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  • $25USD
    Fancy Contributor icon

    A warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting Ledface. Our never ending gratitude comes in this perk too! :) Also you will get an exclusive "Fancy Contributor" icon when you log in at Ledface and we will list your name on our blog.

    22 claimed

  • $55USD
    Backstage goodies

    All previous cool perks + Access to a protected link on our blog for many "backstage" goodies. Check our first drafts, photos, wireframe layout…

    10 claimed

  • $100USD
    Private group+meeting

    All previous cool perks + We call this The Circle of Trust. :) Get access to a private internal group and take place at the discussions going on. Let's share ideas! Also you'll be invited to a special online private meeting, a web conference that we will do the day before launching the beta. You will feel all the adrenaline with us! :)

    14 claimed

  • $300USD
    Phone gratitude

    All previous cool perks + We will phone to thank you. Not email, Skype or MSN. The old and good telephone wherever you are! :)

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  • $500USD
    Hand made love+cocktail recipe

    All previous cool perks + We will hand write a thank you letter and sign it with our own blood. Well, ok the blood part may be a little scary so we will put our ink fingertips on it. :) Also Rafael, our Community Manager, will show you how to prepare the best brazilian "Caipirinha" live on webcam - cultural knowledge remember? :)

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  • $1,000USD
    Personal video+gourmet delight

    All previous cool perks + All the crew will record a special thank you video. Not a generic one, but a personal video thanking you directly. Tatiana's delicious homemade brigadeiro. Tatiana is Ledface's social media manager and she takes about two hours to make this gastronomic marvel. And guess what, yes we will ship it wherever you are. We just don't guarantee that they arrive fresh in Madagascar. :) Also Leandro, Ledface's CTO will have a 30 minutes live chat with you via Skype. :)

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  • $2,500USD
    Photos+Cozy homemade dinner

    All previous cool perks + Ledface's CEO / co-founder is also a photographer wannabe. So you tell the subject and you get a series of exclusive signed photos. Ok, we know Horacio is just another wannabe photog, but he really takes it seriously. :) Meet Horacio and Tatiana and have a cozy home-made dinner with them. (travel and lodging expenses not provided) Also let Horacio personally explain you all about Ledface. If you are far away don't worry, Skype and a cam will do the trick. :)

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  • $5,000USD
    The Very First Question+board

    Absolutely all previous perks + If you love us this much we will also give you an honorary position on the board of advisors. One virtual meeting per month and be prepared as this is where the upcoming features are validated. Also we will give you the honor of the Very First Question. Yes you will be the very first one to ask and you'll be making history. Wikipedia, there you go! :) And last but not least you can ask one of the guys here to give you a 2h course. You choose the theme. :)

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