted to help in any way possible, and felt that this was the best opportunity to do so.

Original Campaign Description

Born in July of 2010, Lila Kimball is the twentieth documented person in the world to be found with Vici Syndrome (a rare recessive genetic condition). Her parents, Quinn and Kristi Kimball, started having concerns about her health and abilities at two months of age. A grueling twelve months later Lila was finally diagnosed with VS. Although, diagnosing Lila was a blessing of it's own kind, learning of the long-term affects of VS has been devastating. The Kimballs quickly realized that their dreams of having healthy children would hinge on the ability to perform In Vitro.

Lila's timing in this world has been nothing short of a miracle as she has been able to be a leading subject for ground-breaking Vici research and bring hope to families effected by VS. Using Lila's DNA, geneticists have been able to successfully locate the chromosome and gene responsible for VS and make it possible for families like the Kimballs to have healthy children of their own through In Vitro. In this process, each fertilized egg will be analyzed and only those without the recessive VS gene will be implanted.

All funds raised through this campaign will go directly towards the medical costs of the Kimball's In Vitro fertilization. If the fertizilation is unsuccessful,  

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. We understand that some people may not be able to contirbute, but that doens't mean that you can't help us. We ask that anyone who sees this campaign talks to at least 3 people about our cause. It's easy to share this with others using the Indiegogo share tools!!

Quinn and Kristi's Blog

More information on Vici Syndrome








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