Read along as novelist Sheila Nicole Renva designs a unique world where an artist's creations live and breathe in a fast moving and unpredictable story.





"Read along as novelist Sheila Nicole Renva designs a unique world where an artist's creations live and breathe in a fast moving and unpredictable story."

I wrote Sketch in November, 2011. The story grew from a childhood game I would play where my artwork would come to life and then grow into a whole world. Sketch is a teenager with the ability to bring her art to life, but it doesn’t stop there.

She stumbles into a whole city of people like her, musicians who can control people’s emotions, actors who can make you believe absolutely anything, and writers who bring whatever they write to life. But soon, she will learn about the hidden consequences that come with these gifts.

Being a published Author has always been a cherished dream of mine, but I need your help. But without your contributions and your help, none of this will be possible. 

S.N. Renva with her first printed manuscript.


What We Need & What You Get

All the money you donate to us will go to publishing the book and distributing it! It is an edifying, creative story, that stimulates creativity in young adults and promotes adventure and the value of life. 


The Impact

This whole endeavor will be funded solely by you and your contributions; without your help, this project cannot succeed.

  • Sketch is the first book in the Ink to Ash series, a new fantasy series for young adults.
  • The vision is to create a new story for a new generation of young readers.
  • In the same vein as J.K. Rowling’s massively successful Harry Potter series, the Ink to Ash series strives to emphasize imagination’s role in the battle of good against evil.


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Seventeen-year-old Artist, Sketch Sterling, is kidnapped by a mysterious young man with an ominous past who moves her from the everyday world she knows to the world she wants to know more about. Carmen, a hidden city where Art lives, breathes,  and walks the streets alongside the citizens. In Carmen, words crawl off pages to become reality, and people live out their Talents with results both humourous and deadly. As she learns to live in a place where books jump from shelves to visit each other and Street Performers bring sidewalk art to life, Sketch must sort through the complexities of normal life in an abnormal place, while also determining who is friend and who is foe. Screams in the night, confrontations, secret meetings, and statues with attitude all come together for a fast moving and unpredictable story.

Now a student at Artifex, The School of Unusual Arts, where Talents attend classes with titles like “Caging Creations” and “Inspiration & Manipulations”, Sketch begins to discover the dark side of creativity colliding with creation as her growing skills become a necessity for her continued survival. 

With Talents Creating without restraint, living pieces of Art that fade over time become bitter and unpredictable. Carmen’s oppressive Government strictly enforces laws with harsh penalties, destroying Pieces of Art considered dangerous to the city and putting artistic Talents on trial. So, in such dangerous times, why is Sketch suddenly drawn to put herself in such an incredibly dangerous situation? Now, as her reputation disintegrates and her relationships unravel at the seams, Sketch is sorely tested when the Council summons her and she must now rely on the same man who kidnapped her as well as her own raw, untested creativity. 

The cover art
©Sheila Nicole Renva 2012

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