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love  What is Ledface?

A collective global brain helping your life. Ledface will give you useful answers to your day-to-day problems, using a crowdsourcing  technology powered by human collective intelligence.

We are talking about a new kind of intelligence and an environment where people can share not just structured data, but cultural knowledge. Think about most of the things you do in your day-to-day life. You’re creating, contributing, or improving cultural knowledge—the know-how gathered through experience.

Collective intelligence

love  How does it work?

Click to watch the videoLedface has a very specific goal: to enable people to tap into collective intelligence  to solve their day-to-day problems. Think of it as a new kind of social network in which people interact with each other indirectly, sharing knowledge through Ledface. If you look on the web for something like "who won the Oscar in 2000" you'll easily get an answer. But if you want to know how to do a sharp turn driving at more than a 100 mph in your motorcycle, then you will need cultural knowledge, know-how. 

We are not another Q&A site. At Ledface, everyone can ask and we will match the question with the group best suited to answer. We select a group of people who match each query and we ask them to interact in real time as a team to create the answer. They share their thoughts, combine them, and review each other’s input. So you don’t get a list of replies, but a specific, custom answer co-created in real time each time you ask. No names, no ego, just knowledge.

An egoless knowledge sharing environment

love  The Impact

We do believe that there is a big slice of the cake that always wanted something like this - an egoless knowledge sharing environment. People who are wired for it, those who have collaboration in their DNA. We will provide them with a competitive advantage, a tool to improve their knowledge and solve day-to-day problems just by being what they already are: people who share. 

We deeply believe that the next big thing is the unlimited potential of creation without ego. Though ego can be good, ego and knowledge-sharing are not good bedfellows. Combining forces can lead to extraordinary results, but only if each of us is willing to make contributions and to allow others to adjust and improve our information.

Sharing knowledge

love  Who is behind Ledface project?

We are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs, techies and Collective Intelligence (CI) enthusiasts that are accustomed to get funny looks when we share our thoughts on the future of searching the web and on how the egoless co-creation can be the next big thing on the web.

We are engineers, social media experts, educators, but most of all we are T-shaped people and we think that our ability to collaborate across disciplines is essential in Ledface’s project.

We are located in Brazil, but don't worry the beach is more than 250Km from here, so we really focus on work. lol

Let's do it!

love  What We Need

We have invested U$30,000 of our own money and we also raised some funds from FFF - Family, Friends & Fools. :) We still need U$27,000 to pay the bills and launch. We’re working 24×7 so you can see a private beta version now at the end of July 2011. 

Ledface is all about collective intelligence, about sharing cultural knowledge and we do think that personal incentives are the way to go. Your help is truly important and so we want to give you special perks that show our appreciation. :) We hand-picked all the perks sharing our personal cultural knowledge and we really hope you like them.

love  Other Ways You Can Help

Well, feedback is really important. Help us build a new kind of intelligence getting involved, discussing with us about what we are doing. You can reach us on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Amplify… If you take your time to write us a note we will take our time to answer you. Deal? :)

Right now we really need your help spreading the World our crowdfunding campaign, so if you can, please make some noise. :) Tell your friends and help us make some buzz...


love  More Information

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Thank you and welcome aboard. :)

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