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Hey guys - let's make a Leap Motion plugin for Unity3D developers to use IN THE EDITOR. It's Tuesday, let's do it right now.
Fat Johnnie, SMHK
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
1 Team Member

Hey guys, it's "Fattie" from the Unity lists.

It's Tuesday 23rd July - you can now buy a Leap Motion controller.  They're only about 90 bucks, even with shipping, so buy one immediately.

I've already got clients piled up who want demos and what-not of games using the Leap, and I'm sure you do too.

It's time for Leap, in the Unity Editor, for us developers.

Let's do it straight away.

You get the idea - you'll be able to turn objects in the editor and move them in 3D, by moving yout hand.

I know exactly what is needed here from fooling with it so much. And from spending 50 hours a week in the Unity editor fr a few years, phew! We need to be able to move objects around precisely - almost certainly with various lock-offs and step-offs.

There need to be a couple of general modes that you can use immediately, by sliding your hand over your keyboard, to affect the whole scene - rotating your view and so on.

The software needs to have a modicum of intelligence to understand the general scale of your scene and what you're after when you move your hand.

It's gonna be fantastic, so it's time for crowdfunding. Yeah! If, and only if, enough people are interested, let's do it. If nobody is interested, them the only thing wasted is me typing this much text. (And I seem to do that every day on the answers site, anyway - so no problem!)

Here's a quick demo of using the Leap if you don't have one yet...

That's Brad Larson's well-known "molecules" program with a Leap interface.

(Actually, I think most of the game demos as such available so far for the Leap pretty much suck - I think that demo is the best one. If you know of a decent game on Leap, let me know straight away, thanks.)

(By the way, I think the use of the Leap there is good, but could be even better. The damping and locking needs to be really thought out, particularly for our needs as Unity developers, which is exactly what I'm gonna do for LeapForUnity. As you know I am obsessed with input precision, and this is an unexplored field.)

(Here's a random one of my many, many zillion word rants on the philosophy of input in Unity and games generally... http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/292333/how-to-calculate-swipe-speed-on-ios.html don't get bored!)

Leap For Unity Producer Credits:

1. Simon Alkemade, Programmer

The fact is, us Unity devs need a Leap interface straight away. Hey - that's worth a chapter heading...

All of us Unity3D devs need a Leap interface...

let's do it straight away.

If 90 of you dudes sign up here, that's enough interest to do it.

If nobody signs up, forget it - that's the beauty of crowd-funding.

(Hey check it out - I can finally use as much CAPS and BOLD as I want with nobody complaining! :) )

By the way. I'm sick of these pansy-ass crowdfunding campaigns which appear these days with a lot of marketing crap and promotional fluff.

Everyone reading this is a top-of-the-line developer, you already know everything there is to know about marketing software.

You're totally capable of deciding if you want this to work with, without me playing you a jingle or having a stupid expensive logo made.

I reckon this should be called rawfunding ... when someone makes a no-nonsense crowdfunding campaign!

(1) it has to be the traditional "you only get the money if you reach your goal" type of campaign.

(2) you cannot have fancy production values for the campaign. you cannot pay for logos, mockups, design, illustrators and so on.

(3) youmust spend no more than three or four hours writing out the campaign. It's taken me about three hours to make this page on IGG (mostly because it took me 2.9 hours to figure out how the hell to move a video from my iPad to the page - and it still doesn't work right, but never mind).

So for me those are the rules of rawfunding!

Ultimate closing sentence!

Have you noticed these sort of articles always end with a "call to action"?

That's because the world needs action! If there aren't at least 90 people who want this, it's not worth bothering with and it won't happen. If you don't have a Leap yet, click over to Leap to get one now - it's less than $100, and everyone needs one in our field. And then, yes, click up there and please choose a $50 "perk" - this is rawfunding! Unless 90 people sign up, it won't happen!  Cheers!!

raised in 1 month
9% funded
No time left
$4,500 USD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign did not meet its $4,500USD funding goal by the deadline.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 22, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $50USD
    One copy of LeapForUnity

    DON'T FORGET GUYS - YOU PAY NOTHING UNLESS 90 OF US SIGN UP. This is a "real" all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign like in the old days. Please sign up now, or it will not happen!! This will be priced at 100 bucks in the asset store (perhaps more than that, maybe 150 - give me your opinions) so buy it now for a nice saving. Again, we're not going to bother doing this unless at least 90 of us want to see it made.

    5 claimed
  • $51USD
    Same with stupid credit

    For an extra buck, let's do it.

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $52USD

    Join in beta testing. Only through communication and sharing ideas can greatness be achieved. You need a frikkin' Leap device though - order one today, they're only 90 bucks even with shipping.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $85USD
    "FINGERS" t-shirt

    I can't believe it's come to this but if you want a t-shirt, it's an extra 35 bucks. (Including shipping anywhere, for simplicity.) The quality t-shirt will say this: "Computer games are by far the world's biggest entertainment industry. I am a programmer. I make the games you play every day. How do I make these games? By waving my fingers in the air."

    1 claimed
  • $250USD
    Corporate Sponsor

    If you think it might be good PR, let's do it. We'll put you on the IGG page straightaway with an intelligent blurb.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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