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Suffolk does not have to be flat
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Short Summary

Hello Indiegogo! I am Stephen Spencer and I have been lucky enough to have spent a lot of time climbing mountains all over Europe.

Since I returned to the UK with my wife and our dog to live in Suffolk I have been distressed by the lack of mountains but not being one to accept defeat I have decided to build one.

My campaign is to build a mountain in Suffolk, just to the north of Ipswich where we live. We have identified a site currently occupied by the indigenous people of "Woodbridge".

It will be necessary to relocate the People of Woodbridge so we have asked them to make their way to Felixstowe where a transport [container] ship is waiting to take them to Australia.

Your contributions will help us build a mountain to challenge the best ones in Europe. We have designed it to include easy walks to the peaks of the west side through "Alpine" meadows above the tree line at about 2,500m above seal level where we can also expect snow during the winter months.

Coming down the mountain we will have thousands of acres of woodland and green spaces suitable for all sorts of sports and recreations.

On the south face we will build trad and sports routes on limestone, quartzite and granite as well as having conglomerate crags and some sandstone to pacify the British trad climbers although it will be bolted to ensure the mountain does not become an elitist climbing resort.

The north side will be reserved for winter climbing with mixed and ice routes. The East face will be reserved for "new" climbing sports such as bouldering, caves and dry tooling.

What We Need & What You Get

The initial campaign is expected to raise £5,000,000 This will enable us to pay off all the officials in the UK government who might have otherwise stood in the way of progress.

We will also establish "The Suffolk Mountain Foundation" that will be used as a central resource and coordinating body for the necessary further fund raising.

It is estimated that the entire build will take about six years and cost about £24,000,000,000,000 [thats a big number]. The first job of The Suffolk Mountain Foundation will be to complete the business plan and costings so we can set a target for round two of funding.

All contributors will be rewarded in line with their contribution. From the "I Indiegogo'd a Mountain in Suffolk" t-shirt to the "Job On The Board" for the highest contributors.

    The Impact

    The establishment of The Suffolk Mountain Foundation and the building of the Suffolk Mountain will forever change the world. The material required to build the mountain will have to be mined from all over the world and transported by a new sea and rail network.

    It is estimated that the build of the Suffolk Mountain will employ 350,001 people all over the world and with government help could employ all the unemployed in Great Britain.

    With clever design the mountain could include hotels, leisure centers and housing all buried in the south, east and west faces. The revenue available from the sale and rental of spaces inside the Suffolk Mountain could not only cover all on going costs but even pay a dividend to the original investors.

      Risks & Challenges

      There are clearly huge risks in the Suffolk Mountain and it would be foolish to assume it will go ahead. There are many years of planning and negotiation to do before we can start building.

      I am however, confident, that we will build a mountain in Suffolk. It might just take some time.

      The hidden benefits

      The construction of the Suffolk Mountain is intended to become a mountain mecca in the south east of England but it will bring additional benefits such as;
      • perfect mountain biking,
      • a ski resort,
      • rapids and white water for paddling
      • specially built canyons
      • Via Ferratas

      Join in the discussion

      On UK Climbing;


      On MyClimbing Club


      Stretch Goals

      When we hit our £5m funding we will open the stretch goals of building foot hills to the south and east stretching all the way to the coast.


      Remember, its just for entertainment. If you enjoyed it and want to donate that's great! Thank You!

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        £2500 is a lot of money, its very cool and I will send you a T-Shirt as well as inviting you to design a route and give it a name.

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        ok, its getting serious

        £25,000 gets you a T-Shirt and a whole crag designed by you and named in your honour.

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        A job on the board

        The T-Shirt and an executive role on the board of the Foundation

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        Name the mountain

        For your half mill you can name the mountain.

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