Lets Revolutionize Automotive Safety

1,300,000 people die in car crashes a year. We have the technology to change this, but we need your help to bring it to the roads.
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    Thank you, your awesome!!

    Thank you so much, your support is priceless! Each and every contribution helps move this technology closer to the roads.

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    Keep up to date!

    We will periodically send you email updates on our progress (We hate spam!).

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  • $15USD
    Who doesn't love a postcard?

    We'll be sure to send one your way. We might just include Great Grandma's secret pancake recipe, these are not your average flapjacks!

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    Bumper Sticker!

    We love stickers. We love cars. We love stickers on our cars. Get this rad bumper sticker and show your support!

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    Awesome T-Shirt!

    Add this sweet shirt to your already super cool T-Shirt collection. Available in black or white.

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    Long Sleeve Shirt

    Don't want short sleeve? We got you "covered". Also available in black or white.

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  • $100USD
    Shake it Like a Polaroid!

    Get your very own, unique, signed Polaroid pic of the project PLUS a personal Thank You Letter, bumper sticker, and a T-Shirt. Fun Fact: Did you know Polaroid says not to shake the pictures? The modern film doesn't require it and shaking can distort the image.

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    Project Poster

    Put this poster up in your room, den, or your man cave (garage). Wherever you choose, you'll be sure to love this epic poster. Oh, and it's signed, and comes with two bumper stickers, T-shirt, and a Polaroid.

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  • $1,000USD
    Another T-Shirt?

    Yup. That's right. Except these shirts will be hand printed, by our team, numbered, and signed. These shirts, unlike the others, will be printed on both sides and have our original artwork. Comes with all the above perks. But wait, there's more! We'll double it and you'll get TWO of all the above perks!

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