Legacy - A Ride To Conquer Motor Neurone Disease

Diagnosed with ALS/MND (a terminal disease) Ian Davis & Scott Sullivan embark on an epic journey to raise awareness & to leave an enduring mark on this world
Anthony Prescott
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Short Summary

Have you ever thought about what you’re doing with your life?.... Thought about whether you’re making the most of it?....  Or thought about the end....when your time finally comes?.... Ever Wondered what sort of mark you were going to leave on the world and what sort of Legacy you'd leave for your family?... Well Ian Davis and Scott Sullivan are forced to answer these questions daily.

Both are young men diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (MND/ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease)...... a disease with no known cause, no cure ,no effective treatment, and which has an average life expectancy of only 27 months. To describe MND in Ian’s own words (a Doctor himself), "MND is a progressive neurodegenerative affliction, a gradual imprisonment, where an accumulation of disability leads to a gradual but inevitable reduction in independence.” 

In May 2013, these 2 courageous characters denied the odds and set out to "Conquer" MND in their own personal and individual ways by cycling 1 million meters for MND from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia over 16 amazing days. Each utilised their remaining strength at the time.... one cycling with his still functional legs, the other with his still functional arms.... together cycling as one whole man again.  MND could not stop these amazing men.....

These incredibly inspirational and amazing days have been captured on film and immortalised in amazing cinematic content, all with the aim of allowing both Ian and Scott the opportunity to leave a lasting memory and a "Legacy" on this world that will hopefully speak to not only all those in the general public who see the footage,but also provide an inspiration for those currently affected with this disease and those diagnosed in the future.... 

Come with Ian and Scott and help push MND/ALS into the limelight.... We need your help to finish this film. 

For further information, videos, inspiration, and behind the scenes footage of the million metre ride please go to www.legacyfilm.com.au  

Be connected with the cause to rid the world of MND/ALS and support LEGACY. All the profits from screenings and DVD sales for this film will go towards research into finding a cure for MND through the Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA).

Follow Legacy here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legacy-A-Ride-to-Conquer-Motor-Neuron-Disease/177985832350361?ref=hl

Twitter: @legacy_film or at https://twitter.com/Legacy_film

What We Need

We have finished primary shooting for this incredible film but to finish it we need your help. We want to see this film in festivals and on cinema screens across Australia and around the world! Making movies isn't cheap at the best of times, but to do this right and give this the best possible opportunity to showcase the importance of MND/ALS awareness to the world, we want to do things right! To do this we need approximately $65K to finish post production. 

Because we have shot and intend to screen this film on a cinema screen everything budgeted is cost at a level equivalent to the current Australian industry rates.

Post Production Budget Summary Below;

3 Weeks Edit (Editor & Edit suite hire)  x $1800/week = $5600

5 Weeks Animation x $3000/week = $15000

3 Weeks Sound Design and Mix (Engineer, studio, ADR, foley etc) x $3000/week = $9000

Pick Up Shoot = $4000

Grade + Stock of footage = $4000

Composer = $5000

Licensed Music costing = $10000

Legals and Accounting fees = $3000

Festival Entry Fees = $10000

Total = $65,600

The money from this campaign will help us get the film close to completion and ultimately to a point where we are able to find a distributor to help us get this film out to the world. 

NOTE: None of the Producers, Cast or Director have been paid anything for this film. 

What You Get

If you donate you get to be apart of this amazing film project and not only that, if you donate and select one of the perks, you will get one of our personalised 'perks' to play a personal part in this journey

The Impact

This film will raise much needed awareness about the brutality of MND/ALS in the hope to boost funds for research to find a treatment and eventually a cure for this disease. 

Other Ways You Can Help

To help you can spread the word, share this campaign and get this story out to the world. Spread the word on Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, in your emails, at weddings, at baby showers, at bahmistvas, your work Christmas parties... anywhere!... Help us get the message out! MND/ALS needs a cure! Scott and Ian know no cure will come for them, but help us help those diagnosed with this asshole disease in the future

If you know of anyone that would like to INVEST in this film and all it stand for, we are definitely interested and would love to hear from you! Please song hesitate to get in touch! Thankyou

The Legacy Team  (together for a world free of MND/ALS)

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  • $5USD
    MND/ALS Friend

    Show your support for MND/ALS with a small nod to Legacy and our global cause!!! Undoubtedly karma will pay you back several fold! Thanks from the Legacy crew!!

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  • $10USD
    MND/ALS Social Warrior!

    Show your support for MND/ALS with another small nod to Legacy and our global cause and we'll send out a personal thank you on the Legacy Facebook and twitter accounts! Sounds silly we know, but Karma loves company!! :) Leave your twitter tag or Facebook page when you donate! Thanks from the Legacy crew!!

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  • $25USD
    Signed DVD

    Personally signed copy of the Legacy DVD posted to your doorstep wherever you are in the world! Relive the courage and determination of Scott and Ian in your own home!

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  • $50USD
    Legacy Signed Poster & DVD

    Personally signed Legacy poster & DVD delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in the world! Signed by the cast and crew this poster will commemorate the triumph of the film.

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  • $100USD
    Your name on the Poster!

    In addition to receiving a signed DVD and poster, we will immortalise your support by adding your name to the film's official poster. Be a part of this film's history in helping raise awareness for MND/ALS

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  • $1,000USD
    5 VIP Legacy premier tickets

    You will receive 5 VIP tickets to one of the films private premiers in one of the major states of Australia. Your name and support will also be immortalised onscreen in the film's thank you credits! This is for Australians only.

    1 out of 100 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Private Screening

    We will send you a copy of the film to hold a private screening in your home town before the official release. Be amongst the first worldwide to see the film and help spread the word! Your name and support will also be immortalised onscreen in the film's thank you credits! At this screening we will allow you to fundraise using our film for MND/ALS research.

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  • $10,000USD
    Executive Producer

    With this donation you'll receive all the other perks described above as well as logo representation on all posters, DVD artwork, promotional, and online content, and you will become an executive producer in the film becoming involved in the finalisation of the film. Join the team! Please don't hesitate to discuss further.

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