Less Than Heroic

you have to Dungeon Crawl before you can Dungeon Run

Our Campaign - Episodes 1 Through 5

The Adventure

'Less Than Heroic' is a fantasy & comedy web series about a group of role players. For anyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons and The Guild - this is your show. And for those of you that don't know what the hell I just said, but you like geeky, funny stuff - it's also for you.

The PCs (player characters)

LTH comes out of the ashes of a webseries called Chaotic Good Online. The writers (Matt & Amy) from CGO, have teamed up with Sam Proof to combine their vision with his knowledge of the web. Together they plan to combine the fantastic writing and story stylings of CGO with the increased production value of a well-funded series to create a show that will appeal to a broader base, increasing viewership.

SamProof : Executive Producer
Race : 5k
Class : I've Fallen and Can't Get up Paladin

SamProof is the creator of the 17th most watched live stream on stickam.com, and has a joint online viewership of nearly 10 million views combined, on sites like youtube, stickam, metacafe and more.

Sam was the moderator of the panel, Celebrate the Web, at the San Diego Comic Con.

Proof is most widely know (when not being confused for Rob Zombie) as Raz from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.


Essiem "Matt" Buchholtz: Writer
Race: Tiefling
Class: Warlock

Our representative from the North, Matt came to Los Angeles from Seattle. He loves adjectives and lowercase fonts. He spends the majority of his time at the Groundlings Theatre, and some time online with BOXSEATS.tv. His current net worth is 425 Kool-Aid Points.

He started playing DnD a year ago to do research for Chaotic Good Online, and has recently been playing "Sheldon" a possessed tiefling teenager. When not fighting monsters, Sheldon constantly fights against a crippling lack of self-confidence and untimely erections.

Amy Vorpahl: Writer
Race: female human
Double Class: actress and comedy writer
Favorite Past D&D Character: Azdeth Huron, the fun-loving dwarf fighter who made rope squirrels for kids.

Vorpahl is her REAL last name, (to many adventuring parties' amazement!), although she is the first Vorpahl to play D&D. This Texas Vorpahl has performed and written with several sketch/online groups, including UCB's Extreme Tambourine.  She is a co-creator of Chaotic Good Online, the web series from which LTH is spun. 


Ben Lepley: Writer
Race : Male Human
Class : Middle
Ideal RPG Character: Someone who is a really good dad.

Ben was recently voted 2010's "Best Writer/Actor Anywhere" by a fancy committee in his imagination. You can catch his work in comedy troupes Box Seats and Mail In Ballot, and on the web series "VGA Dreams." Ben's projects have been featured on Funny or Die and the Animation World Network, and his bio is suspiciously low on Fantasy RPG references.

homepage: Boxseats.tv


David Crenen: Writer
Race: Male human
Class: Out the wazoo

Ancient parchments reveal that David Crennen was son of a human merchant from the fifedom of Colorado. He honed his native skills to mastery in those wilds before departing to the exotic shores in the far east. In the hinterlands of Japan he spent many days in the tutelage of a severe Zen monk where upon he gained total causal knowledge of the universe.

The lotus of Satori firmly in hand, David arrived in Los Angeles in the bright days of the new Millenium to fight for truth and justice, and make a webseries with jokes about moon-dwelling ro-bats.


homepage: http://japandavid.


The Impact

For the staff of the show, funding LTH basically means a job they're going to enjoy being a part of every day. Otherwise, they'd have to go back to their boring, mundane day jobs and possibly killing hobos for money or shopping carts. 

At the same time, the major impact lies within the viewers. Without LTH, it means people will be missing out on a unique viewing experience. How many shows on television today spotlight gamers, nerds, and geeks? LTH is aiming to fill this unfortunate void through online entertainment and give viewers a show they can really relate to!
(And if nothing else, do it for the hobos!)

What We Need & What You Get

Step by Step, Day by Day...
Rome wasn't built in a day, so why should a webseries be? Just like any good video production, we're taking this in stages. Right now, the series is in pre-production. (For all you folks out there who don't know the fancy Hollywood lingo: pre = before, production = filming, meaning "before filming.") Wait! There's stuff that happens before filming? ...you'd be surprised.
Right now, we're getting all our ducks (aka- equipment, writers, technicians, actors,etc.) in a row! What do we need? Funding, to pay the writers for their time, a domain name and website, equipment (for example: external hard drives), merchandise... Once we can get everything settled and ready to go into production, we'll take a look at what funding remains and carry it over to the production process.
So, of course, now you're chomping at the bit ready to fund the entire series, right? ...no? Well, that's OK. Because honestly, every dollar helps. Whether you've got $5 or $500 ready to help out this amazing project, we appreciate your willingness to see this unique series get off the ground. To show our appreciation, we've got tons of exclusive rewards for supporters including stickers, shirts, caricatures by head writer Essiem Bucholtz, screen thank-you's, screen credits, and more!

We'll be using this money to:

  • Buy/rent equipment like hard drives, lights, etc
  • Hold Casting sessions to cast the series
  • Hire a director/editor and some other essential crew
  • Get some graphic work done
  • Produce Shirts, Stickers and other gifts for you - our fans and supporters
  • and Most importantly produce the first 5 episodes of 'Less Than Heroic'!

Other Ways You Can Help

Financial support isn't the only way to help get this project up and running!
We need digital street teams spreading the word about LTH. By getting the word out online, you're letting others know about your support for the show! Share links on twitter, post about us on facebook, make a YouTube video linking to LTH... there's so much you can do! By getting the word out about our Indie Gogo fundraising efforts, you're providing the important support we need to make Less Than Heroic one of the best webseries online today!

Please help us spread the word!

  • Share this link to your friends on twitter, facebook and other social networking sites
  • Blog about us and our project
  • Make a youtube video about LTH
  • Post our widget
  • Join us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for updates and to share in our fun!

Team on This Campaign: