Life Is Feudal

'Life Is Feudal' is a groundbreaking Sandbox PC MMORPG in which players thrive and survive in a vast and immersive realistic medieval fictional world!
Vladimir Piskunov
Russian Federation
2 Team Members


First live stream:

Campaign is closed

It is obvious, that we will not be able to meet our goal. There are numerous reasons for that and some of them is our fault too, but we could not change it much, since the campaign had started. 

Still we are going to survive according our Plan "B" ;) Please, register on our site: and wait for additional news. Second stream containing some combat moments of our Sandbox MMORPG is going to be soon. Stay tuned!

old campaign text:

We are thrilled that you have decided to check out our game project LIFE IS FEUDAL, and we are excited to have the opportunity to explain to you what we are trying to achieve! Everyone on our team are highly experienced gamers, and we just can’t get enough of hardcore MMORPG games! 

Almost 3 years ago we decided to build our own online world, in which players could immersive themselves in a highly realistic medieval environment, and so LIFE IS FEUDAL was born. Being huge MMORPG fans, and being fans of medieval-themed titles, a realistic medieval scenario was an easy choice for us as a setting.

Although our team doesn’t have a large rolodex of past titles, LIFE IS FEUDAL comes from the heart. The quality of our current game is a testament to our commitment and love for what we do, and if anyone doubts that a start-up team can accomplish the impossible and build a large and vast MMORPG, check out LIFE IS FEUDAL! For the past 3 years we have worked very hard and diligently on putting together the most impressive PC Sandbox MMORPG. 

We have come incredibly far, but need your support! We have reached a point where additional external funding is required for us to complete the development and release our game, and we spent many nights and days weighing our options. Ultimately, because LIFE IS FEUDAL is for gamers built by gamers, the decision to get the gaming community (You!) involved in the continued development of our project was an easy one to make.

Set in a highly realistic environment, LIFE IS FEUDAL challenges you to go back in time and discover living medieval life. Your objective is not only to survive, but to find a way to prosper, build, or join an existing community. How would you fend for yourself? Where would you live? 

How would you defend against and fight off other players and predators from the wild? Will you establish, or will you join a peaceful community, and would you even if you could? 

Perhaps you are the Mercenary type looking for solitude and isolated living. Become a conqueror. Or a wanderer. The choice is ultimately yours, and LIFE IS FEUDAL offers you the freedom to create your own destiny and challenges you to thrive and survive.

LIFE IS FEUDAL can be summarized as a massive Sandbox PC MMORPG with advanced features catering to gamers looking for the ultimate online gaming experience! Set in a vast and realistic medieval environment, the game offers a large persistent seamless world, in which its players can freely roam and participate.

While LIFE IS FEUDAL is free-to-play, its full potential can only be experienced by acquiring a license (buy-to-play). Players are allowed to explore and roam a free continent almost without restrictions, giving a sense of the games full scope, complexity, and gameplay.

LIFE IS FEUDAL offer a host of incredible features making our game truly unique! It offer something for everyone, and the diverse and varied gameplay is enhanced by our continued commitment to adding new and cool stuff over time! Backers of this campaign will enjoy unlimited hours of adventuring, and very few players will ever be good enough, or skilled enough, to explore the rich and massive environment! Here is a quick breakdown of our games main features:

  • Massive Seamless Open-Ended World. LIFE IS FEUDAL features a massive 441 square kilometer open seamless world! Our game has island-like continent with different biomes such as plain, dense forest, steppe, desert, tundra and marsh, for example. All of the terrain is untouched nature inviting players to settle or invade! The continent is scattered with rivers, lakes and bays, and even has a roaring volcano!
  • Free Terraforming & Tunnel Building. LIFE IS FEUDAL features 100% free terraforming and tunnel building! Dig tunnels, mines and moats, and expand them in all dimensions almost without limitations! You can raise and lower ground levels with a land-fall effect. Substances include soil, rock, granite, ore veins, clay, sand, and many more!
  • Free Modular & Predefined Construction of Buildings & Objects. LIFE IS FEUDAL features more than 100 buildings and objects! Most buildings can be placed anywhere with free rotation and are predefined. Fortifications are modular allowing you to design and build your own unique castles with pattern, towers, gates etc. You can even place palisade walls and fences.
  • Rich Crafting System. LIFE IS FEUDAL features a crafting system with more than 500 recipes, including but not limited to mining, smelting, forging, logging, carpentry, construction, masonry, architecture, farming, taming, procuration, cooking, tailoring, fishing and hunting! Crafting is enriched through clever use of mini-games.
  • Almost Unlimited Number of Unique Alchemy Combinations. LIFE IS FEUDAL features over 40 billion alchemy combinations unique to each player! And unlike other online games you need to learn, experiment and create your very own unique combinations. Alchemy is not just a matter of character skill, as it has strong emphasis on players spending time and resources on creating good recipes and combinations.
  • Innovative Mini-Games Concept. LIFE IS FEUDAL features a plethora of mini-games that adds immersion and fun to the medieval crafting process, and allows gamers to play isolated parts of the game directly from a browser! Mini-Games offer an opportunity to improve on a given craft, and rewards players with bonuses.
  • A No-target Combat System. LIFE IS FEUDAL features an advanced no target combat system, where combat can be experienced in either 1st or 3rd person view. There is no lock-on, and players must carry out individual actions such as swing, stab and block, for example. 
  • Physics-Based Melee & Ranged Combat. Physics come into play as well, as does the quickness of the attacker and defender. A swift use of a sword at a high velocity causes extensive damage.
  • Realistic Player Damage System. With fractures and bleeding wounds you can create different unique combat tactics.
  • Full Loot. Added thrill and excitement of your adventures! Also when players die, loss of skill occurs by an alignment factor at random.
  • Skillcap & Statcap Systems. These will allow you to make almost any combination of skills that you think you need to have. You can design your own unique class and be like no one else in our world. That is the spirit of a true Sandbox!
  • Private Property & Land Claims. Grab some land for yourself or for your guild too. Divine law will protect your property standing on the claim from aggressors.
  • Complex Food & Cooking System. Cooking is no longer a secondary or non-existent skill. Being a good cook, who knows a lot of complex and tasty recipes, means that you and your friends or clients will be better fed and will have a skill raise bonuses!
  • Great selection of Medieval Weapons with Unique Combos & Effects. Up to 55 different medieval tools of killing and hurting. With their own combinations of directional attacks that will cause some harmful effects on your opponent, like knockdown, fracture, bleeding wound, crippled movement and many others!
  • Great selection of Tools that can be used as Militia Weapons! If you got jumped by some ragged bandit in the middle of your crops field, smash his face with a shovel! That will teach him a lesson.
  • Double Health & Stamina Bars. Double health and stamina bars represents your body status better. Players can be knocked out or dead, can be temporary out of breath or totally exhausted.
  • Original Battle Formation System. In massive battles, react accordingly to the combat situation and provide your Unit with a certain bonuses. But to receive these bonuses Unit members must be well organized and always keep formation.
  • Innovative Battle System. Battles will happen on an instanced server, without interference of 3rd parties, without senseless obstacles and with full statistic records. That is how history of feudal wars will be tracked!
  • Classic Siege System. As you have seen it in many other online games. Massive clash of players for a one certain castle.
  • Wild Animals Tracking & Hunting. You can find different tracks of different animals and follow them.

Our feature list is one of the most impressive and extensive for any MMORPG ever to be developed, and includes the very best from existing online games as well as some new, innovative, and groundbreaking additions never before seen! What follows is a brief description of the main features, and throughout the campaign we will provide updates with in-depth information and extensive details giving our backers full insight and clarity of our plans for LIFE IS FEUDAL.

LIFE IS FEUDAL has a tentative official release date of 2015, but this is subject to change and does not mean the game will not be available to download and play online a long time before that! The truth is, we plan to have an early ALPHA available right after successful finish of this campaign, and next year in 2014, there will be additional content and features added to the game, taking it to the BETA level. 

Supporters of LIFE IS FEUDAL can gain early exclusive access to playable code by pledging to some of our perk options outlined on the right side of this page. Developing a MMORPG is an everlasting process and never truly ends. But we strive to make as much content and as many features available as quickly as possible, especially because feedback and support is important.

Payment model is planned to be a B2P. Players will be able to download and enter game for free and will appear on a newbie island. While suffering different limitations, they will be able to test all of game mechanics and most of it features. And if they feel confident enough to leave safe newbie island and dive into the real medieval life on the main Continent, they will have to pay only once.

So what do you get for helping us? First of all, a heartwarming feeling that you have helped in creating a new, unique sandbox MMORPG to life! That feeling will be extended into game, giving you a slight sense of nobility.

Please, consider inspecting our rewards:


We will place you name and/or nickname in the Hall of Fame of our game on the website and the in-game credits page. Many years from now you will be able to tell your children that you helped trigger a new era of sandbox games. :)


Game Supporter, Proud Game Supporter, “Untouchable Game Supporter”. These titles will be available to all of your characters, so other players can observe them and feel how pathetic they are :). Also, if you choose the “Untouchable Game Supporter” Title to be visible and you are murdered by some PvP hungry outlaw, that outlaw will suffer a slightly higher alignment hit. That will teach him to avoid killing great supporters like you! ;)

Game purchase

Starting from a “well” reward tier you will be considered as a buyer of our game. That will give your characters a free ticket on a ship to the Main continent from the Newbie Island. Other players will have to spend real currency to buy these tickets.

Access to closed forum section

Way to effect on our Lore by taking active part in debates on the main continent and starting city names. Also, you will have access to alpha/beta tester forums and read their reviews, in case you were not lucky enough to get into earlier tests.

Increased “Authority” skill

This skill allow you to claim land for your personal control to build your own cozy farm, garden or bandit camp. Skill progression will be based on the amount of time you successfully maintain that claim. Players with this reward will have an increased base amount of the skill. This will allow them to claim significantly more land at the start of open Beta tests and at release!

Early access to the closed Alpha/Beta Tests

For all of you who cannot wait and want to dive into our medieval massive sandbox world, that is the right rewards for you.

Instant Closed Alpha Access - as soon as our campaign will be successfully finished, you will be able to download our client and join the alpha testing

Closed Alpha II Phase Access - aprox. in 2 month after the start of Closed Alpha tests

Closed Alpha III Phase Access - aprox. in 2 month after the start of Closed Alpha II tests

Closed Beta I Phase Access - date strongly depends on success of our campaign, extra funds we might get and overall amount of problems that needs to be solved during Alpha tests. As a rough estimate, that should be a Summer/Fall of 2014

Closed Beta II Phase Access - aprox. in 2 month after the start of Closed Beta tests

Keep in mind that early access will be provided to the Alpha/Beta testing phases, so please, be prepared to some glitches and bugs and report them on the way. The more reports you will do - the faster we will fix them.

Real Estate Rental

Starting City will be an only safe place in an endless storm of feudal life happening around it. Our backers will be able to claim land in city protected radius, which will guarantee protection of their assets in any circumstances! Aside from that, certain backers will have an estate property behind city walls that will be free of rent for first 6 month of Open Beta and Release. That property can be used freely, as for aesthetic purposes, as your bind point or simply to stash your belongings.

Keep in mind that we will let you choose any house out of the same types, but those who had backed first will be picking those houses first. So be fast with that, or you might end up with only some variants in slum district of Starting City ;)

Starting City view:

Houses types:

Tiny Shack


Tiny Shack. 1 bind point. A modest peasant shack. Has no door. Good enough to be a part of the city residents and to cover you from rain, but nothing else.

Small Wooden House ...


and Small Plaster House


3 bind points. A good 1 story high house for a tight family.

Medium sized Plaster House


5 bind point inside 2 story medieval city house. A nice looking medieval residence for a small group of well known citizens.

Big Wooden House ...


and Big Stone House


10 bind points. A massive house that can fit a whole small guild in, with firepit in the center and a balcony.

City Keep


A dominant of the outer city walls. A place fitting a governor of the Starter City. Multistory building with a good view on all 4 sides of the city.

Be a King of our World!

We will take your name or nickname as a base of the name of our Lore king! Your name will be mentioned as a historical figure that had personally led a successful expedition towards new lands. Also, you will have an exclusive rental rights on the Starter City Castle for first 6 month of Open Beta and Release. That Castle keep and its inner ward will be available to you, so you can build additional structures or raze those you don’t like! And that in the heart of the protected city. All hail the king!




Our campaign has a target goal of 200,000.00 Euros, as this amount of funding allows us to complete the development of LIFE IS FEUDAL, and develop all of the features described above. But that is only the beginning! Should we accomplish additional funding we have defined a number of stretch-goals enabling us to expand our MMORPG even further! LIFE IS FEUDAL is an ever expanding universe, and in an effort to constantly and continuously offer our players the ultimate gaming experience, the game must be allowed to expand, evolve, and grow over time. We have defined a number of key-features and estimated their costs as stretch-goals, and we are confident these additions will add new dimensions to our MMORPG.

Our first stretch-goal of 275,000.00 Euros adds a complex ecosystem to the game. The objective is to expand on the games realism where latitude affects weather patterns, and where rain will affect farming culture growth rates and harvest amount. The amount and toughness of wild animals is directly related to the number of players and buildings in certain areas. The stretch-goal also adds complex animal taming and breeding.

Our second stretch-goal of 330,000.00 Euros offers players the feature to freely place furniture and decorative items inside of caves, houses, and buildings with great precision!

Our third stretch-goal of 440,000.00 Euros offers players the ability to place certain type of walls, windows, doors, stairs and other housing modules on the game grid, resulting in your own unique house plan that you can complete and decorate.

Our next stretch-goal of 570,000.00 Euros is a major enhancement to the game and includes a full-scale naval transportation and combat system! By reaching this goal LIFE IS FEUDAL will include Cogs and Hulks (with possible in-game invention of Caravel and Carrack ship types) roaming around rivers, lakes, and seas for movement of trade goods, troops, piracy or simply for leisure exploration.

Our final stretch-goal of 700,000.00 Euros offers players everything they will ever need to turn their depleted mine tunnels into a full-scale dungeons maze with doors, traps, and monster spawns, and treasure spots.

That is all our team. No more, no less and we are bad-ass :)

Name: Vladimir aka "Bobik"

Project leader, Software Architect, Lead Game Designer

A hardcore player both with cybersport background (Counterstrike 1.6) and with a large MMORPGs background, starting from old school UO. If you don’t like some of our game mechanics or concepts - blame Bobik! Acquired a PhD degree in economics.

Gaming experience/preference: MMORPGs: UO, AO, Shadowbane, LA2 beta, Planetside I/II, WW2OL, GW, WoW, ATitD, EVE, Dreamlords Beta, Project Entropia, FoM, Wurm, Sphere, Starport:GE, TCoS, Haven&Hearth, Darkfall

Single player (prefered): The Horde (DOS), Starcraft, HOMM3, Dungeon Keeper 2

Name: Boris aka "Bear"

Junior AI Developer

We all love Boris. Boris is good. And he is always right!

Gaming experience/preference: Tag ;)

Name: Michael aka "Mihey"

Lead C++ developer

Father of our terraforming and free building systems. Master of elements!

Gaming experience/preference: Quake 3, Richard Burns Rally

Name: Alexander aka "OnWheel"

Interface and DB C++ Developer

If you will find an inventory dupe bug - you can thank him for that :)

Gaming experience/preference: Civilization 3, 4, 5; DragonAge 1, 2; Fallout 2, 3; The Witcher series; Company of Heroes.

Name: Stepan aka "Link"

Art Director

That strong feeling of despair you might feel while living in our world is his part of job.

Gaming experience/preference: Gothic 1-2, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Disciples 1-2, Warcraft 3, Mount&Blade Warband, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Name: Dmitriy aka "GothicDM"

3D Artist

Architect of our houses and buildings. And a lot of other stuff too...

Gaming experience/preference:  Gothic 2, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Rainbow Six, Battelfield series

Name: Artem aka "Artem"

Lead AI and Game Mechanics C++ Developer

You have just killed a deer that was stuck between 3 trees? Do not forget to make a sacrifice in the name of Artem.

Gaming experience/preference:  C&C series

Name: Ilya aka "Furok"

3D Artist

All those scratches and dirty spots on your newly crafted armor is thanks to his ultimate 3D artist and texturing skills!

Gaming experience/preference: Titan Quest, Evil Islands, Carmageddon 2, Total Anigilation: Kingdoms, Disciples, Disciples 2, HoMM3, Homeworld, Dlade of Darkness, Warcraft 3, Gothic, Dungeon Keeper 2, Mount&Blade Warband, Path of Exile, Skyrim

Name: Vadim aka "wad"

Game Mechanics C++ Developer

Logging, Carpentry, Smelting, Construction, Alchemy, Cooking and many other useful skills brought with his caring hands into our medieval world.

Gaming experience/preference: UO, DAoC, EQ, WoW, WAR, APB, BnS, Darkfall, LotRO, PW, RF, Wurm, H&H

Name: Charlie aka "Falke88"

Community manager

Real life job:  Paratrooper soldier. Part time job: our community manager. Take care Charlie, it is still unknown which job is more dangerous ;)

Gaming experience/preference: Gothic 1-2, Fallout 3, Wurm Online

Name: Fyodor aka "bank"

Internal Systems C++ Developer

Huge fanboy of a Torque 3D engine we are using. But hey, we are using it well enough with Bank in our team!

Gaming experience/preference: Descent, Unreal and GTA series; AfterWorld; Carmageddon; Project Entropia / Entropia Universe; Active Worlds; F1; Transport Tycoon; Half-Life; Syndicate

Name: Sergey aka "Aneroun"

Render C++ Developer

Doing real magic with the engine rendering part, in our realistic medieval setting. But that is ok. Yes, he have a long list of games he had played :)

Gaming experience/preference: TES (3-4), Diablo(1-2), SW KotOR(1), Fallout(1-3), Arcanum, Soulbringer, Titan Quest, Zanzarah, Allods(1-3), Gothic(1), Pirates of the Caribbean, Myth, StarCraft, AoE(1-2), Settlers(2), Civilization, Colonization, Alpha Centauri, Caesar 3, Pharaon, HoMM(2-3), RedAllert, Transport Tycoon, Rise of nation, Total Annihilation, SimCity, Homeworld,  Quake(1-3), HL(1-2), Unreal, SiN, CS, SW Jedi Knights, Rune, MechWarrior, Crysis, Rage, Stalker, Syndicate Wars, Syndicate, GTA(1-3), Carmageddon, NFS(2-N), Worms Armageddon

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    A Small Wooden OR Plaster House Rental In The Starting City For Six Months of BETA and RELEASE w/Exclusive Right To Continue Rental* + ALL Previous Perks! (excluding other housing rental perks) + 2 More Instant Closed ALPHA Access Reward for your friends or guildmates * First come first serve basis.

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    You name/nick as a base of the Lore King name! + Main Castle Complex Rental For Six Months of BETA and RELEASE w/Exclusive Right To Continue Rental* + ALL Previous Perks! (excluding other housing rental perks) *Including All Inner Ward Available for Free Building as Your Own!

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