Let's Bring Richard Home

Richard is in an orphanage in Ethiopia. Let's bring him home.
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From The Blog:

I was riding in a van with a television crew who was doing a piece on HONY.  The cameraman, Duane, was behind the wheel.  At one point he casually remarked on how bad the traffic was in Ethiopia.
"Ethiopia?" I asked. "What story were you working on there?"
"It wasn't a story," he replied.  "We were picking up our daughter.

He then told me the most amazing story.  He told me that he and his wife were not able to conceive.  “But I’d always resisted the idea of adoption,” he said.  “My wife wanted to adopt right away, but I was just never sure if I’d be able to fully love a child that wasn’t my blood.”  So time went on, and they remained childless.  

Then one evening Duane was watching a television show with his wife.  The show was about aid work in Ethiopia.  “They were showing before-and-after photos,” he explained.  “I remember this one girl.  She was skin and bones.  But she still had this amazing smile and spirit in her eyes.  The aid workers rehabilitated her, and six months later, she looked like a normal little girl.  Right then, I turned to my wife, and said: ‘I’m ready to adopt.’”  

But it wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped.  “At first I thought we needed an infant,” Duane explained.  "I just couldn't imagine missing out on all those early moments of our child's life."  But for healthy infants, the waiting list was years.  “So then we went we moved up to three or four year olds.”  But still, the waiting list was one to two years.  “The only children you could get immediately were seven and up, and who had physical handicaps of some sort.  I just didn’t think I was ready for it.”

But then Duane and his wife went on vacation.  And toward the end of the trip, “after a few drinks,” Duane’s wife brought out a brochure from the adoption agency.  One of the pictures showed an unsmiling seven year old girl, standing against the pink wall of an orphanage.  She had been blinded in one eye.  “That’s our daughter,” Duane said.  

Three years later after the Watkins adopted her, Chaltu has blossomed.  She has grown over one foot, is fluent in English, and although blind in one eye, plays soccer, gymnastics, and basketball.  She’s doing great at school, and has tons of friends.  "She is the greatest daughter in the world,” Duane said.

“That's an unbelievable story,” I told Duane.  “Can I share it on HONY?”

“That’s fine with me,” he answered.  Then he sort of stared at the ground for a second, shuffled his feet, and asked: “Would there be any possibility that you could help us raise the adoption fees to get her a brother?  We've already found him, but aren't financially ready yet.”


From Duane's Wife, Kristen:

Duane and I had decided we were ready to adopt again, we continued to feel a pull towards Ethiopia, but adoption in the country has slowed rapidly.  We talked about the possibility of a few other countries but continued to be drawn to Ethiopia.  Our agency had an adoption webinar one evening that featured waiting children: children that are much older or suffering from illness, disability or deformity.  When she got around to Ethiopia, she told the story of Richard. (Not his real first name).  She told the story of how she had met him when she was in Ethiopia in March, and when asked what he wanted, he replied, "All I want is a father." 

I knew that Duane needed to be his father. Duane is an amazing dad to Chaltu and he is exactly what Richard needs. 

Richard is receiving some schooling and he is most likely at a 1st or 2nd grade level currently.   He has not been in a car, on a plane, he has never seen a park, been on an elevator, escalator, in a pool or down a slide.  We are currently trying to save so that we can afford all of his processing fees.  At night when I go to bed, all I think about is that he's 7000 miles away... I think about him lying in his bed (most likely shared with 1 or 2 others). He does not know that he has a mommy and daddy trying to bring him home.  I pray each night that he will somehow know that we are coming.  

***All money raised beyond the $26,000 adoption fees will go toward Chaltu and Richard's education.  ($26,000 is divided between processing fees, and travel to and from Ethiopia.)***

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