LifeNets for Malawi

Join us as we take a stand against the spread of Malaria in Malawi, "the warm heart of Africa."
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UPDATE 8/28:

And at the end of our online campaign, we have all raised enough funds to protect about 75 families or 300 people, that's truly amazing! To each and every individual who went out of their way to donate and to spread the word about this campaign, both myself and the LifeNets Foundation team thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue to raise funds up until our mission date.. let's see just how much of a difference we can make!

(Perks will be rewarded within a week or so, stay tuned!)

UPDATE 8/14:

You guys have been wonderful in all your support and contributions toward our campaign! With only 12 days remaining in our IGG Fundraiser, let's kick it into high-gear and make the final push to raise as much support as we can for families in Malawi. So far, we've raised an equivalent of about 42 nets, which could potentially save 168 lives. That's amazing, but let's not be complacent with that.. we can do MORE! Share this page with your friends/family and let's all work together to fight Malaria. Thank you!!


Thank you so much to everybody who has donated and shared this campaign so far! An important update we have is that our CEO has made an executive decision to postpone this trip to November. However, we will keep fundraising for the next 3 weeks! The only difference will be that the funds will be utilized in November instead of August; funders who have chosen perks will still receive them at the end of the campaign. Thank you all for your support and let's keep going strong to make this incredible difference!




Every year, roughly 219 million people are infected with Malaria and about 660,000 people die from it, most of them are African children.


Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites, which enter human bloodstreams through infected Anopheles mosquitoes. As a consequence, these mosquito vectors have played a critical role in the spread of Malaria.


Perhaps the most tragic aspect is that, unlike many other diseases, Malaria is both curable and preventable. Yet this very disease is the cause of numerous deaths, sicknesses, miscarriages, and even economic losses. Poor or high-burdened regions, such as Central Africa, are particularly at risk, as they lack both the means and the resources to fight this ongoing pandemic.

Our Mission - Join Us!

LifeNets Foundation is a progressive nonprofit organization fighting Malaria, one small yet incredibly significant step at a time. We truly believe that by tackling the deeper issues of malaria, we hold in our hands the ability to eradicate malaria from Malawi and even all of Africa within our lifetime.

As part of our short-term strategy, we have focused on implementing and distributing the insecticide-treated mosquito net. These nets, which can be set up to cover a small sleeping area for the night, play an astoundingly powerful role in preventing mosquito bites and thus, preventing further spread of Malaria. The nets that we distribute are not simply coated with insecticide, but are safely and effectively woven with the insecticide. This provides more safety for the user, as well as longer usage and increased effectiveness.

However, our mission does not simply end with the distribution of these mosquito nets. We ensure that the communities we visit are properly educated on how to most effectively use these nets, so that they may provide maximum protection and last as long as possible. Furthermore, we conduct several follow-up examinations and distributions.. just to be sure the nets are working well!

We Need Your Help...

After a long year of preparations and plans, we are almost ready to embark on our annual mission to Lilongwe, Malawi. In order to provide as many resources and as much help as we can offer, we are aiming to raise an additional $3,780 USD (an equivalent of 315 nets).


Our 2013 trip will happen in late November, but we are fundraising ahead of time in order to have plenty of time to reach our goal to help the people of Malawi!


It costs only $12 USD per net, so whether you can contribute $1 or $100, please consider making a donation; every dollar counts in the fight against Malaria.

Thank YOU!

Even if you currently cannot contribute financially, you can still help us make a difference. Please consider sharing this link and campaign to your friends and family. Get the word out and let's beat Malaria!




With the utmost gratitude,

-The LifeNets Foundation.

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  • $1USD
    I Want to Help!

    At just $12 per net, every bit counts!

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  • $12USD
    The First Milestone

    This is the cost of a single net and could provide a lifetime of opportunities for a few children. We offer our sincerest gratitude for your contribution to protect communities against Malaria.

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  • $36USD
    Triple Play

    At the equivalence of three nets, we offer our sincerest gratitude for your contribution to protect communities against Malaria. You will also receive regular updates throughout the entire trip (including some photos)!

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  • $84USD
    Lucky Seven

    At the equivalence of seven nets, we will include all the benefits of the previous perk and you will receive a personal shout-out via our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  • $120USD
    Big Leagues

    At the equivalence of ten nets (providing enough protection for 40 children!), you will receive all the benefits of the previous perk and will also receive our official LifeNets Foundation T-shirt!

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  • $360USD
    Going for the Finish

    At an incredible worth of thirty nets, you will receive the benefits of the previous perk and we will send you one high-quality printed photograph of some of the people you are helping save and signed by our entire team. This will be accompanied by a hand-written letter from our CEO/Founder. Thank You!

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