LGBT Welcome & Youth Center

Turning a historic house into an LGBT Welcome Center: a safe space for bullied youth, a gathering space for the LGBT community and travel resource center.

Make this House a Home

We need your help to turn this handsome historic house into a second home for LGBT youth and visitors. With your contributions*, the house will become:

A Welcome Center

As the area’s LGBT Welcome Center, we will offer travel resources, package deals and insider tips on how visitors can get the most out of their stay in Tampa Bay.  

If you’re a resident, we’ll help you discover the latest arts & cultural events, get connected to ticket locations, and access deals to dine, play and be entertained in the area.

An LGBT Coffee House
We’ll also be your local LGBT coffee house, where you can meet friends, study, hold meetings, enjoy first dates, read a book, and participate in enriching programs. We’ll specifically focus on being a safe space for LGBT youth, where they can freely be themselves in a supportive environment with their peers. This safe space is so important considering the fact that HALF of LGBT youth are bullied and 40% of homeless youth are LGBT.

* Every dollar you donate will be MATCHED by another dollar from a private donor.




What We Need & What You Get

  • To become a space where neighbors and strangers can meet, the house needs renovations including: new windows, fire protection, air conditioning (it is Florida), and an access ramp for people living with disabilities.  
  • Once the house is up to code, it must then be filled with quality, durable furnishings that are flexible enough to fit any configuration needed for meetings and gatherings.  
  • With a warm, inviting space, the house can become the area's only LGBT coffee house!
  • We'll also build online and offline promotional resources to give local, national and international LGBT individuals access to visitor options, travel packages and LGBT gatherings.    



The Impact

Your contribution will make a difference in providing these unique services:

  • Safe Space for youth to be themselves through programs and events. (About 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and need connections and resources.)
  • The nation's third LGBT travel resource center.
  • The area's only LGBT coffee house.
  • This is a new project of Metro Wellness and Community Centers, which has served the LGBT community for more than 20 years.


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Help us spread the word by sharing our story!

* Every dollar you donate will be MATCHED by another dollar from a private donor.

Team on This Campaign: