LEO: Fitness Intelligence

LEO monitors your body's complex biosignals, translating them into simple, actionable advice.
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LEO is the only wearable device with true fitness intelligence, designed to help you optimize your workout and reduce your risk of injury. 

LEO integrates biosignal monitoring technology with the capabilities of all the best fitness wearables, measuring: muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration, calories, technique, and much more. 

LEO translates this complex bio-data into straightforward and actionable recommendations, and notifies you if something is amiss, all in real-time. 

Whether youíre an elite athlete, or just starting out, LEO gives you the knowledge you need to improve and stay healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Optimize your Workout

LEO helps you improve your skill level and make the most of your time working out by recommending ways to increase your efficiency, improve your technique, and breeze by your former plateau!

Avoid Injury

Injury prevention is the best cure, and LEO will help you do it. LEO uses predictive algorithms to warn about oncoming injuries and suggests ways that they can be avoided. 

As seen in

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LEO's Fitness Intelligence represents a revolution in fitness technology that is unmatched by other wearables. 

1) Using intelligent sensing, LEO extracts complex biosignals directly from your body, providing an unparalleled level of insight into your physiology and performance.

2) Not everyone knows what to do with such complicated data, so LEO makes it easy with intelligent feedback. LEO refines this knowledge into simple recommendations and notifications for people of all skill levels, while still providing the raw numbers for detailed analysis. 

3) True intelligence requires the ability to learn, and LEO lives up to that title with adaptive capabilities that improve with every workout. 

Intelligent Sensing

Current devices track their own movement and use that to estimate what you are doing. Try putting an activity tracker on a bumpy washing machine or throwing it down a flight of stairs. Youíll be amazed at how many calories youíve burned!

LEO actually monitors you. With four intelligent senses, LEO knows the difference between a living breathing human being and your washing machine. Of course, just knowing the difference isnít very useful. LEO puts that knowledge to good use, quantifying and analyzing everything from technique deficiencies to lactic acid accumulation in your muscles.

For a detailed description of LEO's metrics check out the descriptions at the bottom of this campaign or visit our website by visiting www.leohelps.com

Intelligent Feedback

Even the best information is useless without a practical understanding of what to do with it, and LEO helps you build that understanding. 

Some want pure numbers, and others want more guidance. LEO does it all. Even if youíve never heard the words 'lactic acid' before, LEO helps you put that information to good use. 

Elite athletes and trainers do not fret! All the complex data youíve been looking for is just as easily accessible through the app, and the server. 

Adaptive Learning

Practice makes perfect, both for you, and for LEO.

LEO increasingly adapts to your unique physiology after every use. Using your own biosignals as a baseline, LEO helps you set goals that make sense for your fitness and ability level.

LEO also learns from trends in the wider community. As more people use LEO, the better LEO will become at noticing small anomalies in your bio-signals as well as improper training patterns that could result in injury down the road. 

The LEO LegBand

LEO's hardware is made completely of a breathable and comfortable material similar to the compression apparel that you're already used to. Even the sensors are made of conductive fabric, which means no metal wires. The only rigid piece is the small electronics enclosure, which has a padded back for maximum comfort. Slip the band on, pull your favorite shorts over top, and you're ready to go. 

The LegBand has on-board memory in case you forget your phone or would rather go without it. Sync it to the cloud post-workout to get your data. 

The LEO App

LEO's app is designed to be simple, intuitive, and customizable. Our tile-based user interface allows you to easily drag and drop different metrics into place so you get exactly what you want on your home screen. You'll be able to view detailed figures, see elegant visualizations, and also get real-time recommendations and notifications. 

The LEO Cloud

Get historical data and more analytical tools on the cloud to track your progress over the long haul. 

Our dream is to help everyone utilize a scientific understanding of their body in their daily lives to improve their workout and maintain an active lifestyle while avoiding injury. Itís time that everyone - not only the pros - have access to this type of bio-data and the guidance they need to use it effectively. Every contribution, no matter how small, brings this dream closer to reality. 

LEO will revolutionize the fitness wearable market in many ways. This is how we stack up to our competitors: 

Muscle Signatures

LEO senses your muscle activity using a technique that has been employed by clinicians and sports science professionals for decades called electromyography (EMG). EMG is the process of acquiring tiny electrical signals generated by muscle contractions at the surface of the skin. This technology has so far only been available to high-end athletes and professionals, but LEO makes EMG easy to use by translating EMG signals into useful information. LEO recognizes each unique muscle signature, determining what youíre up to and whether you're doing it right. 

Dragon Innovation is a leader in manufacturing and delivering product, and has certified that LEO can be produced on time and within budget. Check out their review by clicking here

The Science behind LEO

If you're curious, you can check out these academic papers discussing the science behind LEO:

Check out what others have to say about LEO:

"LEO is my next generation Heart Rate Monitor ! :)" - Rod from Edmonton, LEO Indiegogo Contributor (LEO supporters are the best!)

"LEO will help you understand your performance by giving feedback on your hamstring and quadricep use during each training session, right down to each pedal stroke. Whether youíre a weekend warrior or an aspiring elite athlete you can utilize the data to optimize your training and racing program." - Lori-Ann Muenzer, Olympic Cycling Gold Medalist (2004)

ìWithout doubt, LEO is a revolutionary game changer that finally brings real 'intelligence' to the fitness monitoring and wearable tech space.  Cycling and running are just the tip of the iceberg.î - Dr. David Simon  MD, MHA, FRCSC, Dip. Sport Med., Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon See a full interview with Dr. Simon about LEO here 

"LEO provides a very valuable window into the physiology behind athletic training and will help both novice and elite athletes to reach their potential while avoiding common overtraining injuries. This extremely important piece was missing during my training." - Ashleigh Kennedy, PhD in Human Kinetics, PhD in Neurophysiology, Canadian National Track and Field Team, and Stanford All American Track and Field Athlete

"With the help of LEO you can improve your technique. When you improve your technique, you optimize the energy cost of running" - Dr. Greg Wells (www.drgregwells.com)

ìWith LEO, Iím able to heighten my training like never before, giving me the competitive advantage I need over my competitionî - Mat Goodkey, Team Canada Ultimate Frisbee

LEO's Team

Quantifying yourself needs to have a purpose beyond just tracking. Our aim is to make LEO a tool that you will continue to use long after the 'wow factor' wears off, because you are seeing real results. We all love LEO because we know that helping people experience real improvement will ensure that they are motivated to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. With a diverse skill set and a deep affinity towards fitness, LEO's team can do it, but only with your support. 

LEO is the first product being developed by GestureLogic Inc., an Ottawa-based startup. If you'd like to get in touch with the team directly you can email info@leohelps.com, or just reach out to us on social media. 

LEO's Past

LEO is in a lot better shape than a year ago, but we still need your help to get LEO into your hands. 

Helping LEO (Use of Funds)

You can see the great leaps LEO has already taken to become a working prototype (that is ridiculously small!). Your contribution will go directly into building our beta units so that we can transform LEO into a final product. But crowdfunding is not only about the funding, itís also about the crowd! Your contribution means a whole lot more than extra cash. Every contribution, no matter how small, will help us build the community we need to bring LEO to life. You are the spark, the momentum starters, and the most important supporters we will ever have. Our first.   

LEO's Future

LEOís technology is widely applicable to any sport, activity, or game. All your favorites will have a LEO App as soon as we can develop it, and with our API, LEOís developer friends can help us speed that process up. 

LEO's Supporters

Revolutionizing fitness isnít easy. Luckily weíve gotten by with a little help from our friends. Our partners, advisors, and LEOís Inner Circle have all supported us in different ways. We couldnít do it without you!

Life with LEO

After you pre-order LEO we will send you instructions on how to measure your leg so we send you a LegBand that's the perfect fit. If you're buying multiple bands, you can decide whether you'd like different sizes or bands for different legs. 

If you're in the US or Canada shipping is free, please add $15 to your contribution if you're anywhere else. 

We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you have. Email us at info@leohelps.com or just reach out to us on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

For our full FAQ please click this link, as questions are asked during the campaign we will update this section with the most common. 

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