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you have to Dungeon Crawl before you can Dungeon Run
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  • $5USD
    Kobold Hero

    Thank you - Any amount is a big help as we get our series off the ground. We know with the holidays coming up, you want to help but maybe can't spare the expense. This minimal amount will still help us out and we'll reward you with access to exclusive content and updates and ALL those who donate will be put into a raffle to win props from the shoot! *international shipping charges may apply

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  • $10USD
    Thumbs Up

    As Seen in the video. We'll take a dailybooth picture with Essiem & Amy, or SamProof (or any combination of the 3) With a big thumbs up and a Special 'Thank you' to you. it'll appear on http://dailybooth.com/lessthanheroic

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  • $20USD
    Half Orc Hero

    You kick ass and to show our love we'll be sending you a fun pack of stickers, a cast photo, and a personal thank you (as well as all things as described in the 'Kobold Hero' pack) *international shipping charges may apply

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  • $25USD
    Business Sponsor

    Are you a business? Support our web series with this small donation and we'll put your link and small banner (234x60) on our Sponsors page - For the life time of our show at http://www.lessthanheroic.samproof.tv/sponsors/ we'll also give you a shout on the season 1 DVD.

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  • $35USD
    Dwarven Warrior

    Heave Ho that's a nice chunk of gold you've thrown our way, and we'll be sending you a Less Than Heroic T-Shirt as well as all the items described in the 'Kobold hero' pack *international shipping charges may apply

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  • $50USD
    Level Up

    As Seen in the Video. We'll call your Dungeon Master and do our best to convince him or her that you deserve a massive amount of experience points for helping this awesome project. *For international calls with excessive rates we ask for skype, ichat or email

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  • $75USD
    Well Drawn Hero

    Our Head writer Essiem Buchholtz has offered to draw these very lucky donators in his unique style (check out the gallery). Send us a picture of yourself, or a friend/loved one and get back a really cool original piece of art. Jump on this one fast folks. *international shipping charges may apply

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  • $100USD

    You're freakin magical. In Fact, you're freaking magic. In this limited edition perk we're going to super impose your likeness (or a picture of your pet cat Mitten... whatever) somewhere in one of the episodes!

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  • $125USD
    Elven Hero

    You are seriously swift and kind of God like and because of it, we're not pulling our punches. You've just gotten yourself a DVD of the full season - including a treasure trove of clips and photos that won't even appear online! And that's not all, the cast and head writer will autograph your copy. *international shipping charges may apply

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  • $1,500USD
    Less Than Alive

    Come Get Killed by our Heroes! For this super generous amount, we'll welcome you on to our set*, dress you up with some fancy evil garb and let you get sliced in half by our players. *You must get yourself to Los Angeles on your own.

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  • $5,000USD
    True Hero

    Congratulations You WIN. For this super generous donation we will give you everything described in previous perks, plus a limited edition gift that we will create just for you. And last but not least you will be credited as an 'Executive Producer' episodes 1-5 of season 1. This includes an IMDB credit and an optional profile on our cast/credits page.

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