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Ever wish real life were more like an RPG, with experience points and leveling up?
Jayvant Pujara
Greenville, South Carolina
United States
1 Team Member

What is LifeRPG?

LifeRPG is an application aimed at helping you organize your life and become more productive by using an intuitive, video game-like system, while helping in building confidence and motivation.

It grew out of my frustration at trying to find a productivity system and software that suited me best. No matter what I tried, my mind always kept going back to the almost magical way that video games seem to be structured to capture your interest and reward you for your progress. So I did some research and started developing a productivity system for myself based on game principles. As I started telling others about it, I found out that many other people were interested in a tool like this as well!

At this point, there is a fast-growing community building up around it on reddit, and the best thing is that you can already download LifeRPG and try it out for yourself!

This is a campaign to help speed up the development of the next iteration of the LifeRPG system.

What Can LifeRPG do for you?

Here is what LifeRPG can already do for you, right now:

  • Keep track of your projects and assign a difficulty, importance and skill to each one.
  • View your projects by order of difficulty, from the easiest to the hardest, so that you can build up confidence and motivation by tackling challenges in a game-like fashion.
  • Projects are colored by difficulty to make it easier to navigate the list.
  • Gain points for completing projects, and watch your level progress bar increase until you LEVEL UP!
  • Dynamic skill system lets you assign an optional skill to each project, which can be anything you want, so when you complete them your assigned skill will go up.
  • Manage your skills with the Skills Stats view and see which are beefed up and which ones are lagging. Instantly access your projects for each skill by double-clicking or hitting enter on the highlighted skill.
  • Heads-Up Display is redesigned, can be toggled on and off, and hides automatically if you move the mouse over it.
  • Customize your HUD by entering a name and title for yourself in your profile -- Ninja, Wizard, Businessman, Artist -- whatever you want!
  • Project Log window lets you see a record of projects you've completed, what skill was affected, and what your overall level was, so you can track your progress through time.
  • Momentum Bar (MMT) -- a totally unique concept, not available anywhere else as far as I know, that motivates you to keep making progress on your goals. Every day, your momentum stat will decrease by a certain amount, and will eventually drop to zero unless you complete a project from your list to make it recharge. See if you can get your MMT bar back to 100% every day!
  • Custom Level Up Sound -- Select a sound file to play when you reach a new level, perhaps one from your favorite game, or anything else you want.
  • Keep more than one database so you can track projects for different contexts; like perhaps one database for personal projects and one for your business.
  • QuickAdd Projects window lets you add projects to your database when you're in the middle of anything, so you don't have to switch back to the LifeRPG main window.
  • QuickDone Projects window, similar to the QuickAdd function, but marks the project you enter as done, immediately increasing your points and your skill.
  • Manually increase points with hotkeys so you can adjust your level properly, or to just increase your progress without having to enter any projects or anything tedious if you don't want to.
  • No level cap, infinite content already available, no DLC ever required :)

What Redditors Are Saying About LifeRPG:

The response for LifeRPG on reddit has been phenomenally positive. Just take a look:

"...I think this may honestly be the first to do/life management software that I actually stick with. Awesome work! All we need now is a mobile app (which I would totally pay for, given the already extensive list of features) and we're golden."

"There's just something about clicking project done and seeing your EXP bar go up as opposed to simply seeing a task disappear from a to do list."

"Have to say, I ABSOLUTELY love this. Fantastic, fantastic idea, really... a fantastic program that i see myself using for a long time. Keep up the good work!"

"Beautiful stuff dude! You're helping people fix their lives, thats a big deal...hope this gets more popular soon."

"Oh man, I'm really loving this. This is a great idea, and so far well executed."

"This looks awesome, I can see the IM community getting great use out of this, freelancers, entrepreneurs.. Anyone who's accountable for their own time, really."

"...I´ll be keeping an eye on /r/lifeRPG. this seems awesome."

"wow man! this is absolutely awesome! You're a genius!"

"that's brilliant."

"This looks amazing!"

"I love this idea!!"

"Just want to thank you for the awesome program. It is bringing fun into my studies. Hopefully it is that turning point i need. It is definitely an amazing concept. Keep it up."

"This is great! I've tried to do this before on paper but never got a handle on it, but this is quick and easy :D Great job!"

"This thing is seriously awesome man! Keep up the good work"

"Incredible.. can't wait to get home and run this..."

"...I love this, I've gotten so much done it's insane..."

"I'm loving this so far!"

"Thanks for making LifeRPG! It's awesome :) "

"This is awesome! Fantastic work man, keep it up."

"Great idea, been thinking about an idea like this for a while but you have the skills to do it! "

"Just found this yesterday and love it so far... Keep up the amazing work!"

"Amazing work! Already helping, but can't wait to see what it turns into as it evolves."

The Future: LifeRPG 3 and Beyond

I'm committed to developing the LifeRPG concept and taking it to its limits!

Here are some of the things I want to include in the upcoming LifeRPG 3:

Repeating project support and streak-tracking. By far one of the most requested features on r/LifeRPG. You'll be able to set projects to repeat (whether daily, weekly, etc.) and keep track of your completion streaks, in a "don't break the chain" type of way.

Exercise tracking. A special module to keep track of your workouts, where you can input workout details like times, weights, distances run, etc.

Money management system. A simple, fun system for tracking your finances.

Reward management system. You'll be able to set rewards you can earn for completing your projects. Whether that's a specific reward for a certain project, or random "drops" that only appear some of the times you complete projects, it'll be up to you.

Multiple-language support. Users have already eagerly started translating LifeRPG to their native languages, and I want to enable the app to have the interface available in multiple languages.

Multiple skills per project. You'll be able to assign more than one skill to a project, so completing a project can affect your level in however many skills you want.

More customizations and refinements. I want to consider all the feedback people have been giving about LifeRPG 2, and add some surprises of my own.

This is all just the beginning, and as more support comes in, this is what I can envision for the future of LifeRPG:

  • Linux and OS X compatible versions. Highly requested by many interested people.
  • Mobile versions. Also highly requested. Take the power of LifeRPG with you in the palm of your hand.
  • Collaborative web versions. Imagine competing with your co-workers or group members to complete projects, gain levels and unlock rewards!
  • A real-life heads up display. Can you imagine LifeRPG one day running on something like Google Glass? I sure can, and it's really exciting to think about!

(P.S. if you have coding or design skills and want to talk about working together to help make any of these things happen, contact me and let know!)

What LifeRPG Needs

I have a big interest in developing this project, as it's helped me a lot to organize my own life and become more motivated and productive. However, other users seem even more excited about it and are wondering when the next release is going to happen. The thing is, up until now I've just been able to work on it whenever I can spare. So I figured Indiegogo could help us all out and make LifeRPG 3 happen as soon as possible!

Your contribution will go to help make development of LifeRPG 3 easier and faster. I'll be able to devote more attention and time to the project, so you can get it on your desktop as soon as possible for you to have fun leveling up and managing your life.

At the very least, you can help pay for a few drinks and snacks for while I code :)

Other Ways You Can Help

LifeRPG is free and open source, so if you are inclined you can step right up and contribute to the code, or customize it for yourself or others however you want (it's written in AutoHotkey, which is a fun and simple scripting language for Windows).

Another way you can contribute is by sharing LifeRPG with others if you think it can help them!

If you've read this far, you must be really interested in LifeRPG! So go ahead, make your contribution and tell your friends about it! And come join the community at http://www.reddit.com/r/LifeRPG/

Thanks for supporting free and open source software!

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    Lord of the Realm

    The corporate package. After LifeRPG 3 is released, I'll work with your company for one month to customize LifeRPG for you, your employees, and your enterprise. (in person if you're in the Greenville area, or remotely otherwise)

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