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Collaboratively schedule a date, time and location for a small get-together or manage large groups with advanced features (file sharing, pictures, etc.)
Ryan Smith
Aurora, Colorado
United States
2 Team Members

 1st place winner of Indiegogo's Cyber Cyber Monday Contest

LetsMeetAtJoes – Simplify your life, coordinate your next get-together collaboratively

Lets Meet at Joes (LMAJ) goal is to simplify the coordination of the personal and professional get-togethers in your life.

What is it?

In its most basic form LetsMeetAtJoes is a SaaS (Software as a Service) or "hosted" solution that allows people to collaboratively schedule a date, time and location for a small get-together, yet it’s powerful enough to scale with more advanced features (file sharing, pictures, communication, etc.) to manage large groups and organizations.

Why are we doing this?

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a get-together with more than two or three people you already know how difficult it can be to find a date, time and location that works for everyone.  The larger your group gets the more difficult it becomes.

While there are solutions that deal with small groups, and others that deal with large groups, there isn't a comprehensive solution that can help individuals, groups and organizations simplify their scheduling management within a unified platform.

What do we mean by that?  Let’s say you use LMAJ to set up an ad-hoc study group with friends, the study session was a great success, word spreads and everyone wants to do it again soon.  With LMAJ you could easily add new members, propose new unique get-togethers semester after semester until your ad-hoc group grew through the entire department, or beyond.

Your group would also have the ability to take advantage of social networking features such as communicating within the group, sharing files, pictures, news and events.  These types of features may not be that important when your just starting out or if you're just getting together one time, but if you want to keep getting together or your group grows you may find that changes, and with LMAJ you won't need to look for another solution if it does.

Our Goal

With your help we're planning to launch a private Beta of LMAJ approximately 30 days after the end of this campaign.  The Beta launch will include the core features to easily and collaboratively schedule small get-togethers as well as some tools to manage larger groups.

The Private Beta phase will last approximately two to three months during which we'll solicit feedback from Beta users, as well as work with members of the steering committee to determine the direction and feature release schedule.

When we've completed the initial features we'll launch our Public Beta where everyone can get involved. 


Your Support

It's hard to express it in a little text box, but we really do mean it when we say we appreciate your support! 

We've come up with a few perks for supporters (shown on the right) but if you want to give an amount that is not listed feel free to proceed with the award and the site will give you an option to fill in your own amount.  We'll make sure we still send you the appropriate perk, afterall we're in this together right?


The design for the limited edition T-shirts and caps will be something that you can actually help decide.  Yep, we're not only crowdsourcing to get this project moving, we're also crowdsourcing the design with 99Designs.  As a supporter you'll be able to vote on the final design that we'll use.

You'll be voting on designs like these...

Design 1Sample Design 2  Sample Design 3

Shipping Note:  If you live outside the 48 continental United States please add $5 to your amount to cover the additional shipping costs for any perk.

Our Promise To You

During this campaign and upon funding of this project we will continue to communicate clearly with all of our supporters.  If you have questions or comments we'll make sure we're available and responsive. 

It's annoying to support a project and then have no insight as to the progress of things, or when you'll be getting the things that you're entitled to.

We're asking for you help to support this project and we want to make sure that you'll always be glad that you did.

Thank you SO much, and if it's not too much trouble would you pass this along to your network of co-workers, friends and family in any way you can?

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This campaign ended on January 1, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Our Thanks

    Our sincere thanks and your name listed in the credits on the website (if you want it there), and you’ll be included in all updates of our progress (if you want).

    1 claimed
  • $10USD
    Social Media Thank You

    All the above, plus a thank you on Facebook and Twitter from us, plus we’ll throw some cool stickers your way.

    0 claimed
  • $25USD
    Private Beta

    All the above, plus become an influencer with an invite to the private Beta. Plus we'll throw in a World Abbey EP CD (a Denver Indie band we worked with).

    2 claimed
  • $50USD

    All the above, plus a special edition “ I made it happen” LetsMeetAtJoes T-shirt that’s only available to supporters. How cool would it be if you had one of those from Facebook, Pinterest, FourSquare or LetsMeetAtJoes? You'll have a chance to vote on the final T-Shirt design as well.

    0 claimed
  • $100USD
    Pro Access

    All the above, plus 1 year pro access to the product when it's launched

    5 claimed
  • $250USD
    Pro Indie Bonus Pack

    All the above, plus we'll throw in an additional T-shirt or Cap (your choice) and heck we'll double your pro access to 2 years total when it's launched. Your supporting an Indie project, so we'll send you an Indie film called Raising The Stakes that we were involved with. It's a full length feature film shot in Denver, CO and features a soundtrack of indie artists. (Trailer: http://www.eomedia.com/services/film/raising-the-stakes)

    2 claimed
  • $500USD
    Steering Committee

    All the above, plus join the steering committee that will help define the features through the Beta phase and public launch as well as a personal note from us.

    8 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Lifetime Pro Access

    All the above, plus a lifetime pro access to the product when it's launched (guaranteed access to all premium features regardless of future changes in memberships) for as long as the site exists (excluding anything the lawyers tell us we can't do).

    4 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Language Pro

    All the above, plus you pick a language for us to translate our site into. Just contact us to ensure that the language you want is supported by the site architecture. (e.g. LTR & UTF-8 compliance)

    1 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    API Developer

    API/Developer. 1 Year API/Developer access to the private API's to leverage the powerful features of the product to communicate with multiple user accounts within your organization or through your 3rd-party product, including commercial usage. We'll also work with you directly on any specific feature requests to make sure the platform gives you what you need. You'll also get a pair of lifetime pro access accounts to the product when it's launched and a pair of special API edition T-shirts.

    0 claimed
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