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LightSeed Energy provides solar light to Africans without electricity. We're sending solar lamps to students in Zambia.
Symon Edmonds
Toronto, Ontario
4 Team Members

Our story and desire to light Africa

When LightSeed Energy co-founder Michael Pietrzak was working in a refugee camp in Malawi five years ago, he was invited into a man's home to talk about a problem that he was having. Something from that meeting stayed with him: Michael was sitting five feet from his host and could not see his face, even though it was the middle of the day. Michael could only imagine how dark it would get at night, and how difficult his own life would be without light.

After doing some research, Michael found that 85% of Africans have no access to electricity, creating major health, economic and environmental problems.

The results? Read it for yourself:

1) 400,000 Africans die prematurely each year due to indoor air pollution caused by traditional fuels like kerosene and charcoal.

2) Those without electricity spend up to 30% of their income on traditional fuels like kerosene and charcoal.

3) Traditional fuels contribute to climate change and deforestation, affecting all of us on our fragile planet.

Michael decided to do something and that is when LightSeed Energy was born. LightSeed Energy provides solar systems to families in Africa without access to the electrical grid.

Supplying families with solar energy in Africa has proven benefits.

1) The use of solar lamps reduces indoor and environmental pollution significantly.

2) Solar energy is cheaper to obtain and maintain, helping families own affordable solar lighting and increase their household income by as much as 50%.

3) Solar light allows children to study safely, helping them improve grades and giving them more opportunities.

Be part of the change.

Your donation will provide students the opportunity to study at night with a healthier and more sustainable solar lamp.

The cost to purchase and distribute each solar lamp is $10, so your $30 contribution can light up a family’s home.

But it does not stop here. This first project is only the beginning of a global energy revolution. Our goal is to eradicate energy poverty in Africa by 2030, by placing solar energy in the hands of every African without access to electricity.

The details

Minus the $3,000 that was required to film our crowfunding video and Indiegogo's fees, all of the money raised from this campaign will go towards purchasing and distribution of solar lamps to students in Zambia. LightSeed Energy co-founders plan to fly to Zambia in April 2014 to distribute all solar lamps to the students in need (paying for their own flights, expenses and accommodations).

The solar lamp in question is the d.light S2 – a solar powered lamp that will last for five years on average. (http://www.dlightdesign.com/productline/s2/)

At LightSeed Energy, we want you to be a part of the global movement to eradicate energy poverty. Check out our perks list on the right that will engage you and help you interact with the Zambian communities that we are helping.

If we do not raise the entire $30,000 for this project, we will still carry it out on a smaller scale. 

More donations = more solar lamps for more students.

Spread the word!

Be part of sending solar lights to students in Africa. Share LightSeed Energy with your friends and let’s get entire communities out of the dark.

Website: www.lightseedenergy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightseedenergy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lightseedenergy

Note: donors are not charged taxes on their donations.

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raised by 94 people in 2 months
21% funded
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$30,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on January 10, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $50CAD
    Post-card from Zambia

    Get a personal touch! At $50, you will get a post-card from the students in Zambia showing their appreciation for their new solar lamps. Includes 5 decals.

    8 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $100CAD
    Video footage of our project

    Learn more about how your donation has helped improve the lives of Zambian students, their families and their communities. We will send you video footage of our project, showing how these students use their solar lights and how it helps their communities. Includes post-card

    6 out of 300 claimed
  • $500CAD
    High-level donor cocktail

    Let us thank you personally for your generous donation! Enjoy a cocktail with a guest speaker. Includes video footage of our project

    0 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $1,000CAD
    Banner space on our website

    Welcome to the elite club of our Executive Level Donors! Enjoy free banner advertising space on our website (www.lightseedenergy.com) for one month. Includes cocktail and video footage.

    0 out of 15 claimed
  • $5,000CAD
    Come to Zambia with us!

    Thank you for your exceedingly generous donation! See the project through to completion by coming with us to Zambia (flights and expenses not paid by LightSeed Energy). Dine with village and school leaders. Includes perks of $1,000 donors.

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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