Letterpress Apprenticeship

Passing on the skills of the art & craft of letterpress printing and making books by hand

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Passing on rare skills and using them creatively

I'm Robin Price, and I have been creating & publishing limited edition artists' books since 1984 under the imprint of Robin Price, Printer & Publisher.

An intensive, one-on-one apprenticeship in letterpress printing and making books by hand was essential in my own development 25 years ago. Now that I have decades of experience, expertise, and innovation, I'm eager to offer the same kind of opportunity to another young artist, Brittany De Nigris. I’ve hired assistants in the past, so you might be wondering, What makes this different? and, Why are you coming to us for money? What’s different is a desire to make it as strongly educational as I can. I can’t afford to teach this way without fundraising for her stipend. I want to devote more time to broad-based mentoring, not just showing her what I need so she can correctly trim a stack of press sheets, or print a press run. I'll be able to teach in the most valuable way I know how: working directly with one person, providing in-depth training in many book arts skills so she can participate in making the press books with me, taking time to discuss and collaborate on everything from conceptual development of ideas to promoting the artwork. Together we will browse work from my own collection of fine press & artists' books and nearby collections, have weekly meetings about her own art projects, and -- especially important -- attend conferences and book fairs so she can easily connect with others in the field while learning from a variety of people. Here are the trips we have planned: Wells College Summer Book Arts Institute calligraphy workshop (NY), Oak Knoll Fest & Symposium (DE), Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair (D.C.), College Book Art Association conference (CT), and the Codex Symposium & International Bookfair (CA). With this apprenticeship I hope to mix the best parts of on-the-job-training, broad-based learning, and mentoring.

This experience will go a long way towards helping this young artist practice, teach and work in the community at the highest professional level. She will have further developed her own intellectual framework for this unique kind of artmaking, and she will be able to expand the craft of fine printing by teaching others. We can't do it without your support.

The Codex Foundation, a non-profit organization, is sponsoring this project by setting up a special fund so that your contribution to this rare educational opportunity will be tax-deductible.

And now, a word from our sponsor:

The CODEX Foundation enthusiastically endorses Robin's campaign—what better way to "preserve and promote the arts of the book" (the very heart of our mission) than by supporting an apprenticeship with a real master? Bravo Robin!

—Peter Rutledge Koch, founding director, The CODEX Foundation

What We Need 

  • We need to raise $16,500 to cover the apprentice's stipend for eight months (4/5 of total stipend), a relatively low rate because of five months' free housing already donated. (We are independently applying for grants to cover the final portion of her stipend, plus expenses for an exhibition that will document the apprenticeship, to be held at The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, CT, next year.)
  • We need to raise $5300 to cover the costs of educational travel, and conference & workshop fees.

Note: some overhead costs of this campaign have been factored in above. Options on How to Contribute (i.e., if you prefer to send a check): see bottom of page.

What We'd Love to Share With You

Your support of this Letterpress Apprenticeship -- which teaches a traditional craft as well as an original approach to artmaking -- means a great deal to us, and we've enjoyed putting together several different letterpress ways of saying Thank You. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions: rprice@wesleyan.edu

Why does this matter?

The skills needed for this kind of work are rare. They are as essential as the conceptual & creative foundation needed to make meaningful artwork. Your contribution says YES, I support your effort to pass on skills for making this unique form of art / books. 

Please help spread the word

Please help us to get the word out about this campaign (it's easy with the Indiegogo share tools located below the video), and please consider contributing financially if you can. Your help will make a difference and be much appreciated.

If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to make a contribution, you can send a check (or wire transfer) directly to:

Apprenticeship Program / The Codex Foundation / 2203 Fourth Street / Berkeley, CA 94710 (make sure to write Letterpress Apprenticeship in the memo line). 

You can contact Codex at (510) 849-0673 or monica@codexfoundation.org. Also, if you'd like to make your donation fully tax-deductible, you can opt out of the perks. Thank you very much for your support.

Team on This Campaign: