Like Son, Like Father is a Coming-of-age story about a young man who finds out his inner secrets are no different than the secrets of his own father.
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'LIKE SON, LIKE FATHER' is a coming-of age story about a young man who's most inner secrets become too tough to hide.  When deciding to reveal his true feelings, coincidental circumstances collide and he realizes his own father has been harboring the same inner secrets.  Finding out the truth of his father creates a whirlwind of anger, shame, and hatred.  But those feelings are quick to change when he realizes he is going down the same path his father went.  

About the Filmmaker...

Jared Kahn here, I would like to thank you for taking interest in my next film production.  'LIKE SON, LIKE FATHER' will be my second independently produced film.  My first film 'ON THE RED LINE' was solely financed by my personal funds, but with the help of family and friends I was able to successfully raise funds for film festival submissions.  It was successfully screened at the Playhouse West Film Festival.  I hope, that with my next production, 'LIKE SON, LIKE FATHER', I can acuire the proper funds to budget the film in accordance to giving it the quality neccessary to compete in even more festival circuits and garner appropriate attention from audiences all around the world.  

Goals and Objectives

'LIKE SON, LIKE FATHER' will be made as a short film that has an estimated run time of  no more than 15 minutes.  Of course, for any short film the ultimate goal would be to get it noticed by a producer or investor who would be willing to invest the money in creating the short into a feature length film.   And second-hand to getting a feature deal would be exposure to the largest audience as possible, most notably though film festival circuits.  But to be honest, my main focus of creating this short film, is to create a story that audiences around the world can watch, relate-to, and learn from.  Its to help the world better understand the importance of following our true inner impulses rather than conforming to the norms of a society or some trend.  

Of course to accomplish any of the above goals, it takes certain funds to do so.  Luckily, with technology so readily available, it gives people like myself the ability to express themselves though the medium of film.  Yet, the creation of such art still has its costs.  But with the help of those closest to me, I can make that vision come to life.  Which is why I am reaching out to YOU.  Do realize that I am specifically reaching out to people in my life whom (A) I know can very much relate to the story and/or (B)whom I find close to me on a personal level.  Because this story is very personal to my own life experiences, I hope to keep the collaborative effort personal as well.  

What We Need & What You Get

The budget goal for this project is $5000:  This amount will safely cover the costs of...

  • Cast and Crew: From the actors, to the extras, to the camera man, to the sound sound guy, grip, etc.  It takes the right team of people to make film magic happen.  *List of cast and crew can be found below.  
  • Post Production: And lets not forget about the  post-prodcution crew which involves a team of editors and sound mixers who will make sure the final project is top notch.
  • Equipment Rentals-  Due to the nature and complexity of some shots, certain equipment will need to be rented in order to make the film have a visual appeal.
  • FOOD!!!-  Let's not forget about food.  Cast, Crew, and Extras...we all need to eat.
  • Film Festival and Marketing: Once magic is made and my vision is brought to life, its time to get it out to the world.  Screening, film festival submissions, traveling, etc. can add up pretty quick.
  • Perks:  Those who help out will not only receive massive love, but also perks which are explained to the right.
  • LOVE: And lots of it!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t help:

  • Please, do not feel at all obligated at all to fianancially contribute, since there are many other ways just as important in which you can help support such artistic endeavors.   Simply, show regards by sharing the campaign with others, as well as showing support once the film is shown to the public.  

I Got the Money, Now What?

  • Plain and simple, make the film.  Shooting will take place during the month of May; exact dates are dependent upon location availability, as well as scheduling for the cast and crew.  All cast and crew will be announced upon completion of the campaign and before shooting commences.  


Produced by - Enso Pictures

In association with - Sweet Candy Productions

Writer, Director and Actor - Jared Kahn

Producer, Line Prod., Post Prod. Supervisor and Editor - Damian Martorana

Director of Photographer - Tony

Camera Operator - Jeff Wilson

Sound Engineer and Mixer - John Deptowicz

Color and Graphics - Rich Vernillo

*Casting for actors is still in progress... Updates coming soon!

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    All of the above, PLUS... -A Hi-Res digital download of 'Like Son, Like Father'

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    All of the above, PLUS... -An Executive Producer credit. *Executive Producer will be credited in the film credits as well as IMDB. Read here for more details the role of the EP will play.

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