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LIBERATION CHOCOLATE has been nominated as a top 5 contestant for the SOCAP Accelerator Contest

Liberation Chocolate (LC) gets Former Child Soldiers out poverty through Cocoa production. LC serves five different constituencies, providing each with a truly liberating experience.
1) Liberate farmers from Poverty by providing income for non-commercial farms by paying above-markets rates and providing consistent demand for their products.
2) Liberate Former Child Soldiers and reintegrates them into society by providing year round jobs paying living wages-in a disciplined and empathetic structure.
3) Liberated from opaque, inconsistent and undependable supply chain.
Poverty in Liberia has spread and deepened over the past decades. It is estimated that 76% of the population live below the poverty line of US $1 a day and 52% even live in extreme poverty of under US$0.50 a day. In this regard, we provide technical, financial and logistical supports to cocoa farmers to enhance the productivity of their work and in return purchase the produce yielded from their farmings.

For this, 20 farmers have seen their abandoned farms coming back to fruition and 50 child soldiers disposable incomes have improved significantly along the year. In so doing, we are meeting a serious social need by creating job opportunities for abandoned folks in the Liberian society. We are also contributing to the peace & security of the country employing former child soldiers.
With this money we are going to buy some food for former child soldiers to get more energy to start cleaning up of the 400 acres of abandoned cocoa farm we just acquired.Therefore, every single cent from you counts a whole lot to jumpstart this important project. 


Sheikh Abu Turay: sheikh@liberationchocolate.com

Find us @ http://liberationchocolate.com/

"This campaign was designed for the SOCAP conference community for it's annual gathering on October 1-4th.  A group of 100 entrepreneurs selected 5 entrepreneurs to showcase their work through a small crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The entrepreneurs were given 2 hours to develop their campaign page. The campaign will run for 1 week to an audience of 1500 global social innovators at SOCAP.  SOCAP attendees were given a wooden token representative of $5 that they will choose to designate towards 1 of the 5 project, in total worth $10,000.  Additionally, attendees are encouraged to further contribute both financially and otherwise. Though the entrepreneurs have financial goals far exceeding the small amount they will raise through the campaign, this exercise is a symbol of how crowd and community support towards inspiring and innovative individuals can leverage great resources to change the world."

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